Assists in breaking free of addiction
to heroin and short-term pain management medications,
including, but not limited to: morphine, hydrocodone,
oxycodone, etc. -- [ early anecdotal input shows promise
for alcoholism and cocaine addiction ]

Addict Assist


"I have been wanting to write this for some time.
I would like to give a brief history of me and how i came to experiment with your product . . . I have had 18 surgeries which lead me to using SAO or Short acting opiates for pain - i assume - and total addiction . Honestly i tolerate pain very well, but i like to get high mostly just a few glasses of wine and at one time 120 mg oxycodone per day.
"I have flooded with Ibogaine 4 times plus a few more mini floods. Also, I have had wonderful success curing my mothers Parkinson's with Iboga Tabernatha.
"Ok, I learned about Addict Assist recently, and I became very interested in TCM -- Traditional Chinese Medicine, a result. So, I ran experiments at my cost, because I have friends that are simply hooked on opiates, and I wanted to help them. Nothing more or less. However, Addict Assist has changed my views on medicine. It makes sense that we eat plants, and that for a million years, we ate plants and everythng else we ate, also ate plants. We breath plant excrement, to put it bluntly.
"Subject one is female of 53 years old and has been using SAO for over 25 years. Her direct quote is this: 'I cannot belive this shit, Dave. I only took 20 grams over two days, and now I can't even take 30 mg of oxycodone. I feel like i took 120 mg. and its awesome. I'm really high and this stuff seems to help me use so much less. I'm actually able to take a normal shit for the first time in a long long time.' Skip five days and here is her quote - "Dave, what is this stuff? I love it - im barely taking any oxy at all now. I just break them in the quaters and I'm selling the rest. Thank you, so much. I hate this shit - meaning, oxycodone - and i feel great.'
"I asked her alot of questions but I'll have to post them later, as i need to go to work.
"Subject two - He takes Kratom and Hydrocodone and other hard core SAO opiates and he's pretty bad off in my opinion. His quote after four days on 15 grams of Addict Assist a day: that was his choice to up the amount i directed him to take. (Actual) quote: 'Dude, have you been taking this shit? Bro, I'm like totally high on only a 1/2 a g of "H," and you know me - hell, I work on 1.5g. minimum."
(So I replied to him): "Well, Chris you need to be careful if you're that high, Bro. Since you operate a 20 ton excavator everyday."
"Yeah, but i am kinda like more level. Can i have some more?"
"Sure." (I gave him 150 grams more, and eight days later he was out and calling me for more.)
(Before I can hang up, he says) "Jerry, dude. What the fuck is in that shit?"
" ' Chris, it's just herb, man, and it does not effect everyone the same.' I send him a few websites on TCM. He might be a junkie, but he's brilliant. OK, to be continued . . .

"Chris, or subject two, goes home and takes a very small amount of speed and he calls me and says, 'Man, this killer pink is not working but send me that link again' - so i do. It's just TCM infomation - so he stays up all night and I have no idea what he took .... He calls me at lunch (the next day) and asks for more Addict Assist and I say, "No, look man, I have to pay for this. Why don't you use your cash better and quit taking so much of everything, Chris ----- 'Well,' he says, 'Bro, I love this shit. Can I get 300 grams now?' I sell him 150 grams and he took it all in 4 days, and he calls me and says, 'Man, this stuff is awesome. I'm just doing bumps now, but I'm out. Can I buy some more? I say, 'Yes . . . but this time you have to promise me - only 10 grams a day - no more, ok? These herbs are strong.'
He makes fun of me, but he's a serious user - one I know I can trust even when he's high. So he came and got 150 grrams and his mother called me and asked why he's acting so normal - long long story, ok?"

"I'll tell you guys about the other two SAO addicts Ive given Addict Assist to - much less dramatic - I can't say who - but one is an older family member. Actually, an in-law and - she / he - only takes about 5 grams a day and has pretty much dropped all hydrocodone use, but I really don't consider her/ him an addict - well, not a out-of-control addict. I will say now that this person has food addictions and seems to really like hydrocodone, as i was given about 120 hydros for free that they had just saved up. I will end here - she/he only takes 30 mg. hydro a day and now is taking nothing but 1-3 grams of Addict Addict, maybe 3 days a week at the most. Her comment was she loves it but . . . He / she ate like a pig for about a week and is now normal according to ..... I cannot say names, ok? But, I'll end here for now - this has been three plus weeks and it's been pretty intense for me as i have been dealing with four, what I would call serious opiate addicts . . . "

Submitted anonymously,
Sept. 7, 2016