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Health Centreforce
Late Update on Health CentreForce Counterfeiting of Cansema® Product & Trademark
We appreciate the decision by Health CentreForce to discontinue, after 5 years, the use of our U.S. registered trademark, Cansema®. We also appreciate the input of countless people in the alternative health care community that made this possible, after our publicizing the fact in our Ashwin (see original sidebar article below). We now have only four other websites (that we know of) to go . . . which are still using one or more of our trademarks.
Nonetheless, for the public record, the public statement by Health CentreForce is tempered by statements that require commentary -- which we provide herein.

Our Deep Gratitude
To Customers Assisting
Our Campaign To Weed
Out Fake Product

Bevan Potter
Health CentreForce
Producer, Fake Cansema
To recap: this past September, we produced our first Ashwin since our closing by the FDA on September 17, 2003. Because of our five year hiatus, we felt our customers deserved a explanation of what really happened, since the U.S. Government's version is so mind-numbingly fictitious, that I had to write an extensive chapter in Meditopia® to explain the grisly details.
At about this same time, we introduced our Fake Product Compensation Program because so many people had been victimized by counterfeit and pirated versions of our products during my false imprisonment that we felt we needed to respond. We have been able to identify an extensive list of producers of counterfeit, pirated product :
  • Jennifer Wilson (Australia)
  • George S. Ackerson
  • Elaine Hollingsworth
We didn't know, at the time, the extent of the problem. But within the past few months, we have reached a veritable avalanche of angry customers who purchased products from counterfeiters using one or more of our trademarks and did not get the intended result.
We want to thank all the customers who have taken advantage of the Fake Product Compensation Program, as well as those who have provided additional details concerning both pirated products and those within the U.S. Government, in particular, who are assisting counterfeiters in order to extract bribe money.
Without your valuable input, we would not be able to provide additional details to the public concerning regulatory wrongdoing.

Health Centreforce

Reprinted with permission from
Dees Illustration
"Dearest Cathryn,
"It is my honor to order from your website. I took some time to read a bit about your history. My family name is Bastida. Rodrigo Bastida, the discoverer of Panama and the founder of the first European colony in the Americas (Santa Marta, Colombia) was ambushed by his own men because he would not sell the natives of Panama and Colombia. So, I am very much aware of what happens when money is involved, how far some greedy individuals will go for their sacred profits.
"Peace be with you, . . . "
Linda Bastida [ 1 ]
Personal email to Cathryn Caton, N.D. -- April 17, 2009
"The sole purpose of the activities of Barrett & Baratz are to discredit and cause damage and harm to health care practitioners, businesses that make alternative health therapies or products available, and advocates of non-allopathic therapies and health freedom."

Stephen Barrett, M.D. [ 2 ]
Creator / Operator / Disinformation Specialist behind Quackwatch
Author of "Don't Use Cancer Salves"
[Statement made in a sworn deposition]

The Whole Truth "Greg . . .
"Public Relations" (PR) is a misnomer for the [black] art/science of (1) spinning a story in such a way as to benefit (or trash) a given product, service, person, idea, political candidate, etc., and (2) "discretely" arranging for that suitably spun story to be published as 'objective news.' For the last 15-20 years, big business and big government have spent far more $$ on PR than on advertising as such. In fact, it is now estimated that 80%+ of all 'news' is the direct and/or indirect product of PR.
"Just finished a quick read, 'The Whole Truth,' a potboiler by David Baldacci. Central theme is 'perception management,' or PM for short---PR taken to the next level of mind fuck. As a character in the book says, 'Why waste time discovering the truth when you can so easily create it? PM's are not spin doctors because they don't spin facts; they create 'facts,' then sell them to the world as truth.'
"The DOD -- [U.S. Department of Defense] -- discusses PM in one of its in-house manuals: ' . . . major untruths can be established so quickly and overwhelmingly across the world that no digging by any one after the fact can make a dent in public consciousness that they are actually not true at all . . . ' Example: journalists 'embedded' in the armed forces invading Iraq was highly touted as a way of 'getting the American public the real unvarnished story;' in fact, it was how the DOD took total control over the creation and 'legitimization' of its own stories created out of thin air.
"Clearly, much of the 20% of the news that's not the product of PR is the product of PM. So much for the 'informed electorate' envisioned by Thomas Jefferson.
"Sound like anything that goes on with the FDA, Big Pharma, AMA, DOJ, FBI, etc., etc., ad nauseum?
Name Withheld
Private Letter to Greg Caton [ 3 ]
April 13, 2009

Quackwatch & Swine Flu:
Confronting the MIC's Unending
Cavalcade of Pathological Lies

Quackwatch Logo Yesterday I received a letter from a customer, asking why I had not yet written "a line by line refutation for the claims on Quackwatch's page about escharotics?"
There are several reasons, really . . .
First of all, so many articles have been written before me, discrediting Mr. Quackwatch himself, Dr. Stephen Barrett, that I felt that beating the same pavement would be overkill. (Read Tim Bolen's excellent summation of Barrett's career. IN FACT, Bolen has done such a good job of documenting the avalanche of lies generated by orthodox medicine as it pertains to alternative practices that you can get lost in hundreds of hours of reading on his website, QuackPotWatch, with its numerous posts and links).
Secondly, I have already written a sidebar article on the quackery behind Quackwatch in Chapter 3 of Meditopia. And lastly, there are so many pro-orthodox individuals, counterfeiters of our products, and paid FDA snitches, who have gleefully been singing, dancing, and feasting over "my corpse" these last 6 years -- since the FDA's destruction of our lab in the States that I would have to morph into an obsessive polemicist to go after them all.
There are more important things in this world.
Nonetheless, since there are people out there who see the Quackwatch article on escharotics -- (which includes a diatribe on Cansema® and yours truly) -- and wonder if any of it is true, I can see our customer's point.
A point-by-point decimation of Barrett's article, "Don't Use Cancer Salves", is herewith enclosed, appropriately entitled, "A Systematic Dismantling of Orthodox's Quack Attack on Escharotics". If you won't take the time to read any of Meditopia, which clearly proves that escharotics have been successfully in private use for hundreds of years, curing untold thousands of cancer patients, and has been constantly renounced by medical practitioners of each succeeding age for financial reasons, then at least read this latest piece.
This, of course, brings us to a much larger event in world news -- the latest exercise in PM (Perception Management - see second quote above) to come out of the swines at the Medical Industrial Complex.
Swine flu.

Three days ago, I got a letter from a friend, himself a former resident of Mexico City, about the ever-dreaded swine flu, which read, in part:
"Does anything about the super-hyped 'swine flu' strike anyone else as vaguely (or not so vaguely) fishy?
"To wit: (1) 49 deaths so far in Mexico City from this 'horrific scourge???' Hell, there are almost that many homicides every 24 hrs in that benighted place, not to mention 4-5 times that many daily deaths from garden-variety flu/ague/bronchitis/asthma/pneumonia/emphysema/etc . . . (2) All of 20-40 instances of it so far in the entire United States??? Hell, on any given day there have to be that many people with the flu just in our small town [of 10,000]. (3) 'Anti-viral medications being rushed to the hinterlands???' Fact is, no such medications exist, or are at best only very marginally effective, and at that, with only a very small % of people. (4) 'A terrible public health threat???' Fact is, each year, approximately 350-500 million new cases of malaria kill between one and three million people, the majority of whom are young children---where the hell are the headlines and hyperventilating by talking heads about that?"
So . . . who's behind all the hype? What's the motive? Where does the money lead us?"
My private response -- slightly re-phrased for inclusion in this publication -- ran thusly:
"During my imprisonment, it took me two or three readings of Machiavelli's The Prince, before I finally realized that one of the principle functions of modern governance was jacking "the governed" around by the nose, scaring the shit out of them, and, in general, creating theatrical scenarios in the attempt to get people to believe that government -- as it is known and practiced in the first world -- was necessary. (It isn't ...... look at the internet).
One of the points of Tainter's work (The Collapse of Complex Societies, p. 59) is that a government's highest necessity is the reinforcement of its own perceived justification for existence. As I point out in Meditopia :
"Hierarchy and complexity, as Joseph Tainter has noted, ' are rare in human history, and where present require constant reinforcement. No societal leader is ever far from the need to validate position and policy, and no hierarchical society can be organized without explicit provision for this need. ' "
The internet has opened people's eyes. The American people don't need their government. Their government needs them. Out of the sheer obviousness of this thermodynamic fact, comes bold observations, like that of the lead character in V for Vendetta, "People shouldn't fear their government, the government should fear its people."
And because the host is getting tired of feeding this extremely ferocious parasite, the parasite is responding with something that will require people to ask for help. Swine flu is the parasite's way of trying to get the host to say, "You need us. You really, really need us."
My concern is that people are going to figure out how ludicrous this all is --- (just like you have) --- so the parasite will respond with something far worse (aka World Twin Towers -- Act II ) and then people will feel that they have no choice.
That's my greatest concern. "

None of my political observations, or those of friends, should be interpreted as a denial of a real health threat. In fact, I personally side with Dr. Leonard Horowitz's rendition of events -- which, reduced to its simplest terms goes something like this : (1) the H1N1-H5N1 flu outbreak has been engineered by an easy-to-identify pharmaceutical clique and their Anglo-American government toadies (more "mass killing of people for profit"), (2) the designer vaccines corresponding to the outbreak (rushed through the FDA approval process just in time for the crisis), which has already resulted in a huge run-up in stock price for those corporations involved, will be a major windfall for Big Pharma, and (3) the mechanics behind the outbreak mimic those of 911 -- a well-engineered, trillion dollar windfall for the "defense establishment." More simply restated, the swine flu outbreak is an attempt to recreate within the pharmaceutical industry (using the "Problem / Reaction / Solution" model made popular by David Icke) the same kind of profit vortex we saw created by the Military Industrial Complex in its well-crafted execution of 911.
With reference to your own personal health, should you feel concerned? Mildly. (Read Julian Whitaker's medical advice concerning the current outbreak.)
So there you have it.
Swine flu.
It's good for Bigger Goverment . . . and its great for Bigger Pharma.
And as for the uninitiated plebs who die from these designer viruses? . . . Oh, quit your sobbing -- they'd end up dying from something else down the road anyway. And besides, can you think of a better way to introduce all these toxic, "ultra high profit margin" vaccines so we can all do our part to help control world population? . . . You lazy taxpayers need to stop your bitching, chatting on the internet with all these deadbeat conspiracy theorists -- especially that cancer fraud, Greg Caton . . . and get back to work!
Quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack . . .

Greg Caton --- Founder
Alpha Omega Labs
Guayaquil, Ecuador


  1. Those who want to debate the historics may note that the "accepted" first European colony in the Americas is La Isabela or that Bastidas was reported by his men to have been assassinated because of a refusal to share gold (incredibly unlikely, in my opinion). I make a major point in Chapter 4 of Meditopia of noting how and why conventional history is twisted to meet the objectives of whoever's in charge. (Or, as Henry Kissinger has noted, "History is the memory of States.") But . . . really . . . all of this misses the point of the letter, doesn't it?
  2. See Failed MD Stephen Barrett on the QuackPotWatch website.
  3. It is standard policy on our site not to reproduce the identity of any correspondent without their express permission.

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