The Alpha Omega Labs' Chat Room

T he Alpha Omega Labs' chat room is an event-driven, public forum for discussing issues of importance to both end users and clinicians in the Alpha Omega Labs' alternative health care community. It uses the parachat chat room engine.
The Chat Room is not open 24-hours a day, but during times posted just to the right of this introduction.
If you have any questions relative to this site, please email us. Since Parachat is very sensitive to using the pre-selected domain name when entering, if you have any problems entering this chat room, refresh with the proper domain by clicking here!
General Questions Evening

Next Event: To be Scheduled

Moderator: Cathryn Caton, N.D.
This session is unrestricted: existing customers and guests are free to participate. Participants are free to ask questions they wish concerning products, protocols, or this site's content.

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