Apologies (& Explanation)
Concerning Customs Inspections
Which Result in Improperly Released Product
April 21, 2009 -- Within the last few weeks we have received an inordinate number of email letters from Alpha Omega customers who indicate that although they received all the product they ordered, there was (is) at least one item where a cap wasn't sealed properly on a bottle, or in the case of liquid product, there is some indication of leakage.
This is something we had to research because we've never received these kind of emails before -- in our nearly 20 years in business -- except for a very occasional package which is damaged during shipment.
But these are not cases where the package is damaged. These are cases where it is obvious that Customs officials (primarily in the U.S., Canada, and Australia) have opened the product for inspection and then failed to reseal or otherwise secure the product so that it proceeds in the same pristine condition in which it left Ecuador.
The first question that most customers will ask if they receive such product is: "Is this product still safe to use?" Our belief is that although this reflects a new level of carelessness we have not seen before on the part of Customs personnel, the product is still safe. We cannot do anything about the phony "War on Terror," which is turning "free nations" that used to have civil liberties into virtual police states, but we can do everything possible to ensure that the items you order arrive safely and professionally packaged.
We believe this problem is systemic, since officials with the Ecuadorean postal service (Correos del Ecuador) tell us that they a large number of complaints about U.S.-bound postal traffic -- both in the way that packages are handled and delivery times. It is our hope that the complaints they have lodged with U.S. Postal and U.S.Customs will resolve some of these issues over the coming weeks.

Cathryn Caton, N.D.
Alpha Omega Labs
Guayaquil, Ecuador