Hydrogen+: The Key to
Longevity and Wellness

by Ralph Suddath

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What causes disease to occur?

Dr. Theodore A. Baroody reported that more than 2 million Americans die from physical illnesses each year, such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, respiratory diseases, diabetes and liver or kidney disease. What do these diseases have in common? In Dr. Baroody's opinion, your body was designed to be slightly alkaline - diseases are caused by and/or only thrive in a state of acidosis.

The Amazing Breakthrough

In 1992, Russian medical doctor and researcher, Vladimir Volkov, claims that the cause of disease and aging is the absence of Hydrogen (H proton). Dr. Volkov is head of the Laboratory of Biorhythmic Researches of the Russian National Institute of Health. He believes that illnesses have a common phase: the blood becomes acidic or acidosis occurs. Dr.Volkov believes that the acidosis is a natural, necessary healing process. He feels that there is no recovery without acidosis.

The body's intelligence creates this acidosis condition in order to attempt to eliminate the toxins. Therefore, the acidosis is the main medical remedy against everything, and is prompted by the nature of the body. The majority of human diseases are accompanied by the acidation of an organism

An acidation is carried out by the proton (hydrogen). According to Dr. Volkov, if there is no proton, then there is no acidation, and thus, no recovery. He has conducted extensive research studies using proton
(hydrogen) water on both animals and people and has had incredibly positive results. [More information about his work on Hydrogen (H Proton) can be found on his web site at http://www.h-longevity.net].

What makes us age?

Dr. Patrick Flanagan, a world famous health researcher, says: "All the symptoms of aging are in one way or another accompanied by a slow dehydration of our vital tissues associated with free radical oxidative damage." Drs. Patrick and Gale Flanagan developed a powder containing an abundance of negative hydrogen (H-) stabilized with colloidal silica. By dissolving a capsule in water, it acquires a high antioxidant or reducing quality.

The Flanagans' discovery, which has been submitted to the Nobel committee, was based on a tribe that lives in the Hunza valley in Pakistan. Not only does this tribe have average life duration of 110-120 years, they also never get sick, look young and have a much slower process of aging than that of other people. Thus, the Hunza valley has been called "an oasis of youth."

It was assumed that the secret of their longevity was due to the extraordinary physical properties of the local water. Based upon their research, the Flanagans made the conclusion that "the structure of water has a secret‹knowing which [allows us] to turn back the process of aging...The tissues of a human organism contain a large reserve of hydrogen. The depletion of this reserve with age results in the development of aging process signs...The hydrogen transport can be a missed factor in the search of the reason of the aging process... During the process of aging, the cells of our organism lose water, and a hydrogen pool, protecting the cells from [the] harmful actions of the free radicals, becomes exhausted. As a matter of fact, all researchers of the longevity phenomenon agree that the free radicals bear the responsibility for aging."

"We can assert," said the Flanagans, "that life actually is a turnover of hydrogen, and the riddle of life is in 'the burning of hydrogen'."

While the Flannagans believe that an H- product, an alkaline supplement, is important; Dr. Volkov states that the positive charges of a naked hydrogen ion, H+, which is a proton, is the strongest antioxidant. Dr. Volkov believes an acid belongs to the protons (H+) and no way to the negative ion of hydrogen (H-)."

Dr. Volkov believes that the fact that the most aggressive free radicals, which are the main destroyers of the cells, the hydroxyl radical [OH] and oxygen [O] radical, have a negative charge is largely ignored. The need for antioxidants is proven. In addition, according to Dr. Volkov, "The basic mass of antioxidants are acids (vitamin C, lactic acid, hemoglobin acid, amino acids, fatty acids, bile acids, all endogenic acids of an organism and exogenous acids from the food). Dr. Volkov's research suggests that the hydrogen proton is the premier antioxidant.

Another important role of H+, the Proton, is the production of ATP. Peter Mitchel, Ph.D. was given the Nobel Prize in 1978 for proving that positively charged hydrogen ions (protons) have the main role in cell adenosine triphosphoric acid (ATP) production. For normal functioning to occur, each cell of an organism should produce an energy and use it. There are no cells that work without ATP.

As we age our body contains less water. Dr. Volkov states that the water loss of an organism results from the organism's attempt to produce protons (H+): to take them from the water. He believes this shortage of hydrogen is the reason for human aging and illness.

Dr. Volkov asserts that carbonic acid is the best donor of protons in the organism. Dr. Volkov believes that carbonic acid is also the best antioxidant for an organism. The main carriers of hydrogen protons in the best periods of our life are Donors -- water and carbonic acid. Other hydrogen donors are amino acids and lactic acid.

Experiments with Mice by Russian Doctor Kostenko

Dr. Kostenko has had surprising results that support Dr. Volkov's viewpoints. In discussing his experiments with one-year-old mice, Dr. Kostenko notes, "I was periodically making the acid washing of the mice...in the medium enriched with CO2 (Carbonic Acid). The condition of their eyes, hair has improved, improvement of the DNA condition in comparison with the control group, i.e., the quantity of defects accumulating with age have decreased. The gain of average life duration was 131 percent, and four mice are in good health for the fifth year, that corresponds to 220 human years approximately."

Dr. Kostenko also conducted the experiments on himself. He asserts that he has recovered from chronic illnesses, that he looks younger, and that he has improved his physical parameters. Dr. Volkov has a very simple explanation for Dr. Kostenko's surprising results. He believes that "the acidation of [a] living organism with CO2 promotes the carbonic acid production by an organism. Therefore, blood acidation by a carbon dioxide results in the filling up of the hydrogen deficiency of an organism - And in the prolongation of life!"

Additional support for Dr. Volkov's theory comes from the work of Jonathan V. Wright, M.D., who is the Medical Director at Tahoma Clinic in Kent, Washington. Dr. Wright says, "...when you get past 35, 40, 45, and start to develop indigestion, it's highly likely that the indigestion is due to a weaker stomach, not a stronger one, a stomach making less acid, less pepsin." He notes that since 1976 he has used "a commercially available, extremely precise, research-verified procedure" to literally check the stomach acid production of thousands of people, who had complaints of "heartburn" and indigestion. He found that the majority of people did indeed have under acidity in their stomachs.

What makes your body alkaline or acidic?

In my opinion, your body's pH is determined by two things: 1) What you put into your body (food, beverages, drugs, etc.) and 2) What you eliminate or withhold inside your body (removal or harboring of acidic waste).

I personally believe Dr. Volkov's claims, and am presently beginning research to verify the hypothesis that increased acid in the gut will help to restore and maintain the body's natural pH balance through a process called homeostasis. I am of the opinion that at birth the pH of our gut is generally around 1.0. As we get older, our gut pH may rise to 2.0 or more. This is an astronomical difference and at this higher level the stomach may have trouble breaking down the foods we consume.

I am working to prove that disease comes from the same root cause-an increase of the pH of the gut, which can cause a massive overload of undigested food to build up in the intestines, eventually turning into putrefied acid waste (toxins). The body would then have no choice but to store this acid waste in its own tissues and stored fat, thus creating a more friendly environment for disease.

I want to prove that the countless names attached to illnesses do not really matter. What does matter is that they all come from the same root cause- too much tissue acid waste in the body!

Dr. Volkov suggests that proton H+ water should be used for a period of time, and then stopped for a short period to bring the body in balance. I am presently drinking the water for three weeks, with a one week break. Due to the lack of current data, it is recommended that the Beverage not be consumed by pregnant or nursing mothers or during times of severe illness.

For thousands of years, vinegar has been used to aide digestion. In Apple Cider Vinegar - Miracle Health System, Patricia Bragg states the secret of health lies in internal cleanliness. She states "Apple Cider Vinegar is a powerful cleansing and healing elixir for a healthier, stronger, longer life!" [Editor: H3O Concentrate (tm), when properly diluted, provides the acidity found in vinegar, but tastes like water, and is easy to drink.

It has often been found to be the case in science that the simplest explanations and theories that account for the data are usually correct. I believe that Dr. Volkov's theory and research findings could lead to an impact upon our civilization that will be incalculable. A breakthrough of this magnitude can often be discounted by others. Even Sigmund Freud commented on the suppression of innovation by science, in these words: "There are three steps in the history of a great discovery. First, its opponents say that the discoverer is crazy; later that he is sane but that his discovery is of no real importance; and last, that the discovery is important but everybody has known it right along." Of course, "time will tell" and it appears that time may well be on Dr. Volkov's side.


Ralph Suddath has been involved in comprehensive studies of water, energy, medical and agricultural technologies since 1989.