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Visitors to our web site often have questions about our products, or the science behind them, with their own medical problem in mind. These we answer freely, but with the following important clarification: As regards the usage of our products, how specific medical problems are treated in other cultures (i.e. other ethnobotanical traditions), textbook herbal remedies (even though unrelated to anything we produce ourselves), our herbalists are a rich source of helpful information. Querants should understand, however, that these general questions do not replace timely, professional medical advice. We provide herbal information, not medical advice. As we make clear in our introductory page, professional health care, particularly in the area of diagnostics, should be sought even by those who are committed to using alternative therapies. No web site can reliably act as a substitute for well-founded medical diagnosis, rendered by a physician who has personally examined you and addressed your medical problem. Any input we provide, relative to your own illness or that of a loved one, should be taken in context and be included in a larger body of information, which includes the counsel of a doctor in the healing tradition you feel most comfortable (i.e. allopathic, osteopathic, naturopathic, chiropractic, etc.) Keep in mind that physicians in different countries play a role even in our own developmental and formulary work, so our admonition isn't simply a legal caveat: it is something we ask you, in earnest, to observe.

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