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First and foremost, Alpha Omega Labs is a manufacturing company. Many of our customers want to obtain our products with their own branded names for further distribution in their area. For that reason we have created the following email form:

To: Alpha Omega - Private Label Dept.

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My operation is just starting up.
I am a decision-maker for an existing distributor of health care products.
I have neither a start-up, nor do I represent a company . . . I'm just curious.
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Frequency: (Check one)
My current intention is a single private label job.
I am looking to introduce an ongoing line.
Products / Areas of Interest: (Check all that apply)
AO Heart Drops -- (listed and unlisted)
Bloodroot products
Bulk Amazonian Herbs and/or Products -- (listed and unlisted)
Cansema® -- (incl. all versions of Cansema® Salve, Tonic, and Dentifrice (10/09))
Lugol's (or other iodine product)
Delivery Method: (Check one)
Drop ship directly to my int'l clients just like you do for existing AO customers.
Ship finished product to my facility -- best way.
A combination of drop ship and delivery to my facilities.

Provide any other comments below concerning the scope and particulars of your PL project:

Thank you for your Private Label inquiry.
We will get back in touch with you within 24 hours of submission,
using the contact info you have provided.

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