"We ship to all countries, except . . . "
AO Labs : Restricted Countries List
A great deal of disinformation has been found circulating on the web concerning the countries to which we ship -- (i.e. we received indisputable evidence that a competitor in the United States was telling his customers that we are not allowed to send products into the U.S. -- and that's nonsense.)
There are countries to which we will not send products . . . (the U.S. is not among them). This action comes from our side and not the receiving country. Below you will find our alphabetical list of "Restricted Countries," and the reasons why we will not provide service to these countries. Note also that countries fall into two categories: those countries we will not ship to under any circumstance ("Total"), and those countries where there is a shipping condition (partial exclusion or "Conditional"): [Updated: January 16, 2016]

Country Effective Date Reason for Non-Service
Canada Dec. 19, 2015 Conditional: We ship to Canada, but not using express delivery. Reason: too many problems in Customs.
Israel Dec 19, 2015 Conditional: We ship to Israel, but not using express delivery. Reason: excessive paperwork requirements for express deliveries.
Nigeria Jun 15, 2008 Total: Repeated shipments by AO Labs have been confiscated by Customs there, with no feedback as to the reason for non-delivery. We suspect theft.
Panama Dec 15, 2008 Total: Occasional problems with complete Customs non-fulfillment, but the larger issue is excessive paperwork.
Russia Jan. 10, 2016 Conditional: We ship to the Russian Federation routinely, but will no longer shiop via express. Reason: Too many problems with paperwork on express deliveries; inordinate delays for express deliveries that are not treated as such.
South Africa Nov 10, 2008 Total: Problems with complete non-fulfillment on the part of Customs -- and no feedback for non-delivery. We suspect theft, as in the case of Nigeria above.