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321. What is Bloodroot Paste?
322. Does it really get rid of moles and warts?
323. Will it work on skin tags? What about "cherry angiomas"?
324. I used Bloodroot Paste for a few days and got an eschar. How could this happen?
325. What is the shelf-life of bloodroot paste? Will it go bad? Should I refrigerate it?
326. I've heard that bloodroot is really toxic, so what's the truth?
327. I just received the bloodroot paste and have applied it to a couple of moles. I was wondering what type of scar, if any, this will leave?
328. Can the Paste cause a lesion to become cancerous?
330. How does your Bloodroot toothpaste, Omega III, compare to Viadent?
331. What are the medicinal benefits of bloodroot toothpaste?
332. Can you do something to make it taste better?

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