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any disease. All anecdotal information is preliminary.
Lab Notes : H3O & Cuts and Burns
"I burned my hand with grease and soaked my hand in cool H3O for about two hours. Once in the cool H3O, the burning went away and each time I changed the bandages, I would pour H3O on it. After the first soaking, it never hurt again, and I have no scar from it. (I also use H3O on... insect bites... brushing my teeth and for sore throats.)"

We are not yet familiar with the mechanics behind H3O's accelerated healing capability, as reported by users. QuikHeal, another set of products from Alpha Omega Labs, also accelerates the healing of cuts and burns, and although we know the chemical processes behind its effectiveness, we are still researching H3O's. From the point of view of our users, most of whom are not interested in all the theory behind the products they use, only assurance of their effectiveness, it is easy enough to test the immediacy of response when using H3O for one's own cut or burn. Further testing and evaluation will be ongoing...