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Lab Notes : H3O & Disinfecting
"As a general disinfectant and antimicrobial, H3O works on everthing. I have used H3O at approximately a concentration of 8% and a pH of 1.6. As an antiseptic and topical dressing on minor wounds and scrapes, it works great. Wounds appear to heal faster and with little or no scaring... As a spray on roses for control of mildew and black spot. Sprayed my roses three times last summer and had only minor problems. In the seasons before I had severe problems with these both mildew and black spot."

No controversy here. At a pH of under 1.8, H3O is an aggressive disinfectant. This has been an almost universal comment among those end users.

Notable Comments

"I made up a disinfectant using 10 oz. water and 4 tablespoons of H3O concentrate in a spray bottle. I use it on sinks, after dishes, and for general cleanup. You just spray and leave. No sink odor... Use on cutting boards."