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Lab Notes : H3O, Gingivitis & Periodontal Disease
"I have used H3O as a mouthwaste for four years now as one of its oldest proponents. I gargle with it twice daily, and I have found that I get no plaque buildup - none. No gingivitis, no bleeding. In fact, I haven't been to a dentist in all those four years."

Subj:   Re: Dental Story
Date:	11/28/01 7:09:24 PM Central Standard Time
From: (bob lansing) 
To the people at Alpha Omega, especially James Carr:
thank you for saving my teeth, as the dentist in my 
area had told me it was too late (to save them).
The reason I went (to my current) doctor was to get my fillings 
removed and after a few tries I did find one who would
do what I wanted as long as i accepted responsibility
for any teeth that fell out.  
Well, I had no choice. I could not afford to have them replaced or pulled, and surgery was not an option. When all was done and i went back for a yearly check up, Lisa, his hygienist, was surprised. She said in no uncertain terms that she fully expected that at least half of my teeth would be gone.
Instead, I had a little pocking in my upper left and upper right molars. One tooth was very slightly loose. So thank you. Sincerely, Bob Lansing November 28, 2001 P.S. ... I place a lot of faith in God and in you people. God bless.

Given its highly anti-microbial nature, its lack of corrosiveness, and its frequency of use over the last four years, we believe that H3O opens exciting doors in the area of highly effective dental/oral hygiene. More research is required.

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