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Lab Notes : H3O & Halitosis
"I placed 1/3 of a mouthful of H3O solution in my mouth, gargled with it, and tilting my head back slightly, I inserted my toothbrush in my mouth and brushed the top of my tongue, taking care to occasionally swish the toothbrush along the sides of my mouth where most of the solution was located. The result was, after seven applications on different nights, my reoccurring bad breath was eliminated."

Halitosis ("bad breath") isn't an illness, but can be the result of a variety of health-threatening conditions (i.e. infection), poor oral hygiene, specific drug regimen, and/or diet. Regardless of cause, a variety of users have reported that regular use of H3O in the approximate range of pH 2.0 has resulted in a cleaner mouth, free of perceivable odors.

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