What Is Kombucha Tea? In this new millenium, the reports of "miracle cures" are escalating at a rapid rate. This tea is one of those being reported from a grassroots level. Kombucha Tea is a golden, or amber colored liquid. Some people say it tastes like apple cider. I personally think it tastes like a carbonated orange drink when harvested at 7 days. It is very unusual because it smells like vinegar, but tastes sweet. If you let it grow past 7 days it starts to taste like vinegar too. After 2 weeks it has turned to vinegar I would not recommend drinking it then because the vinegar taste would be too strong. The History of Kombucha There are many different reports as to where Kombucha comes from. The most common reports say that it first appears in 221 BC during the Tsin Dynasty. Some report it to have been introduced to Japan in 414 AD by a Korean physician named Dr Kombu. Reports have come in from Russia, and all of Europe. This tea has been used medicinally for thousands of years. Kombucha enjoyed wide-spread popularity until World War II when the rationing of tea and sugar made it impossible for all but the most affluent to grow. What Can Kombucha Do For You? This tea can relieve the symptoms of arthritis, it gives you more energy, and combats the depression experienced by chronic pain sufferers. It causes your body to retain moisture in your skin like it did when you were sixteen. It works from the inside out! It causes gray hair to revert back to its original color. It makes your hair thicker and fuller. It relieves dandruff and psoriasis. An interesting side effect is weight loss. The theory is that since you are more limber and most of the pain from your illness is gone, you move around more than you would before drinking the tea. And you just feel like being more active. And even more amazing, if you are under your correct weight (as in AIDS patients) then you gain weight. Some cancer patients have reported that after devastating chemo- therapy in which they'd lost a tremendous amount of weight and all of their hair. They drank this wondrous tea and regained their weight, and grew back all of their hair. It causes your body to regain it's Chemical and Hormonal balance. It improves muscle tone and firmness. Men report fewer prostate problems. Women report fewer problems with PMS. It increases your sex drive. Acts as a gentle laxative. Cleanses the colon and gall bladder. Relieves colitis and stomach cramps. Relieves bronchitis and asthma. Clears up Candida yeast infections. Aids with stress and insomnia. Improves eyesight, cataracts and floaters. Relieves headaches, including migraines. Puts Lupus and HPV into remission. Helps reduce the alcoholic's craving for alcohol. Eliminates menopausal hot flashes. Clears acne, psoriasis and other skin problems. Enhances the sense of smell. Increases sex drive. What Kombucha is Not Many people are under the impression that Kombucha is an antibiotic. It is not. The tea's natural ingredient's have a mild antibacterial effect, that is all. There are many misconceptions concerning Kombucha and AIDS. Although Kombucha cannot cure HIV it helps the various parts of your body function like they did when they were younger and in good health. It does increase the T-cell count in an AIDS patient's body, helping them to fight off infections. Kombucha may not reverse HIV, but it helps fight off infections. The stronger and healthier a patient's body is, the better their chances are of being around when a cure is found. And isn't the name of the game to stay alive until a cure is found?