Maca Powder from the High Andes
Balances Hormones / Aphrodisiac / Neuroprotective
Enhances Memory / Antidepressant / Antioxidant
Pure Maca Powder
Code MA-121 lb. (454 g.)Price: $14.50

aca is one of the most extraordinary, medicinal plants to grow in the High Andes. (We live at 3,000 feet, close to 10,000 feet. Most maca grows even higher, at 3,500 to 4,000 meters). Based on the popularity of Maca Manna, we've had requests for pure maca, with no other nutrients, nutraceuticals, or other ingredients added.
We strongly advice users to familiar themselves with maca's medical activities and indications, especially our practitioners, as well as the more recent PubMed studies on maca's medicinal properties. Actually, the entire Maca Manna page has a lot of great information on maca.
Ingredient: 100% maca (Lepidium meyenii)
Instructions: Add to juices or your favorite smoothie. Eat in baked or roasted meals. (Speaking personally, I'll add to a smoothie of a half quart of milk, one large banana, some strawberries, and one tablespoon of this maca powder. There are, however, as you can imagine, many hundreds of variations on this theme. Maca adds an earthy, somewhat nutty flavor to smoothies.)

Pure 100% maca powder. Click to enlarge.