Hemostatic Topical Healing Cream
Arrests Bleeding / Especially Useful in Minor Bleeding
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Matiku Healing Cream
(pronounced: "CHEE'-mah Mah-TEE'-koo")

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atiku is a native tree of the Andes in South America. It has been used to stem bleeding problems going back into antiquity. Like AO Chima Matiku, a liquid version we sold years ago, it is made using variations of Matiku, different in taxonomic classification, but identical in ethnobotanical use. We encourage those wanting more information to read the AO Chima Matiku page.
Ingredients: Coconut oil, ground leaf of Aristeguietia glutinosa L (from Loja Province, Ecuador) and Piper aduncum L. (from Peru).
Instructions: For minor bleeding problems, where the application can be touched, dab on a thin layer of the cream, twice daily. Use as need to arrest bleeding. In cases where the application area does not lend itelf to being touched, take a Q-Tip® and dab the cream on sufficient to cover the desired area -- again, twice a day.
Warning: In keeping with its long-standing, traditional use, Matiku Healing Cream should be used for minor, capillary bleeding issues. It is not designed for use on arterial or venal hemorrhages, for which one should seek immediate medical attention.

In all its varieties, the leaves are the most commonly used part of the Matiku tree. Read more details about the Matiku tree on the Chima Matiku page. Click to enlarge.

Matikus are often used as ornamentals, as seen in this yard in Vilcabamba, Ecuador. (Photo taken in 2009). Click to enlarge.