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Early Cancer Therapies
Were Based on Mitogenic Radiation

The 'Tesla Crown' of our device Electronic waves communicate the regulatory functions of life. In fact, all organic life absorbs, emits and processes light. To appreciate this, we should investigate the revolutionary discoveries that underlie the biophysics of electronic life. As far back as 1922, the Russian doctor and histologist Alexander Gurwitsch and his wife discovered that living cells separated by quartz glass were able to communicate vital-cell information. Numerous experiments suggested that this information was transmitted by invisible mitogenic waves in a frequency spectrum passed by quartz and stopped by window glass. Dr. Gurwitsch's mitogenic wave theory encouraged Nikola Tesla to develop a mitogenic impulse-wave therapy capable of curing cancer. At a seminar presented by the American Congress of Physical Therapy, held in New York on September 6, 1932, Dr. Gustave Kolischer announced: "Tesla's high frequency electrical currents were bringing about highly beneficial results in dealing with cancer, surpassing anything that could be accomplished with ordinary surgery."
In 1934, the University of Southern California appointed a Special Medical Research Committee to study 16 terminal cancer patients from Pasadena County Hospital that would be treated with mitogenic impulse wave technology, developed by Dr. Royal Raymond Rife. After four months the Medical Research Committee reported that all 16 of the formerly-terminal patients appeared cured. However, on the eve of the press conference to release the report, the committee chairman, a former President of the Southern California American Medical Association, Dr. Milbank Johnson, was fatally poisoned and all copies of his Medical Committee Report disappeared. Dr. Rife's facility was destroyed by arson as was the Burnett lab that was independently duplicating the Rife work. Dr. Nemes who had also duplicated some of Rife's work was killed by the fire that consumed all his research documentation. His life's work now reduced to ashes, Rife became alcoholic and died in a hospital from an overdose of Valium.
The medical significance of mitogenic waves and Tesla's surviving high-frequency impulse-wave apparatus was not understood. (Only the penetrating-heat of high-frequency Diathermy was deemed beneficial for the treatment of cancer.) Dr. Morris Fishbein became President of the American Medical Association and helped convince the medical community and regulatory agencies to outlaw all non-ionizing wave therapy not approved for a Diathermy license.
With the development of photomultiplier technology, in 1954, it became possible to actually measure the extremely weak luminescence of natural mitogenic waves. Now the pioneering work of Gurwitsch and Frank came to the fore, having been significantly advanced by Dr. Rife's universal microscope and mitogenic wave research. Dr. Rife employed quartz optics in his revolutionary microscope to study living cancer tissue illumuniated by both visible and invisible mitogenic wavelengths.
The first explicit measurements of the naturally produced mitogenic wavelengths were carried out on seedlings of various plants. Repeatable seedling communication occurred in the red to green wavelengths having illumination intensities as low as a few tens of photons per second per square centimeter. By the early 1970's, the leading German biochemist studying this subject, Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp, could show that despite the highly variable loss of cells in the human body, it remains in balance by being able to regenerate cells on the time scale in which electrons change orbit. Today we know the individual cells can exchange information globally (i.e. instantaneously) through entangled-photon emission. Dr. Popp was among the first to recognize that every second, 10 million cells die to be replaced by healthy new cells. Such perfect timing is only possible because the body's cellular communication is mediated through the coherent emissions of photons. (When the electron in a cell's basic atomic structure undergoes orbital transition, to facilitate needed chemical reactions, a "biophoton" is produced which stimulates the emission of coherent light so long-range chemical changes can occur simultaneously throughout the entire body -- biophotons are coherent.) Our body appears to possess a well defined material nature that changes very slowly, whereas, on the atomic level we are different every microsecond. The majority of our living cells are constantly dying and being replaced. Even the most basic DNA is subject to this continuous regeneration process. The pancreas reproduce most of its cells every day. The cells of the stomach lining are reproduced every three days. White blood cells are renewed every ten days. The skin is renewed every four weeks. Our heart beats 100,000 times every day as we take our 25,000 breaths to re-oxygenate our blood. Our body essentially renews itself completely every four years.
In order to replace dying normal cells, our body recycles materials from these dead cells and additional needed material from the food we eat. It knows with amazing accuracy what to absorb in order to manufacture explicit substances as its variable needs change. How can this process of sub-molecular precision occur even when we eat irregularly or when our body does ot get sufficient amounts of the corrent nutritional building blocks such as vitamins, minerals, enzyymes and amino acids? Where does life energy come from and how does the body utilize it? Instantaneous (global) communication is now a recognized property of entangled photons produced by stimulated frequency-doubling in parametric mediums. Today, laser stimulated DNA experiments have begun to explore such basic questions.
By the mid 1970's, Dr. Popp was able to demonstrate that natural (ultra-weak) mitogenic luminescence, which he called biophoton emission, was an essential component of the life process. DNA code organizes the living structures that produce the body's electromagnetic field or aura. This presupposes global communcation between all the atoms in all the molecules that govern the form, function and growth of the whole person. Popp demonstrated the biophoton nature of this global aura with two quartz test tubes containing living pig blood. An agent was added to one of the test tubes and as expected the pig's blood reacted by producing antibodies. Although no agent was added to the second tube, it nevertheless produced identical antibodies. This experiment was now repeated with a light-proof barrier inserted between the two quartz test tubes and the potential life-saving antibody information could not be communicated to the second tube. This elegant experiment clearly shows that biophotons can communicate the information needed to initiate the vital biochemical processes of life, through long-range-coherent electromagnetic coupling.
In the early 1960's, Alexis Guy Obolensky learned about mitogenic radiation from a fellow school mate who worked as a Bell Laboratories technician. His work involved the early development of advanced parametric receiving circuits for radio-astronomy. One of these uniquely sensitive receivers was used to identify the mitogenic wavelength associated with normal (healthy) cell division, hence the name mitogenic radiation. Over two decades passed before Obolensky was able to apply this learning to reconstruct a viable mitogenic wave therapeutic machine. The Natural Energy Institute's "Mitogenic Therapy" paper outlines this work to set the stage for our "October 2001 Medical Update" paper. It provides medical histories of routine cancer remissions, as well as multiple myeloma previously considered incurable and fatal. In addition to one documented cure of hepatitis C also considered incurable and fatal. For those professionals wishing to peruse this subject, the participant's names, addresses, and medical reports are available.
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