Broad Spectrum Probiotic & Mineral Blend
Microbiome RestoreTM

lpha Omega Labs was one of the first health and nutrition companies to promote probiotics on the internet. In 2001 we introduced Microflora Restore, a broad-spectrum probiotic with 28 different beneficial bacteria. Years later, we upgraded this product to Microflora Restore II, and the later Microflora Restore III.
Little did we realize that Microflora Restore II had a faithful following and preferred its balanced mineral / probiotic blend. To cater to this group we joined forced with an associate company, Biophysics Essentials, to produce Microbiome Restore which faithfully follows the original philosophy behind Microflora Restore.
The information on the product label is very complete. Nonetheless, any questions can be addressed to us at

Microbiome Restore (tm) -- 60 Capsules.