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Introduction: Maria Treben (1907-1991) was an Austrian herbalist and author, whose books -- the majority published in the 1980's -- sold millions of copies in multiple languages. The formulas you see detailed below are re-creations of her most popular formulas, based on generations of accumulated herbal knowledge from Germany and Eastern Europe.
Maria prepared her herbal remedies in different ways for the different herbals she produced. All of her methods are covered in detail in her 8 million copy bestseller, Health through God's Pharmacy -- (see right side column).
To U.S. Users: Neither this page nor the products below have been approved by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. These formulas are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent, or mitigate any disease. The information provided below is reproduced for historical and reference purposes only.

Agrimony Cream -- (Agrimonia cupatoria)
The herb itself is known as having great healing properties for inflammation of the throat and mouth, tonsillitis, anemia, wounds, rheumatism, disgestive trouble, hardening of the liver and spleen, enlargement of the heart, as well as kidney and bladder disorders.
Agrimony Ointment Cream, which is used in a similar way to Calendula ointment (see below), is of benefit in varicose veins and sores in the lower legs. [label]

Bedstraw Cream -- (Galium verum)
Maria Treben, the renowned Austrian herbalist writes glowingly in her bestseller about the benefits of Bedstraw. She tells of how the tea rids the liver, kidney, pancreas and spleen of toxic wastes, along with being very beneficial for disorders of the lymphatic system.
Externally, the tea is beneficial for skin disorders, wounds, boils, and blackheads. It makes an excellent face wash as it tightens the skin. Swiss herbalist, Abbe' (Father) Kuenzel, recommends Bedstraw for goiter, improved thyroid function, and disorders of the uterus. [label]

Calendula Cream -- (Calendula officinalis)
Calendula belongs to the category of plants which are beneficial to malignant-like growths. The tea is beneficial as a blood cleanser and with infectious hepatitis. It cleanses, stimulates circulation and improves healing of wounds.
The cream brings swift relief in phlebitis, varicose ulcers, fistulas, frost bite and burns. The ointment and pulp of the ointment preparation can be used for ulcers of the breast, even if malignant. It works also on wounds from operations, assisting scar reduction. The Calendula Cream is also excellent for athlete's foot, along with fungus infections all over the body, especially the genitals. Scabs in and on the nose can easily be remedied with the ointment. [label]

Camomile Cream -- (Matricaria chamomila)
This herb is best known as a beneficial tea. When taken internally, it helps sufferers of stomach cramps and aches, flatulence, diarrhea, eruptions, gastritis, in menstrual disorders and cessation of menstrual flow, insomnia, inflammation of the testicles, fever, wounds, and toothpaste.
In its cream form, as presented herein, camomile is applied externally to benefit hemorrhoids and to promote the healing of wounds. [label]

Comfrey Cream -- (Symphytum officinale)
People who have been treated with comfrey tincture for rheumatism and swelling of the joints have found relief. Poultices of comfrey leaves and roots have shown to be effective in ridding knobs on the joints of the hands and feet. Poultices are also helpful with varicose ulcers, muscular rheumatism, gout stones, and painful amputation stumps, slipped discs and defective circulation.
In its ointment form, as presented herein, comfrey can also be included in these treatments. [label]

Lady's Mantle Cream -- (Alchemilla vulgaris)
Frequently thought of as "female aid," this herb is especially beneficial for menstrual disorders, 'whites,' abdominal disorders, and indisposition during menopause. It is also helpful at the beginning of puberty, for injuries after delivery, for strengthening and for all other female disorders. This is largely an herb for women, as its name implies.
Lady's Mantle, along with Shepherd's Purse is used for muscular atrophy, as well as serious disorders of the muscles, as well as with multiple sclerosis. [label]

Mistletoe Cream -- (Viscum album)
As a tea and tincture, Mistletoe benefits the whole glandular system and metabolism, as well as chronic metabolic disorders and hormonal imbalance. Mistletoe aids the body in dealing with heart and circulatory problems, high blood pressure and heart disorders.
The cream can be used for childbains and frostbite very effectively. [label]

Stinging Nettle Cream -- (Urtica dioica)
As a tea, tincture, foot bath and hair wash, stinging nettle has many benefits: blood cleansing, blood building, liver, gallbladder and spleen disorders all benefit with its use. It is also excellent as a hair wash used as a decoction, as well as a tincture to be rubbed into the scalp daily.
As an ointment, gout, rheumatism, vascular constrictions, faulty circulation and eczema are all helped with this herb. [label]

Often called 'The Long Life Elixir.' This was Maria's favorite and most often recommended herbal, which she included with practically all her healing works. Whatever your ailment or health issue, she recommended Swedith Bitters along with the other specific herbals that went with it. She made a cream ointment with it, as well, which was always very popular. Read about Swedith Bitters in her bestselling book, and you'll realize why she so cherished this marvelous herbal combination . . . (Pages 118-131 . . . Maria has lots to say about Swedish Bitters.) [label]

Yarrow Cream -- (Achilllia millefolium)
"Women could be spared many troubles if they took yarrow tea from time to time," states the European natural healer and herbalist, Abbe (Father) Kniepp. Yarrow is a women's herb especially. Inflammation of the ovaries, 'whites,' prolapse of the uterus, fibroids, menopause, blood cleansing, blood renewal, disorders of the bone marrow can all benefit from the tea.
An ointment prepared from yarrow flowers is also very effective for hemorroids. [label]

The products listed on this page largely come from Maria's book, "Health through God's Pharmacy." They are designed for topical use only.
The preparation for them starts with the herbs being finely chopped, then placed in a roaster or large pot and covered with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The mixture is allowed to cook for 24 hours and stirred often. The mix is then filtered and pure beeswax is added. Still warm, the cream is poured into previously prepared glass jars or ointment pots. Then this is allowed to cool and solidify.
If you don't have the time to make your own herbal creams, we have done them for you, as you can see in the main column at left.

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