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More Ascaris
The Ever Ubiquitous Ascaris
Although the above sample was shot at only 10X magnification, most practitioners would have missed it. Orthodox medicine teaches that about one in every four people have ascaris lumbricoides. Experienced hydrotherapists laugh when they hear this -- as it is ridiculously low.
They know different.
They "see" different.
It is rare to find a person who is completely parasite free, and the most common evidence of this is the constant discovery of ascaris - in its many stages of development - within the stool samples. The reason for the difference in perspective has to do with the line betweeen "asymptomatic" and "symptomatic" -- between "diagnosable" using gross, unexacting standards, and "undiagnosable" when standards are such that symptoms rising from patient complaints do not yet exist.
The vast majority of pictures in this primer were taken from people who would never have been diagnosed as having parasites had they gone to their primary care physician. Furthermore, the majority of people from whom these specimens were taken were actually surprised when told that they had parasite infestation.

It's All About the Babies
Common English usage frequently makes reference to the rabbit as an example of hearty procreation. But no member of the Mammalian class can compare to the mighty Nematodas. Adult female nematodes can lay as many as 200,000 eggs per day, although 50,000 to 100,000 eggs per day is more common.
Conventional medicine gives short riff over the immunological effects of parasite activity that does not reach the threshold of full-blown, diagnosable disease which can positively confirm the parasites as the etiological source.
Good preventative medicine would say that is a mistaken and misguided. To paraphrase the American physician, Dr. John McDougall (M.D.), this is yet another example where, "Doctors don't pay attention ... because there is more money to be made in treating disease than in preventing it."

Early Pioneer

"If all the matter in the universe except the nematodes were swept away, our world would still be dimly recognizable..."
N.A. Cobb (1914)
Pathologist / Parasitologist
1859 - 1932

"Cotton Ball" With A
Mom Inside... But
What's She Up To?

Momma's Making Babies!
Making Babies!

... and they're off. Thousands of them - all siblings. This photo is shot at 60X. [ Enlarge]

Getting Ready to Make Grandkids
Ready to Attach

Morphologically, intestinal nematodes develop a wide "mouth" called a "stylet" which attaches to the walls of the intestines. A human can have thousands of these creatures sucking blood nutrients out of the body without developing symptoms that would leave the average physician to suspect anything amiss. This shot was taken at 200X. [ Enlarge]

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