Attention! On purchasing the Prologue-02D apparatus, check its completeness in accordance with section 14 and likewise the factory seals (in battery compartment), the serial number and date of manufacture (in battery compartment) with those given in section 15 and the guarantee vouchers.

The "Prologue-02D" Electrotherapeutic Apparatus

Certified and approved by the Belorussian Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Health and Medical Equipment of the Russian Federation

The "Prologue-02D" Electrotherapeutic Apparatus was developed by:

The "Prologue-02D" Electrotherapeutic Apparatus has been patented. "Prologue" and "REMA" are registered trade marks. These rights are protected by the State.
License No. MT 308 for manufacture and sale of the "Prologue-02D" Electrotherapeutic Apparatus was issued 6th July 1994.

1. Purpose of Apparatus

The "Prologue-02D" Electrotherapeutic Apparatus (hereinafter referred to as the apparatus) is designed for the prophylactic and treatment of human disorders by means of transdermal electro neural stimulation, where complex electrical impulses act on the dermal projection of the pathologic and reflexogenic zones.

The apparatus may be used in prophylactic/treatment centers, sanatoriums, rest homes, sporting medical centers and also domestically as an auxiliary or as the main means of treating or preventing human disorders.

The apparatus is designed for operation in the following climatic conditions:
Ambient temperature from 10C to 35C;
Relevant humidity not more than 80% at 25C;
Atmospheric pressure (750±30) mm Hg.