Why All Root Canals Are Bad
& Should Be Removed

We are frequently asked why we recommend not having root canals put in, and why we advise removal for those who have them. Years ago, we worked with Robert Dowling, Ph.D., a medical researcher from North Carolina. His work is detailed in the book, "Am I Dead? . . . or do I just feel like it," by broadcaster and publisher, Fred Hughes.
Among Dr. Dowling's many accomplishments was the determination of the biochemical pathways by which root canals initiate and foster cancer growth. [ Hear interview with Dr. Dowling interview with details (2013)]. (1)

Additionally, we were very influenced by the work of the late Dr. Hal Huggins -- a practicing dental surgeon for many year, who -- towards the end of his life -- became a huge proponent of discontinuing the use of root canals, because of their disastrous after-effects. Along with Dr. Thomas E. Levy, he authored Uninformed Consent: The Hidden Dangers in Dental Care. For those who will not sit down to read a copy of this very vital work, there are always the YouTube videos that cover this essential topic. Our favorites include : Price Pottinger Foundation presentation (Aug., 2012); Root Canals Are Causing Disease (2011); Safe Alternatives to Root Canals (2012); and Improved Health through Tooth Extraction (2012).
For those who think that the relationship between root canals and degenerative disease is a new line of intellectual thought, it should be pointing out that as early as 1909, Dr. Weston Price did studies showing the disastrous health effects of having root canals implanted.
In our own work at Alpha Omega Labs, we do not encounter anyone with a degenerative disease who after their extraction of root canals is complete, does not see an improvement in their health. If you yourself, or someone you know, has a root canal, it is vitally important that you (and they) become self-educated as to the damage done by this dental procedure . . . and the benefits of its reversal.

Cathryn Caton, N.D.
Alpha Omega Labs
Guayaquil, Ecuador


1. Greg's kidnapping is covered at 6:06, and the causal relationship between key dental procedures (including root canals) and carcinogenesis begins at 13:50.