Provides Support for Female Reproductive
& Digestive Systems

Sandi's Milk

Sandi's Milk
(Leche de Sandi)
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Summarized Description: Leche de Sandi is one of our Amazonian traditionals. A tree sap with a wide variety of medicinal uses, it is traditionally preserved with puro (pure sugar cane alcohol). See article below for ethnobotanical uses. Ingredients: Filtered Leche de Sandi, puro (sugar cane alcohol [190+ Proof] made from organically grown sugar cane -- added to preservative freshness and extend shelf-life).

andi's Milk is powerful traditional from the Amazon with the following uses:

Uses & Protocols
The following uses and protocols are well-established among the people's of the Ecuadorean oriente. As is the case with other Amazonian traditionals, please note that these are indigenous uses, few of which have gone through rigorous clinical testing. This ethnobotanical information is provided as a guideline to how others use product. Note that the baseline protocol for this product is 8 ml. (about one and a half teaspoons or a medium spoonful), 3X daily, before each meal (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). This baseline protocol produces the best results for the largest percentage of users. An alternative sub-baseline protocol, recommended as a starting point for most Westerners -- or those living on a Western diet -- is 8 ml., 2X daily (before breakfast and lunch). Important Note: Sandi is consumed raw in the Amazon, with no additives of any kind. Our product is preserved with puro to extend shelf-life. Therefore, on receipt we recommend that end users heat this product gently for 20 minutes to "flash-off" the alcohol (10% by weight) and reinsert back into the bottle. Then, refrigerate when not in use. Over time, any "drying out" of contents can quickly resolved by adding a teaspoon (5 ml.) to a tablespoon (15 ml.) of pure water. Shake and again refrigeate.
Although I have seen natives drink this sap straight, quite unfinchingly, it is far from favorable to the Western pallet. Because of the product's bitterness, it should be blended in juice before consuming and/or chased with juice and/or taken with an equal portion of honey, depending on your taste.

Female Reproductive System Support

Excessive Menstrual Bleeding -- Take baseline protocol for several days or until excessive bleeding subsides. The nexus pharmacologicals from this plant will have positive benefit on subsequent menstrual cycles. For best results, take for 15 consecutive days -- even after the menstrual bleeding has already stopped.
Endometriosis or inflammation of the uterus -- Use baseline protocol. Take for 15 consecutive days for inflammation. Take sub-baseline protocol in the case of endometriosis.
Aiding Conception -- Women in the Amazon use Sandi routinely where conception is desired but not being initiated. Use the baseline protocol beginning approximately 5 days prior to, during, and 3 days following, the ovulation period.
Prevention of Miscarriage -- For pregnant woman at risk of miscarrying: for best results begin taking baseline protocol shortly after conception, and continue until delivery.
Pregnancy Assistance -- The indigenous in the Ecuadorean Amazon and northern Peru speak of Sandi as a all-around support for ensuring a successful pregnancy -- from the first trimester through to birth. This "maintenance" dosage would be less tha sub-baseline: take one tsp., 2X daily for the duration.

Digestive System Support

Liver Cleanse -- Again, baseline protocol -- for four consecutive days. This kind of liver cleanse should not be confused with the common liver cleanse used to clear out the liver and gallbladder, which uses a combination of Epsom salts, olive oil, grapefruit juice, with other optional adjunctives (again, read article).
Liver Inflammation -- For more serious issues, involving an inflammation of the liver, use the baseline protocol above until inflammation subsides.

The contraindications for this product are primarily dietary: during treatment period, do not consume pork, cow's meat, or fish from the ocean. You may consume chicken, but it should be free-range and organic (i.e. has not consumed foods or been exposed to other items that used industrial chemicals in their creation). No soft drinks.

Shelf-Life / Organoleptics
Our Sandi is processed fresh. Once you receive product, keep in a cool, dry place. It has about a nine to ten month shelf-life.
Organoleptics: Sandi's Milk has a strong, almost sour smell -- an distinctive scent somewhere between blue cheese and Limburger cheese . . . crossed with latex paint. However, as is true of many tree sap preparations, the taste is completely divorced from the smell. In tests we conducted among Westerners in Ecuador, users found no objections to the consuming the product if they drank it without concentrating on its smell. This characteristic is muted by the 10% alcohol content (from the "puro") we add to the finished product.

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To U.S. Users: This product have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Bienvenidos a Pastaza
Sourcing From
The Amazon

All the materials used to make our Leche de Sandi are wild-crafted and harvested from deep in the the provinces of Pastaza and Moreno Santiago, near the Peruvian border. There are no cultivated varieties. Click photo to enlarge.

Drawing Sandi
Much like like maple syrup or Sangre de Drago, Leche de Sandi is traditionally drawn by making a diagonal cut nearly the base of the tree and pouring a small amount into a container. Click photo to enlarge.

Sandi's Canopy
Herbalists identify most trees in the jungle by their leaf and stem structures or outer bark characteristics. But Sandi is easily identified by its unique canopy. Adult specimens ascend to 30 meters or more.

Formulary Changes
Upon Request
Our medical practitioners, and some end users, may wish to receive some variation to the main formula.
For example, those who know they will consume this product -- left unrefrigerated -- within 8 weeks (roughly two months), may elect to request Sandi's Milk straight, without the use of "puro" (pure sugar cane alcohol distillate).
Other changes will be considered, upon request.