Dear friends;

Here is a brief report; as requested from a dear friend of mine; enquiring after my health..Feel free to share these photos; (but always and only with my testimony); with your friends; (especially those who are battling with our common foe; cancer); so that they can see the results of taking your cancer and your life out of the hands of the oncologists and placing them into the hands of the Lord..My faith is very strong and although I'm still in the "midst" of the battle; I'm convinced that the WAR is won; through Christ my Saviour and my Healer..I also want to extend my thanks to all of the "prayer warriors" who have "interceded" for me and others out of their love in Christ for their brothers and sisters in the Lord; and even for those yet to know Jesus Christ.
melville gregory..
Melville's Miracle..
As you can see; There is only a nearly imperceptible bump (June 17th;03) where the tumor once was; as is evident here..
june 17th; 2003

Compare this photo (above) with the one (below); which was taken 15 days after starting on the Cansema Tonic..March 27th.
The white substance is "Eschars" which form after applying the Cansema Tonic 1, and holding it in one's mouth for a few minutes..They begin forming almost immediatley and although there is quite a bit of pain (burning sensation) for the first few mminutes; it goes away until the next application..I have only been applying the Cansema Tonic once in the evenings before bed..I have also being doing other important protocols (including fasting and prayer) along with Essiac (Flor Essence) with cayenne "tincture" (ala..Sam Biser) which has also helped..But the Cansema Tonic 1; has been a "God-send" from the first day I used it..
march 27th; 2003

Some notes (below) from June 27th/ that tumor on the right which is now almost HISTORY.
In fact when we take a picture a few days from now; it may not be visible at all and people will think that this is another's "mouth" but I assure you it is not...

From: regehr2001
Sent: Friday, June 27, 2003 6:01 AM
Subject:  Hi, Mel

Haven't heard you report on yourself lately, Mel. How are you doing?

melville writes..
Thanks for asking Leo;
Actually I was just going to "report" the GOOD NEWZ...
Just recently I received an order of the Cansema Topical Salve and I'll record the method that I'm using to apply it; as it is a salve that is meant to be applied topically which is hard to do in the mouth..
As many of you know; I've had this (squamous cell throat and oral cancer) since February of 2002; and I have applied just about all of the "protocols" that we find on the cancercured site and on this one.(DrClark yahoo) They have all contributed to my healing along with the fasting and prayer and the healing power of the Lord Jesus by "faith" in the Word of His power; and the power of those herbs that God has created for our healing..Amen.

I now have in my possession; pictures of the tumors on the floor of my mouth and my gums; in all their evil glory; wherein they appear to be filling my mouth; and now PRAISE THE LORD; they are almost the last set of photos proves..Here is the herbal concoctions that I've been using.

Chaparal; Red Clover blossoms; Taheebo Bark; Inkberry; Galangal Root; BloodRoot; ArrowRoot; Zinc Chloride and Glycerin..(these are the ingredients of the Cansema Salve.)


I have been applying this Topical Salve in this way...

One small "pea" size quantity of Cansema Salve;
1 tspn of Cansema Tonic 1..(the liquid);
1 tspn of Flor Essence w/ P'darco ..this is a mixture of Essiac tea with P'darco tea added..
Small quantity of Cayenne; garlic; ginger root "tincture"...

I mix these all together and hold in my mouth over the floor of my mouth for at least 7 minutes; or one cycle of the Zapper..I apply the hand holds of the Zapper to either side of my throat over the main arteries..I have also been ingesting 2 caps of Cansema capsules per day; (when I remember)..;-)  Over the last several months there has been a steady decrease in the size of the tumors and right now the is just a very small presence of a tumor that is rapidly diminishing due the the use of the Salve over the last week

There can be no doubt my friends that if you follow after the parasite cleanse with either the Cansema Tonic 1; the Topical Salve; or a similar herbal concoction that you will almost certainly defeat this cancer; at least of the type of cancer that I have..
It's taken over a year from the time of diagnosis and "prognosis of DEATH by my oncologist" to a "new life" after doing the herbs and cleansing myself of parasites..I am greatful to all of my friends who have shared their "protocols" and I know that all of them have been helpful..This includes H202; peroxide; Coloidal Silver in Healing Bentonite Clay; and let's not forget the ZAPPER; and other protocols that are too numerous to mention..I also want to thank Dr HuldaClark for her inspiring book "Cure for all Cancer" and I highly recommend it for those who are searching for a cure..

I must confess though; that had I stuck with Dr.Clark's methods alone (which for financial reasons I could not afford); then I would have been in serious trouble..Getting rid of the parasites is of course the most important step that we can take..and I have no doubt about the healing powers of the Zapper in "putting down" those damned demonic parasites; the minions of old Beezlebub; the lord of the maggots and flies..Remind me sometime to send you my thesis on "Worm Theology" which I will finish; presumably before I die of OLD AGE eh?

I am now packing up my camping gear in the Van; and loading a 16 foot canoe with flat stern and 4hp thobbing engine on top o the Van; and heading up north to Alert Bay BC Canada; for my yearly summer migration to communicate with the Orcas (Killer whales) and Humpback Whales; wherein we sing praises to God and expound on the glories of His creation and His soon appearing..Hallelujah.
The Lord has given me another glorious summer..I will get back in touch with you all; upon my return;  providing that the "rapture" doesn't happen in the meantime; in which case I will meet with "some of you" in the clouds..
.Bye the way..Someone has asked me; "Say hello to your friends for us.  How do you say "Hello from the Dr. Clark list" in Orca?" 
It's very simple Vince                                                  "Hiiiyeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhh"......
melville ;-)