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Urgent MMS Update from
Dennis Richard

It has been brought to my attention today that both the Canadian and Australian governments have served cease and desist orders against selling MMS in their respective countries.
I am sending out this information to let everyone know that we may not be able to continue to distribute this product in the near future.  I would expect our Government to follow suit as the new Codex law against selling nutritional supplements will soon be implemented, if I understand the law correctly.
 I spoke to Jim Humble in Mexico today and he is aware of efforts in both countries to stop the sale of MMS.  He is not aware of an effort to do the same in the US at this time but has no doubt that it will happen at=2 0some point.

Below are excerpts from the email informing me of this! 

"I have attached the Health Canada document which I guess you have already seen and another which is our response to his cowardly attack by the gutless criminals - I don't know if this information is relevant in the US but I would think some of it maybe."
Please be advised that the Health Products & Food Branch HPFB) Inspectorate of Health Canada has received a complaint regarding the sale of a drug product known as Miracle Mineral Supplement.  Based on our findings, Miracle Mineral Supplement has not been assigned a Drug Identificaton Number (DIN), as a result, all licensable activities,including the sale of this drug product, must cease immediately.
" A friend of mine here in Australia was approached on the same day, 23/9/2008, by the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) and told to recall his products and stop selling but he has since refused the recall."

If the FDA moves to shut down MMS availability in the United States, we will need your help to inundate our Congressmen and Senators with calls and letters about this unjust and corrupt action to limit our right to health and freedom of choice. 

It is no wonder we have the most expensive health care system in the world and we are rated even below Cuba in our health care.  You would think a light would come on in the minds of some of the politicians running for office and they would say let's send a medical team to Cuba or some of the other 38 Cou ntries around the world rated above us to study why we pay so much and get so little for it.  Instead we elect people that just want to spend billions on research to find cures to ailments that veterinarians have been successfully treating for decades.

See our next newsletter this weekend to better understand just how simple health can be.  Your Health is Your Choice, but only if we the people make the government operate within the boundaries of the state and federal Constitution. Remember, the Bill of Rights" is in reality, a "Bill of Restrictions" on the power and authority of the government.
Dennis Richard

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