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Update for November / December, 2007
Topics: AO Labs' Reopening in Guayaquil, Ecuador
For Sales Outside the U.S.

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To Alpha Omega Customers,

It has been over 3 years since the FDA closed Alpha Omega Labs down, and we continue to get a flood of email from around the world. Because we don't have the manpower to answer all email in depth, we have provided this "general update" to those who write us which answers 90% of the questions we get.
Most mail falls into one of the following categories:
(1) Contact Queries & Our Reopening:
The old numbers in Lake Charles, Louisiana were disconnected several months ago. We will have new U.S. and international numbers within the next two months -- that is, sometime in January, 2007. However, our office will not be in Mexico, as negotiations there did not bear a fruitful outcome. Alpha Omega Labs is being re-established in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Certain key products -- such as Cansema® -- will not be available, however, in the U.S. -- not simply because of FDA / Customs legal issues, but in protest over U.S. FDA agent, John Armand's complicity, in assisting in the theft of our intellectual property, the deliberate assistance of Toby McAdams in producing adulterated / misbranded products, and our uncovering of bribe payments made in connection with the targeting of Alpha Omega Labs.
The new address for Alpha Omega Labs is:
Alpha Omega Labs
Casilla 09-04-99 P
Guayaquil, ECUADOR
(2) Questions about Cansema:
For now, those looking for an effective escharotic preparation should avoid adulterated or misbranded products that have tacit "FDA backing" -- that is, products which are deliberately misbranded or adulterated, in violation of relevant statutues in CFR 21 (the very federal law under which the FDA is supposed to operate).
At this time, we recommend the "Black Salve" sold by
(3) Questions about other specific products / individual cases:
We don't answer any questions about specific products at this time. We have both our own in-house naturopaths and a licensed medical doctor (bilingual), specializing in alternative medicine, who will be assisting querants after Alpha Omega Labs' reopening.
(4) Questions about / Toby McAdams:
The FDA has known about the scam that Toby McAdams has been running since late 2003. They know he makes adulterated versions of Cansema® and that he has bilked numerous people's credit cards. They do nothing and we believe that is the point. If enough adulterated, mislabelled Cansema® gets into circulation, perhaps people will think it never worked or that the cure for cancer WASN'T discovered in 1858 and suppressed ever since afterall.
We cannot answer any questions about Toby's products or company because he has copied our site and is not connected with us in any way other than his former association as a distributor and his pilfering of our intellectual property. We know that people attempt to consult us because Toby does not support his products with customer service (as we did throughout our history), so it seems logical that we would be the next, best place to get consultation, but this is something we simply cannot do.
What follows is a brief history of the FDA closing:

On September 17, 2003, agents of the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, working with U.S. Marshals, and local law enforcement, raided the offices and manufacturing facilities of Alpha Omega Labs, as well as the home of its founder, Greg Caton.
All products, with few exceptions, were destroyed -- over $400,000 worth -- everything from Cansema® Salve to Aloe Vera acemannen. We are unable to ship to ANY location. We do not have any products. There is nothing to ship. Our herbalist and founder, Greg Caton (aka "James Carr") served a 33 month federal sentence for "introducing a new unapproved drug," and in connection with this a mail fraud charge.
Although we had DSHEA disclaimers on each page of our web site, the FDA considered our wording as medical claims. Our disclaimer -- as stated both on our web pages and on our product packaging stated: "To U.S. Users: The statements made on this page have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease." We also had offices in Nassau, Bahamas, however -- we were shipping over 50% of our products from our Louisiana facility. Because the labels listed our Bahamas address rather than our Louisiana facility, Greg Caton, was charged with mail fraud.
Initially the FDA claimed we were selling battery acid to our customers (referring to H3O). This product has a CAS and TOSCA number, and has been EPA approved through its manufacturer. Although the H3O tests out analytically as 9.4% sulfuric acid, it is actually a patented product from California that has been extensively tested for safety and has OSHA's approval. It is no more corrosive than water and is not required to have special labelling when shipped. The testing that is required for OSHA proves that it is non-caustic and non-corrosive. In fact, the FDA contacted the man who made the H3O to find out the best way to dispose of it (as it if were a dangerous HazMat material). They were told without a missed heartbeat to "drink it." Although the FDA didn't find it amusing, the man was right. It had been tested at Texas A&M Prairie View snf found to be non-corrosive to man, plant and animal, because the sulphuric acid is made to be non-corrosive.
In the 10 years we've been in business, we have had thousands of satisfied customers. Not one complaint in 10+ years, and then we received two complaints -- both of which our insurance company judged to be vexatious litigation. The first complaint was from a woman in Texas -- Sharon Lee -- who claimed her surgeon (Charles Smith, O.D.) used H3O internally during surgery and it allegedly "fused her organs together." We had expert witnesses testify under oath that this was not possible. All expert witnesses agreed that her fused organs were most likely from multiple surgeries prior to her latest surgery. One expert witness said, "I feel the post-operative small bowel obstruction was the result of pelvic surgery, not the use of the H3O solution." Charles Smith actually used the H3O during surgery to help the healing process and after an investigation by the Texas Medical Review Board, a decision was made that the investigation be CLOSED with no action recommended because the evidence did not indicate a violation of the Texas Medical Practices Act. Unfortunately, our insurance company felt it would be more cost effective to settle, instead of proving our innocense in court in the aftermath of Greg's arrest.
The total take from the insurance company?

Sue Gillatt The second complain came from a woman in Indiana, Ms. Sue Gilliatt. She claimed that Cansema® Salve burned the skin off her nose. She then stated that it was the H3O that was the cause of the damage. She did, in fact, order H3O, but tried to return it 18 months later, stating that she never used it. In her own sworn testimony, she claimed that she never even opened the H3O bottle. She then claimed that it was Bloodroot Paste from Appalachian Herbal Remedies that was the cause of her nose falling off. After several sworn and signed affidavits from Ms. Gilliatt this is what we know:
  1. She applied Cansema, she then applied Bloodroot Paste from a different company altogether.
  2. She didn't have problems until after the application of the Bloodroot Paste.
  3. She never opened H3O, although she claims H3O was the cause of the damage to her nose.
  4. The picture her attorneys used to convince FDA officials that Cansema® had removed her nose was taken AFTER her surgerical intervention. In other words, she deliberately had her nose altered and then blamed the result on Cansema.
  5. She signed a sworn affidavit that didn't mention H3O, Cansema, Greg Caton, or Alpha Omega Labs just three days after Greg Caton's pleading (on May 29, 2004).
  6. She testified in July, 2004 at a deposition that before she applied any of the herbal treatments, she was diagnosed with cancer. She reported at her deposition that she is now cancer free, having used Cansema® and the Appalachian product.
The sad fact is although we had hard evidence that Cansema® did not damage this woman, the FDA ignored our materials. Once again the insurance company felt more comfortable with settling than with going to court simply because of the negative appearance of Greg's arrest. Everything I have said above is on the record and documented with the courts.
My last update is regarding Mr.Toby McAdam (aka RisingSun Health aka McAdam Enterprises). We have had hundreds of complaints starting from 2003 about McAdam. He claims to have Cansema® products, but does not produce the same product. We have complaints that he has charged customers credit cards and then never shipped products. We also have complaints that he has charged customer credit cards and after waiting sometimes several months, they get something that isn't Alpha Omega product at all -- and, in fact, doesn't work. They believe they are getting Alpha's products because McAdam has pilfered our entire copy off our web site. He uses our testimonials, our pictures, Greg Caton's words, etc. Nothing is his own. Read: Fake Cansema. And please file any complaints you have to If you used PayPal to purchase your products from Risingsun, you can also contact and (as a last resort, but don't expect much) ...
We continue to pray that the suppression of natural effective herbal treatments will be unmasked and that people will one day have the right to choose their own fate.
As to companies that are still open who have good alternative products, you may consider:
  • -- they make and sell an effective, Cansema-like escharotic for just $25. Plus they support the product and provide a full moneyback guarantee.
  • "Protocel" -- or (888) 669-3263
  • "Gotas / Green Sap Drops" --
  • -- They supplied us with our deworming product and we highly recommend it.
  • Aloe Vera extracts -- Go to Al Low & Associates, (830) 935-4292, and ask for Scott or Linda Siegel. They're good people and they know the science well. Keep in mind that they're manufacturers and wholesalers, selling in bulk only.
If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to email me. We are also accepting testimonials for future publication. If you've used one of our products and would like to give us feedback about your experience, please write to us at

Jayde Williams
AO Customer Service Representative (2001-2007)