Commentary on Use of AO Labs
Methods with Conventional Therapies

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We are frequently asked by prospective customers if they can take our products along with conventional therapies, particularly chemo and radiation therapies.
Although we have had customers who have succeeded by taking both our naturopathic and conventional approaches concurrently with relative success, this is not something we recommend. The advisement runs deeper than the dismal results that these therapies, particularly chemo, achieves. (Chemo thrives because of the pressure applied by oncologists, who refuse to inform their patients that chemotherapy has a 97% failure rate. See also Dr. Peter Glidden's excellent explanation on YouTube.)

The approaches are fundamentally at odds both philosophically and therapeutically.
As true naturopaths, we produce products and approaches to cancer that make fundamental demands of the patient's immune system. A strong immune system will bring about better results using our recommendations, and -- conversely -- a weak immune system will make our job harder.
Conventional therapies are, by their very nature, immunosuppressive, if not highly destructive. We have written a number of essays on this site that make the argument that this poor performance is by design. Moreover, elemental components of modern business make it nearly impossible to break free of a system of leans towards profiting off the patient and destroying their health in the process.
Most conventional therapies aren't the products of medical science perfected. They are the illustrious manifestations of applied psychopathy -- a conclusion I was only able to reach after studying the suppression, often violent, of alternative therapies that were far more efficacious, inexpensive, and less prone to side effects than the products and practices of modern medical mythology.

None of this addresses the near impossible confrontation and challenges that confront cancer patients and their beloved family members when they attempt to sidestep the orthodox system. I could retire if I had a dollar for every customer over the past 24 years who has told me that their doctor informed them that they had two (or three or six) months to live if they did not faithfully follow the conventional therapy they were instructed to take.
It takes courage to inform doctors that YOU -- and not THEY -- are the paying customer and you have a right to make informed choices, based on the best information available.
But courage you must have . . . and an intractable thirst to follow an effective course of action that is based on results -- not official sanction.
In the end, the therapeutic choices you make must be yours alone. We only ask that those choices be informed.

Greg Caton
Alpha Omega Labs
Guayaquil, Ecuador
March 3, 2014
Updated: Sept. 2, 2021