Andrographis paniculata
Warning: Although Andrographis paniculata is known to have very low toxicity, it should, like sanguinaria (bloodroot), be avoided by women who are pregnant or who wish to become pregnant. It exhibits antifertility effects.

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In-Depth Review of Andrographis

Andrographis paniculata -- Code 850 -- Price: $29.95 -- 30 Capsules
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Andrographis flower Andrographis paniculata is an ancient medicinal herb with an extensive ethnobotanical history in Asia. This web page will direct you to links showing conclusive studies in its use against cancer, AIDS, and a variety of bacterial and virally induced diseases. Our interest at Alpha Omega Labs stems from what we believe to be its synergistic effect in working with some of the North American herbs in Cansema Capsules (and Tonic), which users use to treat internal cancer. It should be pointed out that our belief in this regard is anecdotal, the result of working with users of Cansema, and not on any peer reviewed double-blind studies.
A brief history: Andrographis paniculata has a long history of reported successful use in various Asian cultures - (see Traditional Andrographis Use Table). It is found through Chinese medicinal literature, modern and ancient; it is prominently listed in the Indian Pharmacopoeia. A member of the Acanthaceae plant family, it is also widely used in Scandinavian countries to treat and even prevent common colds.

Andrographis Chemical Components & Their Effects: We know that Andrographis contains compounds that are analgesic (kills pain), antithrombotic (prevents blood clots), thrombolytic (breaks up blood clots), hypoglycemic (reduces blood sugar), and antipyretic (reduces fever). So, most of Andrographis' traditional uses have a scientific basis. Its most significant physiological effect is that of a "signal transducer," that is, it stops the unregulated cell growth caused by viruses (which may be why HIV sufferers are reported to show improvement with its regular use). Its most active component is andrographolide (see empirical formula at left), a colorless, bitter crystalline compound. Termed a "diterpene lactone" to describe its ringlike structure, this substance accumulates primarily in the brain, spleen, heart, and lungs. It is absorbed and excreted from the body quickly: 80% is removed within eight hours; 90%, within forty-eight hours.
Effects on Cancer: Andrographis is a potent stimulator of immune response through two mechanisms: (1) antigen-specific response, that is, where antibodies are made to counteract an invading microorganism, and (2) nonspecific immune response, where the body's macrophage cells scavenge and destroy intruders. These mechanisms make Andrographis effective against a variety of infectious and cancer-causing agents. So extensive are the studies on the medicinal benefits of Andrographis that we have a separate In-Depth Review page to cover its well-established characteristics.

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