Availability Statement For This Product:
You Are Inquiring About One of Our "Historicals"
January, 2014 -- The product about which you are inquiring is not currently manufactured or sold by Alpha Omega Labs. You may have seen it on one of our Altcancer archive sites (altcancer.com / altcancer.net), which is a repository of all our work since 1990. We carried this item prior to the FDA raid that destroyed our original U.S. operation in September, 2003 -- four years before our move to Ecuador in 2007 -- (an event we summarize in the September, 2008 issue of the Ashwin, and which is covered in greater depth in Chapter 3 of Meditopia). The "informational product page" which referred you here is still maintained for historic and educational purposes. (Note, however, that if you are reseller or distributor, you can still email us for information about private label opportunities on some items.)
Since we are working to add as many of our original products back online as possible, if you have any questions about future plans to add this product back in, just email us.
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