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When Only Tyranny Prevails:
Reflections on My Illegal Kidnapping; Two Additional Years
in Prison & The Ascension of Opportunistic Counterfeiters

Greg Caton -- Meditopia author It has been nearly two and a half years since I posted an "Ashwin" -- our periodic update on current events at Alpha Omega Labs . . . begun in 2001 but interrupted frequently, due to my run-ins with the U.S. FDA over the past nine years. (Inmates have no access to internet service in U.S. federal prison, apart from a pathetically neutered email service, called "Corrlinks".)
Since the destruction of our lab in the U.S. by the FDA in 2003, a host of books have flooded the market concerning the corruption of the orthodox medical community. When Cathryn and I first began working in this business in 1990, people still talked about reforming modern medicine. Today, the orthodox community has morphed into a crime syndicate of such breathtaking magnitude that the concept of "reform" is increasing being treated as naive. It isn't so much that orthodoxy has been so blatant in abandoning even the faintest whiff of moral or ethical authority in their quest for greater profits -- but rather, that they take such enormous delight in displaying their contempt for even a modicum of common decency.
A testament to this "over the top" state of orthodox medicine are the documented facts concerning my kidnapping and extraordinary rendition on December 2, 2009. Top officials here in Ecuador have acknowledged that a substantial number of laws were broken during this escapade, all of which I now document in Chapter 3, Section 3 of Meditopia®.
Just as nauseating as the behavior of governmental jackbooted thugs in their quest to please their true masters in the pharmaceutical industry, has been the audacious acts of counterfeiters of our products.
I can think of none that have been more callous than the activities of Bevan Potter and Elaine Hollingsworth in Australia. Allow me to explain:

In October, 2008, I wrote about a clearly devious ploy that Elaine orchestrated in a scandalous attempt to get the public to believe that Bevan Potter was making "the real Cansema®" -- and that Cathryn and I were endorsing it! (Whatever financial benefits were received in turn for promoting this deception, we can only imagine.)
Never mind that Cansema® is our U.S. registered trademark, and we have used this tradename continually since the early 90's -- interrupted only by five years between my unjust imprisonment and the re-establishment of our lab in Ecuador.
Never mind that Bevan Potter got into the business only AFTER he provided us with a glowing testimonial concerning the effectiveness of our product. He amplified the problem by ignoring Cathryn, my wife and this company's co-founder, by repeatedly ignoring civil requests to stop calling his product Cansema®, and desist from falsely telling the public that I personally gave him "the formula" -- which has been steadily improved over the past 20 years -- while I was in prison.
Never mind that with the online maintenance of Meditopia®, we provide the most complete history of escharotic preparations available anywhere. That much of our work is uncompensated, or "pro bono," so as to educate the general public.
Never mind that we are the only ones -- to my knowledge -- to provide, free to the public, a video demonstration of how one can actually make a basic escharotic preparation in their own home.
Never mind that documented cases of botched results from dealers such as Jennifer Wilson and Bevan Potter were so great -- with many clients not being able to get effective customer support -- that for years we maintained a Compensation for Fake Product program so that the entire field of escharotic preparations would not be tarnished as a result. (We only discontinued the program when it became clear that not even WE could financially support the compensation of all the deceived parties.)

As in the case of the FDA, there is no moral or ethical line that cannot be crossed with these people. Elaine, in particular, understands the truth about the corruption of the unholy alliance between government and Big Pharma and does a good job of articulating this position in her work. And what's why her latest ploy is so aggravating. Simply put -- she knows better.
This week (beginning March 25th) we began to get reports that Elaine Hollingsworth was responding to attempts by Australia's FDA twin sister, TGA (Therapeutic Goods Authority), to make "black salves" unavailable to consumers. We would have to applaud such an effort because making people more aware of the tyranny behind modern medicine is the very reason we put out Meditopia® in the first place.
But she doesn't stop there.
In a massive email campaign sent all over Australia, she goes on to tell consumers that they shouldn't deal with Alpha Omega Labs -- "because I don't trust them." No further basis for her condemnation is provided. Why? Because she undoubtedly remains miffed that we caught her deceiving the public with her "Cansema video" in the first place, and the temptation to slander us for having caught her with her hand in cookie jar was just too irresistible.
And the problem doesn't end there.
It isn't enough that we caught her red-handed misinforming the public at the conclusion of her previous scandal. Now we have to spend time addressing scores of letters we have received from frightened consumers who do not appear to know that when they call us they are addressing the very people who pioneered the industry in the first place -- the very people whose highly efficacious formulas form the coattail that Elaine Hollingsworth, Bevan Potter, Jennifer Wilson, and others, have been riding for years . . . all the while biting the hand that feeds them.
This kind of backbiting saddens me greatly.
On what authority do those of us in the alternative community operate if we don't behave any better than those in Big Pharma? How are we any different from these horrifically evil governmental bodies if we can't replace the effort to "make more money" with a real commitment to safety, efficacy, and low cost? When you deliberately bad-mouth products that you know are effective just because you want to re-direct someone to your store or shop, how is that any different from the kind of "Big Pharma" behavior those of us in the alternative community have been excoriating for years? We lament the official suppression of the work of pioneers like R.R. Rife, Harry Hoxsey, William F. Koch, Nikola Tesla, and others -- so how is the underhanded work of Elaine Hollingsworth any different?
If medicine -- either as taught in the orthodox, alternative, or integrative communities -- never has an opportunity to ascend to something greater than money-making, on what basis do we hold hope that the current condition can improve?
Alternative medicine, if it ever hopes to remain viable at the table of modern health care, must address something more than what it does. It must address what it is. And what it is must stand in stark contrast to the cesspool that is part and parcel of the current system -- one where only tyranny prevails.

Greg Caton --- Founder
Alpha Omega Labs
Guayaquil, Ecuador

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