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To Our Readers in the U.S. -- The products mentioned on this page, and the information presented herein, have not been examined or evaluated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. Therefore, these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

New Products
This Month

Sangre de Drago

This month we introduce Sangre de Drago -- a remarkable wound healer used through the Ecuadorean Amazon. Knowledgeable physicians here who specialize in alternative practices (i.e. my polite way of saying physicians who care if their patient gets healed) make use of it in their practices. Early success in using the product as an aid in the healing of Cansema® - induced eschars without incident of scar tissue is an added benefit that both practitioners and end-users will find useful -- since Quikheal assists in the quick healing of wounds, but does not always prevent scarring.

Heart Drops with Sangre de Drago

Not long as be began working with different varieties of Sangre de Drago, we began testing the product with a naturopathic practitioner in Guayaquil.
One of the many internal uses for which indigenous people in the Amazon use Croton lechleri is for improvement of heart and circulation.
Although different versions of Strauss Heart Drops and competing products (including our own AO Heart Drops) have been on the market in the Northern Hemisphere for years, the primary components -- indeed, the two herbal components which provide the greatest contribution to the product's overall effect, is cayenne extract and garlic oil.
It only made sense to combine these herbal components of common and long-standing reputation of efficacy into a single formula. After all, we already knew enough about their distinct mechanisms of action to know that there would be no contraindications and the end result would additive, if not synergistic. Out of this effort came AO Heart Drops with Sangre de Drago
To date, our sampling of those who have used the product is very favorable and we expect to be able to post testimonials on its usage very soon . . . all of which will post from the product page.

AO Chlorite

We are admirers of the work of Jim Humble -- like so many thousands of end users of MMS, who have discovered just how effective and broad in application this simple, inexpensive solution can be.
We were surprised to hear from knowledge sources that the "powers that be" are quickly moving to make this product illegal. For this reason, we encourage end users to buy Jim's book and learn how to make your own -- and if this exercise in circumvention of the unspeakably corrupt, orthodox "powers that be" proves too arduous . . . well . . . you now have yet another supplier of this marvelous product. Just $12.95 for 4.73 oz. of the product in a drop dispenser bottle. See product page.

Shortly after the re-introduction of our Lugol's, we began getting comparison shoppers who wanted to know why we didn't offer a more concentrated formula.
The original formula, created by French physician, J.G.A. Lugol, was nearly 15% iodine; however, this is quite strong for practitioner or even general laboratory use, so we decided in 2002 to use a weaker formula which is widely considered safer. (For example, see Lugol's Iodine from WebPath -- the very same as our 3% formula.)
In response to the request for a stronger formula, this week we provide a 7% Lugol's Iodine solution -- which is less than half the strength of original Lugol's, but more than twice our original formula. Users in the U.S. will not be happy to hear that a new DEA regulation connecting iodine with methamphetamine drug production is making iodine over 2.2% in strength illegal inside the U.S. (We are in contact with legal counsel to investigate whether this covers product sales outside the U.S. that are shipped into that country. In frustration with the situation there, one customer sent us a tongue-in-cheek email, in disgust, "It can only be a matter of weeks or months now before they ban oxygen -- -- after all, you need that to make methamphetamine, too.")
We deeply regret having to institute this policy in order to stay in compliance with current U.S. regulations.
Lastly -- on the subject of iodine -- we are re-introducing Potassium Iodide (16%) Hoxsey Solution for those who want an iodine supplement without the iodine crystal.

AO Oleander Graviola Blend

Soon after the re-introduction and reformulation of Cansema Tonic III, we had calls from some practitioners and end users requesting a non-escharotic tonic, similar to the original Tonic III produced before the destruction of AO Labs in the States by the FDA.
Cost is also an issue now because of tough economic times.
Much less costly to produce -- and quite effective and clinically proven for a broad range of cancers is the synergistic action of oleander and graviola, which go into making our AO Oleander Graviola Blend.
As we state on our the product page for this product, you can always learn to make your own oleander extract by reading Tony Isaac's book -- and there are numerous self-help guides on the value of oleander by entering "oleander cancer" as a Google search.
For those who want to simplify things with a laboratory version that has the added strength of graviola extract. We produce Ao Oleander Graviola Blend for $9.95.
It's a 60 day supply.

And Just When I Thought It Was Safe . . .

Greg Caton -- Meditopia author
For nearly thirty years I have worked in the alternative health and nutrition business -- selling nutritional supplements in the 1970's; founding Richland Foods, which sold meat analogs (1981) and later Consumer Express (1984), an MLM company which was to go through several incarnations after I left in 1987 (i.e. Nutrition Express, Nutrition for Life International -- and now, if I believe what I read on the internet, Vitamark); starting Lumen Foods ( in 1986 . . . [bio]
So . . . I've been around the block a time or two.
MLM Fraud I even wrote a book in 1991 concerning fraud and deceit in the MLM industry -- which contained hundreds of provable references and the results of a lie detector test I book as part of the book's publication.
Despite a victorious ruling in Louisiana, wherein the presiding judge declared from the bench, "It's not the duty of the court to put a bandaid on anyone's mouth" -- the hail of lawsuits which the book's publication elicited, primarily from former business associates, motivated a Texas judge to ban the book completely in 1996 . . . (Are you listening yet? . . . those of you who still believe that the court system in the U.S. still respects the First Amendment?)
In 1990 I founded what was to become the forerunner of Alpha Omega Labs -- a direct sales company named Lifeline Sciences, Inc. Though that company was short-lived -- Cathryn and I came back and created Alpha Omega Labs in 1993 and, as early adaptors who saw the potential of the internet, put AO online in the fall of 1995 under the domain, -- still used to this day.

The reason I even mention these historic tidbits isn't because there is anything particularly impressive about my resume -- quite the contrary . . .
I mention them because they say something about deeper truths that bubble up with occasion and threaten the coziness of our common narrative. Just last month, I leaked -- for the first time publicly -- a few of the elements of my criminal case in the U.S. and now, despite my revulsion at having to revisit this issue, I find myself compelled to add yet another chapter to the ongoing saga that is Cansema. . . its government-assisted theft, the self-serving elements that work to corrupt its legacy, and the deep involvement of those who claim to be acting on what is best for the alternative health care industry.

In mid-August of this year, I received an unsolicited email from Australian author, Elaine Hollingsworth. Though I had never heard of her work before, she sounded genuine. She has a website called [ 1 ] and appears to be motivated by the fact that Big Pharma's latest solution to skin cancer, Aldara®, reportedly ruined her health.
I felt at the time -- and still do -- that her story is authentic, and that her message is important and timely. Though not as well known as Lynne McTaggart -- all of whose books I have read, her position is similar concerning the overwhelming corruption that is modern medicine. On this basis alone I had no problem agreeing to her request to provide video input -- to be used as cameos -- for her latest project, a documentary film ( . . . actually, it's not a documentary, but we'll get to that) about Cansema and the many people in Australia that it has cured of cancer.
After we had submitted video material, Cathryn and I made a request to see the script, or a transcript, or anything else that would indicate how our material would be used . . . after all, we couldn't possible sign a Release unless we knew these things in advance. It can, of course, be argued that I should have done this to begin with, but with my frequent trips to the Amazon jungle and Andean mountains, I failed to perform the due diligence that would otherwise be advised in this circumstance -- so in this respect, I can blame no one but myself.
Things began to unravel when, on carefully reading objectionable clauses in her Release, I began to look more carefully at her connection to --- which, in the very same manner as and has freely copied our copyrighted materials and even used the name Cansema -- our registered trademark -- for years.
We had demurred adding to our list of counterfeit product, not because it wasn't using our materials without our permission, but because we have not received evidence about their ingredients being adulterated or the products mislabelled, as we have in the case of and others. In fact, it may well be that "centreforce" is making something quite close to Cansema®, since we have, for many years now, told the public of its content and history.
A week after we sent a polite letter requesting the return of our video property, we received word that she was too busy to respond, followed by a letter stating that our materials had probably been trashed, on the premise that our video material wasn't up to par (which is undoubtedly true, since we have no talent in this area).
However, the real crux of this true story is of much greater importance: that even those, who, on the surface, appear to represent the best interests of the alternative health care field, have lost their moral compass. The idea of using video of people who have used Cansema® from Alpha Omega Labs and claiming or inferring that this product came from another supplier doesn't appear to pose a problem. This letter is an informal, public announcement of our complete disavowal of anything that Elaine Hollingsworth or Troy Jones may be producing concerning myself, Cansema®, or Alpha Omega Labs.
Unfortunately we live in a time where the presence of money makes the end justify the means . . . which leads us to yet another Camsema® outrage . . .

AltCancer Cream Just prior to returning to prison on bogus FDA charges (a issue discussed in the Footnotes of last month's Ashwin), we were approached by two civil contractors, Burt & Timothy Hampton of Magnolia, Arkansas -- which was roughly a six hour drive from my office in Lake Charles.
The Hamptons had heard of my legal problems, and at the time -- not knowing if I was even going to make it through the DOJ meat grinder dead or alive -- I was concerned with the preservation of the knowledge I had accumulated. I discussed how escharotics are made and explained the history of its suppression to the Hamptons. We made an agreement that involved my sharing of information in exchange for shared profits from whatever products resulted. The agreement, however, was that they do not sell product inside the U.S., nor use the name "Cansema" -- as this would be a gross violation of my probation agreement.
The Hamptons reneged on all counts and we never saw a penny.
But that is a small, trivial thing compared to continued use of our copyrighted materials and trademark, and -- to this day -- we have to deal with customers who call us, complaining about this fraud. They thought they were purchasing Cansema® from its original producer -- in fact, the Hamptons' byline for their company is "The Original Cancer Cream" company.
It isn't the original.
And it isn't Cansema®
It's just fraud -- just as much as Elaine Hollingsworth's plan to copy Toby McAdam's modus operandi and use testimonials from our customers and represent that they were the result of a competitor's product.
Customers must be proactive in sharing the outrage of these tactics -- much of it, as previously reported and documented, the result of support by the FDA to have substandard product distributed.
For the record, we don't discourage competition. It's a healthy thing. We only ask that people not copy our company name, our personal names, our web pages, our artwork, our products' trademarks and pretend that they are us or that their products come from us when they clearly don't . . . we ask that people not pilfer testimonials and testimonial photographs -- which is correspondence we make available to the public (with permission), and then defraud the public by using them to sell products that have nothing to do with us . . . . these are not unreasonable requests. In a less corrupt time in Western culture, governments existed to enforce intellectual property laws -- now they will assist in the theft if there's money in the kitty.
Proactivism on the part of end users is the only hope that this kind of deceit will ever be curbed. Our Compensation for Fake Product program will help . . . but it is only a start.

Amazing New Testimonials

I have sympathy with classical composers who preferred to end their cantatas in a Major key -- where the rest of the composition was in a Minor . . . With this thought in mind, I will end this Ashwin with news of some very positive additions to Cansema's extensive list of testimonials includes two new cases from alternative practitioner, Carlos Tobar, M.D., who was introduced on this site in last month's Ashwin.
One involves an advanced breast cancer case and the other a SCC of the vocal cards and larnygeal cartilage.
The particulars are in easy-to-read DOC format.

Greg Caton --- Founder
Alpha Omega Labs
Guayaquil, Ecuador


  1. I have taken the liberty to copy the front page of Elaine's site for demonstration purposes -- only because my point is eviscerated if the site is changed. Click here to view her opening web page as it appears now.
    As an aside, Elaine promotes herself as a Hollywood Movie Star, so she is not unknown outside Australia. Her bio appears under her acting name, Sara Shane, at both Wikipedia and IMDB.
    I was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley (Los Angeles) and have several close friends who work on the creative side of the entertainment industry.
    Most people who work in that industry are very sensitive about intellectual property issues . . . thus adding to the paradox of the current situation.

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