A Cansema® Introduction
& Brief History of Escharotics

"During the past 20 years, the cancer death rate has increased by almost 9 percent. The death rates (for 6 major areas of cancer growth) has stayed the same or increased during the past 55 years. Furthermore, most victims of these cancers sooner or later die of their disease. Such indisputable facts attest to the failure of current early detection programs and the drug / radiation / surgery therapies for most cancer(s) . . .
"(Truth is) our dollars have been directed towards methods which make money for health professionals, but provide little help for the victims..."

John A. McDougal, M.D. - The McDougall Plan (1985)

ansema® is a topical ointment that, when applied to cancerous lesions of the dermis and epidermis, necroses the aberrant tissue (i.e. kills the cancer cells), creates an "eschar" (what would appear to the layman as a pus formation) -- after which the body itself expels the "scab," leaving a pit ("decavitated area"). Over a period of several weeks this "decavitated area" heals over, usually leaving a slightly depigmented area where the lesion was removed. This depigmented area will, in the majority of cases, heal over within a period of several months or years, such that it is often difficult to tell that a cancer was removed from the site.
Applying Camsema... Cansema® is a miraculous product with a miraculous history.
It is the latest and most advanced in a category of cancer-killing ointments historically known as "escharotics" (Gk. "escharotikos"). Most of those which have been discovered, manufactured, utilized and/or patented in the U.S. over the last 100 years have been composed of the caustic compound, zinc chloride, plus one or more medicinal herbs, of which most have anti-microbial properties. These have included parts from bloodroot, bittersweet, ginger root, galanga, and even capsicum (red pepper). Other non-active additives have included kerosene oil, glycerine, lard, metallic cobalt, and, of course, water. Most of these additives serve to act only as "wetting agents," or humectants, so that the product doesn't dry out.
The U.S. patent office lists not less than four patents using zinc chloride as their caustic base which claim to have had at least some success in removing skin cancer and related growths. Moreover, there are thousands upon thousands of documented "cures" using escharotics, not only with Cansema®, but as far back as the 1920's through the 1950's with the famous Harry Hoxsey escharotic formula. (And the legacy of that formula still lives today at the Hoxsey clinic in Mexico. See the motion picture, Hoxsey: How Healing Becomes A Crime.)
Cansema's supremacy in a field of proven, effective cancerolytic ("cancer killing") ointments rests on its ability to work in one to three applications, work quickly, and work with no known side effects -- other than some pain in certain cases within the first 4 days, in which case an analgesic, such as ibuprofen, should be administered. (See Range of Physiological Response.)
Although the etymological root to "escharotic" means "burning," and the word is, in fact, commonly used in orthodox medicine to characterize the effects of a skin burn caused by acids, alkaloids, metallic salts, phenol or carbolic acid, carbon dioxide, or electric cautery -- this interpretation is deceptive. Although Cansema® does contain some zinc chloride, an alkaloid which will cause serious burns if applied in high concentrations, it is in quantities too small to cause such damage in Cansema®. In fact, Cansema® is very selective in its action, it is escharotic to cancerous tissue and only mildly irritating (i.e. "rubefacient," causing redness) to healthy skin. For this reason, many customers have used Cansema® to determine if a lesion is cancerous by simply applying it, although we do not recommend it for this purpose.
In summary, Cansema® is the latest, most widely used topically applied skin cancer ointment: it is the most advanced salve of its kind, belonging to a class of compounds known as "escharotics." Thousands of individuals and physicians from around the world have used the product, with no results only in cases where the cancer was misdiagnosed (i.e. there was really no cancer to begin with). Empirical case studies to date show that it has successfully removed (cured) every malignant carcinoma, adenocarcinoma (i.e. breast cancer), and even melanoma, to which it has been applied. In the case of larger tumors, the application of Cansema® can produce some pain, even though the end results are successful. Therefore, it is important to have aspirin, NSAID's (like ibuprofen), or some other pain killer readily available, prior to treatment.

Update for 2009

When this Alpha Omega Labs site was first posted on the internet in the fall of 1995, one of the first pages posted was this one. The material at left was (and is) our most basic explanation at what Cansema® is, what it does, how and why the entire class of medicants to which it belongs have been successfully suppressed for well over 150 years, etc.
After the FDA's complete destruction of our U.S. laboratory in 2003, my false 30 month imprisonment, the breathtaking collage of false information about Alpha Omega Labs and its products which spewed forth from the FDA and DOJ, followed by the FDA's support for the theft of its intellectual property and their deliberate enabling of counterfeit Cansema® operations, it became apparent that a more thorough response was needed to address this U.S. government agency crime wave. (Those who would even BEGIN to think that any of the foregoing is an exaggeration or an embellishment need only read Chapter 3 --- which, complete as it is, doesn't even cover the FDA's illegal attempt to have me kidnapped in November, 2008 or the cover-up that followed, wherein they backdated an arrest warrant and had me posted on Interpol as an international fugitive for being . . . their exact words . . . "a cancer fraud."
Out of that need came Meditopia® -- which is, even at this writing, incomplete -- but quite thorough in its presentation of escharotics, in general -- and Cansema®, in particular. In fact, we believe it to be the most complete presentation on the subject to be found anywhere. (In fact, we defy anyone, in the academic community or elsewhere, to provide a more thorough introduction).
Chapters 1, 2, and 4 of Meditopia® provide the deprogramming and deconstruction tools necessary to understand Cansema®. A delineation of each is provided below:

Chapter 1 - A Tear in the Matrix -- Covers my initial exposure to escharotics. My shock at discovering that the smoking gun -- the proof that an effective cancer cure had been in existence since at least the mid-1800's -- could be found in nothing less than the U.S. Patent office . . . and how this led me to believe that Modern Medicine was endemically and incorrigibly corrupt. Links to U.S. Patents filed over the past 140 years -- all closely related -- and all having provable cancer-fighting properties -- and all a fraction of the cost of modern cancer-fighting therapeutic approaches.

Chapter 2 - Escharotics: 500 Years of Suppression -- Provides the proof that highly effective cancer remedies have existed well into antiquity. A formulary predecessor of Cansema® can be traced to the work of Paracelsus -- one of the most brilliant minds and greatest physicians of the past millenium, assassinated in 1542 because of his effect on the lucrative medical practices of his colleagues, their skills primitive and grossly imcompetent in comparison to his . . . Covers -- blow by blow -- how another predecessor of Cansema® was announced to the world as an effective cancer treatment from London in 1858 . . . and how it was vigorously suppressed shortly thereafter after medical authorities had time to realize what the actual impact would be on the profitability of their profession.

Chapter 4 - Embarrassment of Riches -- (How I Learned that Suppression is the Medical Profession's Most Enduring Legacy: A Quick Review of the Astonishing Number of Effective Cancer Cures; the Conflict This Poses to Our Common Narrative; and How it Contributes to Understanding the Defects in our Cultural Operating System.)

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