April, 2021 Update: The "Black Salve" book is still available in the Greg Caton site store. It is a "how to" book covering the use of escharotics, in general, and Cansema (i.e. Black Salve), in particular. It also contains a comprehensive history of escharotics. Click here to read the Introduction and Chapter One. Any questions about the book itself can be addressed to the author at
Recently, a significant upgrade was made to Cansema pain management page. It now contains additional information on Kratom, in addition to the information we had already provided on Amazonian ant tinctures. We are currently adding additional pages about superior grades of cannabis oil. Look for yet another upgrade in May.
Prior Notices: All variations of Cansema® are now available from our online stores. Please note that our salves are sold as "Amazon Black Topical Salve" in the U.S. and Canada through
Practitioners: "Clinical size" jars are now available for all variations for just $59.95 before applicable discounts. At 102 g. (3.6 oz.), the new size nearly five times the content of a our traditional 22 g. jar. (The photo below gives an idea as to proximate difference in size).
As reported in the April, 2009 issue of the Ashwin, read our rebuttal to Quackwatch's preposterous attack on escharotic preparations.
In the last few years, the attacks against escharotics by vested interests have become more vociferous and the claims more outrageous and disconnected from reality. In response, please read our article, "Official" Medical Science in Retreat (Jan., 2020).

If you want to know the REAL history of Cansema® -- plus get valuable formulary information, read Meditopia® at

Cansema® Introduction / Product Variations:

Cansema® Introduction & History
Cansema® FAQ Section
ORDER NOW Cansema® Deep Tissue (For Subdermal Growths)
Cansema® for Cats, Dogs & Horses (Vet Version)
Cansema® With Iodine (Higher Antimicrobial Formula)
Cansema® With Nuwais (For Oral Cancers)
Cansema® With Aloe (Lower Price - Reduced Strength)
Cansema® Tonic III (Internal Variation)
AO Herbal Dentifrice
Bloodroot Paste (a lower intensity escharotic)
Suppository Version (currently historical, part of the AO Suppository project)

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Cansema® Black Topical Salve (Original)
Code 800 -- Price: $24.95 -- Net Wt.: 0.77 Oz. (22 g.)


Amount sufficient to take care of 5 to 10 cancerous lesions in the 2 cm. diameter range
Click to see enlargement of Cansema
This site contains background information, user instructions, and technical support material on the skin cancer treatment system, Cansema. If instructions are followed, Alpha Omega guarantees 100% success in the removal of dermal or epidermal malignant lesions, including basal cell, squamous cell epitheliomas and even melanomas -- regardless of type or size... or the treatment is free and payment is refunded. (See Warranty).
Note: Our end users in the U.S. must be guarded in not accepting any therapeutic or curative statements about this product, since no escharotic formula has ever been approved by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, despite over 150 years of successful use by various parties and communities within that country. We have a separate page that provides the reasons for this sad development.)
Cansema Although designed for self-administration, Cansema is not a replacement for timely, competent medical advice and attention. Alpha Omega highly recommends that prior to usage, the user obtain a biopsy or other diagnosis of the suspected cancer site. On the basis of reliable diagnosis and in conjunction with medical consultation, the user may then make the decision as to whether or not to use the Cansema system. Cansema, because of its ability to discriminate between healthy and cancerous tissue, is often used simultaneously as both a diagnostic tool and a skin cancer remedy, but we do not recommend this use, simply because skin cancer is sometimes a by-product of other pathological condition(s) that should be attended to by a competent physician.
Information and order instructions on Cansema are broken down as follows:

Cancar killed. Eschars form. INTRODUCTION:
Cansema is a miraculous product with a miraculous history with roots that go back to the late 19th century. Only suppression and greed have prevented its enormous benefits from being made available to the mainstream.

Eschar dry... separate from healthy tissue PICTURES:
How Cansema Works: A quick pictorial demonstration.
Why Cansema will never be openly approved in the West.
Eschars come out: decavitation stage
Using Cansema in conjunction with...

These instructions are for both users and physicians.
Decavitation heals over. Process complete.
You should not use this product unless you are willing to take the time and read through the instructions thoroughly. If you overuse or abuse this product, you could be dealing with serious pain management issues.

Of physiological response.

Importance of keeping
photos & journal of your progress.

Of people with cancer -- just like you.
See the testimonial section above.
Given how many tens of thousands of people have been helped by Cansema (and Amazon) products, it is amazing how many comments have come back to us that have never made their way into written form. For this reason, we have a testimonial submissions page to make it easier for people to feel comfortable submitting their comments. On this page you can determine the level of secrecy or privacy that you want in submitting your comments, in addition to the comments themselves.

Cansema® Salve

May 8, 2017
Why Orthodoxy &
The Main Stream Media
Can Not & Will Not
Give Escharotics A Fair
& Objective Evaluation

'Medical News' As A
Subset Of 'Fake News':
When 'Medical Authorities'
Behave Like 'Shock Jocks'
Friends were stunned last month when I agreed to be interviewed by Dr. Mehmet Oz in April (2017) for an episode of Dr. Oz that airs on May 10. There is no associate of mine who didn't know that this was "ambush journalism" in the making. In a comprehensive rebuttal, I provide my justification, along with a refutation of orthodoxy's arguments against this ancient naturopathic practice.

If you are dealing with a malignant growth that is larger than a quarter inch (0.64 cm.), you may wish to pay a few dollars extra and pick up a bottle of Izulant (tm), one of three of our ant tinctures -- used for centuries in the Amazon to kill aches and pain. (See also, our pain management advisory.)

Tomorrow's Cancer Cures Today
CansemaŽ is now featured in Dr. Allan Spreen's new book, Tomorrow's Cancer Cures Today : 25 Secret Therapies from Around the World -- it is the subject of Chapter 18 ("The Herbal Salve That Saved an Astronaut"). See general information and order link.
To avoid purchasing counterfeit versions of our product, please read our Compensation for Fake Product page.

Cansema: The Internal Versions
Cansema Capsules
We are proud to announce a new and improved Cansema Tonic III, which combines the escharotic action of the original (Tonic I), which we first introduced in 1995 when this website was created, with the less caustic cancerolytic formula, Cansema Tonic III, which we sold from 1999 to 2003.
Click here if you are a U.S. resident and are interested in a product similar to our Cansema Tonic III.

For Cansema Salve or any of the internal versions, we cannot stress enough the importance of reading instructions. The instructions for the salve are simple and straightforward, as they are for the internal products. Additionally, we stress the importance of reading through the Cansema FAQ section, which contains close to forty of the most frequently asked questions about these products. This site also contains very recent testimonials from end users such as yourself concerning their personal use of Cansema.

Meeker raspberry extract, source of our ellagic acid
The Importance of
Immune Support
Two people are taking internal Cansema products. Their cancers and the stage of development are identical. One is getting great results, and the other is not. Why is that? According to the clinicians we work with, it almost always points back to the immune system. The internal versions of Cansema, in particular, see lower levels of effectiveness in those who have depleted immune systems - a common by-product of chemo and radiation therapy as well as the disease state itself.

A Word About Fungating Tumors
There are a number of vendors online who openly recommend the use of "Black Salve" to treat what are known as ulcerating or "fungating" wounds, ulcers, or tumors. The standard definition of a fungating lesion or tumor is: "A type of skin lesion that is marked by ulcerations (breaks on the skin or surface of an organ) and necrosis (death of living tissue) and that usually has a bad smell. This kind of lesion may occur in many types of cancer, including breast cancer, melanoma, and squamous cell carcinoma, and especially in advanced disease." We sometimes see it as surface growths with almost a cauliflower-type appearance. It comprises a very small minority of cancers, but its numbers have increased in recent years. Regardless, your physician can help you determine if you have a growth that is fungating.
We have had reports of cases that benefited from the use of Cansema. But we have also seen cases that did not improve, and in some cases, got worse. For this reason, we very actively discourage the use of Cansema, Black Salve, or any other escharotic material in the treatment of any fungating lesion or growth, regardless of original cell type.