Importance of
Photos & Journals

e are in for the fight of our lives.
As more and more people are cured by the Cansema program, we expect more and more political confrontations with the AMA, FDA, FTC, and other policing bodies of the Medical Industrial Complex.
The only defense we have is pure science. Cansema works. We know it works, and we have physicians who work with us who have successfully used the product on hundreds of people. In their attack on alternative treatments the MIC calls such evidence merely "hogwash," saying it takes double-blind studies to know if something is really effective or not.
Hogwash... The entire system of medicine from the time of Hippocrates right through to the homeopathic "provings" of Hannemann in the last century were all based on observations, by the ascertaining that something was an effective treatment because it repeatedly produced the same response in patient after patient after patient.
We need your help to prove our case and we want thousands of case studies catalogued so that when the war really heats up, we'll be ready.
You can help us by keeping a daily journal of what happens following your application of Cansema, and taking period photos of the affected area. In fact, we will send $10 to every user who sends us their journal and photo case history. For pictures we recommend that photos be taken before applying Cansema, 24 hours later, and then at 5 day intervals until cured -- (eschar removed and skin has healed over).

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