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Botanical LB
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Clean Colon
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Microflora Restore III (formerly Microflora Restore)
Microflora AccelerX
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Liver/Colon Cleanse
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Almost every herbal, ethnobotanical, or medicinal tradition on earth (with the exception of modern, Western medicine) has some provisions for the "cleansing" of the organs of digestion and elimination. Until recently, Alpha Omega, to note one example, carried a complete digestive and urinary cleansing program from Peru - one quite indigenous to the Amazon. Most other cultures have similar provisions.
Fasting & Eating for Health by Joel Fuhrman, M.D. One of the most obvious examples recognizing the value of periodic cleansing is fasting. Though it is extolled in almost every major world religion, usually in the context of its spiritual benefits, the benefits of "therapeutic fasting" have been also been well-documented. (See Health Benefits of Fasting for a quick summary.)
Currently, there are hundreds of approved fasting centers run by licensed physicians located all over the world. That they are not as popular in the West does nothing to make this modality or its benefits less valid. Fasting not only allows for weight-loss, but cleansing of the organs of elimination as well. (Interestingly, when one has gone through our Liver/Colon Cleansing program, fasting actually becomes much easier for those who elect to use this form of periodic purification.)
The decline of fasting in the West is, in part, due to the development of working and dietary lifestyles that do not well accommodate occasional fasts, and actually make them more difficult than ever.
Whether you ever fast or not, you can get the benefits of fast, easy, liver and colon purification with our Program.

Stones before cleaning Stones after cleaning
"I can't believe what came out .... "
Many people can scarcely believe the kind of stones that come out of them during a thorough liver flush. In actuality, the stones above came from both the liver and gallbladder. Green to bright green stones reflect a relatively healthy liver and gallbladder. Stones that are anywhere from brown to black (almost always foul smelling) reflect a liver that is either in a disease state -- or well on the way. In the photos above, the left is the stool produced by the flush. The right photo was taken after the stool was cleaned - in order to clean off and isolate the stones hidden within the stool.

A Program Easy to Follow...
With Pulpable Benefits in the Very First Day
You don't have to fast to get the benefit of a thorough liver/colon housecleaning. The results of our program prove it. (Though we have nothing negative to say about therapeutic fasting -- in fact, fasting may or may not be conducted before, during, or after our Program to achieve additional benefits). In addition, it should be noted that fasting, for a variety of reasons, is contraindicated for some - on the advice of their primary care physician.
In addition, our Program provides additional elements of purification that you will not obtain within a three of four day water fast -- thorough deworming, strengthening of the colon muscles for improved peristalsis, or repopulation of the intestines with healthy bacteria.

To Get Started
There are four links in the column at right, which take you to each of the four steps involved in our Liver / Colon Cleansing Program. We recommend that you read the entire program through first, so that you understand the basic program in its entirety. (You should allot about 30 minutes to do this.) Then begin with Bowel Cleansing, then Parasite Removal, Liver Flush, and Microflora Restoration.

The Program

This program is designed to:
  1. Clear out the colon of any impacted material, restoring normal peristalsis,
  2. Get rid of intestinal parasites, which plague a large percentage of adults who eat a prodominantly Western diet,
  3. Clean the liver out, which includes parasite remains and stones, and
  4. Repopulate the intestinal track with healthy bacteria.

Step-by-Step Instructions

We feel it is important to not simply follow the Program instructions, but to understand what you're doing and be able to identify specific responses so that YOU know that the Program is working for YOU. In addition, this Program allows your own body to demonstrate, sometimes in very graphic terms, what harmful conditions now exist in your body that you are rapidly changing. So, our Liver / Colon Program has the added benefit of being very self-validating in nature.
The Program is divided up into four (4) distinct steps, each with its own page:

  1. Bowel Cleasing
  2. Parasite Removal
  3. Liver Flush
  4. Microflora Restoration
The last page (Microflora Restoration) has closing comments to evaluate your progress. At any time during the entire process, you can email our staff for assistance or additional information about the Program.

To Users in the U.S.:. Neither the information on this page, nor the products mentioned, have ever been evaluated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. Therefore, these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

"I Need A Schedule"
Some people, even after reading our presentation of the four stages comprising this program, still request a more formal "schedule" or timeline, so that they know how much time to allow to each stage and when to move on to the next.
Read our proposed schedule to make this aspect more simplified.