Alpha Omega's Liver / Colon Cleansing Program
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Omega LB - 120 Capsules Prior to doing any kind of liver flush (and this is true of any serious liver flush), the colon should be in good working order -- no obstructions of any kind and strong peristalsis. If you are not having three bowel movements each day and/or your hardened stool is of relatively small diameter, your bowels are in dysfunction. A medical doctor might not tell you that -- but a good herbalist will. Laxatives do not relieve these problems -- and, in fact, they can make things worse. The intestines have to be well-toned and working properly. Laxatives are a short-term, quick fix, but long-term they have the oppositive effect.
The reason this is the first step should be obvious: all the other materials that are expelled throughout this Program: parasites (nematodes, trematodes, a wide variety of pathogenic microorganisms, etc.), undigested food; liver, gallbladder, and kidney stones; etc. -- all require that the portal that serves to exit these remains from the body be in superior condition.
The product you'll use to prepare for the liver flush is Omega LB. It not only cleans out the colon, but causes the muscles in the colon responsible for peristalsis to contract and strengthen.
The normal dosage for Omega LB is two capsules, twice daily. However, if your diet is heavily Westernized and consists of a high quantity of animal proteins and fats, and/or other foods devoid of fiber, you may need up to as many as twelve capsules daily for five full days (60 capsules total). Since there are 120 capsules in a bottle - you'll have enough to do two complete "cycles" -- or what constitutes one complete Liver/Colon Cleansing Program - (we discuss this more in the Liver Flush section. Since Omega LB is an herbal "food" and not a drug, you can take larger dosages. In fact, we have heard of adherents of Dr. Christopher who took as many as 50 capsules per day in preparation for a liver flush, not only expelling impacted material but heavy mucus linings in the colon.

Juvenile Polyposis
Juvenile Polyposis
Though genetics plays a crucial role in the development of multiple juvenile polyps (called "juvenile polyposis," which can develop in the stomach or small intestines, but are most commonly found in the colon) - poor colon maintenance is a contributing factor. Dr. Bernard Jensen spent a lifetime demonstrating that poor colon maintenance contributed to intestinal problems - with polyps, both cancerous and benign, a common by-product.

Either way, just remember the goal: a clear colon, and at least three bowel movements per day. After using Omega LB for five days, you should be ready to begin the next step: Parasite Removal (which is also of five day duration), OR you may choose to combine Step One and Two into one aggressive five day "liver flush" preparation.

Clean Colon - 5 Lbs. Optional: Although most psyllium products are advertised as remedies for constipation, it has other uses. Its place in this Program is that it DOES help to collect the debris created by Omega LB and keep the colon clean in the process. It is not a replacement for Omega LB, and Clean Colon will not perform the thorough cleansing and colon strengthens functions that Omega LB covers, but its "bulking" action helps keep things moving. Those of us who are long-term users of psyllium do not regard it as anyway unpleasant in taste or texture. New users are not always so enamored. This author hasn't made a "smoothie" in his blender in over 20 years without psyllium being in it. If you are not a fan of psyllium, you might use it periodically throughout the Program for "general cleanup." You'll know what we mean once you start. We feel it is an indispensable part of any good health maintenance regimen - whether you are preparing for a liver cleanse or not.

What You'll Need
You'll need just one product for Step One: Omega LB. We also highly recommend Clean Colon - though it is not absolutely necessary to successfully complete the Program.

What to Expect
For most, either soft stool or diarrhea, depending on the condition of your colon at the time you begin the Program. The most active purgative in this product is "cascara sagrada" (California Buckthorn), which loosens the bowels and causes contractions in the colon.

Who Can I
Reach for Help
Email us for any assistance you may require.

In case you think that four AO products and a handful of items from the drug store present an onerous or burdensome regimen, consider the requirements of Dr. Jensen's "Seven-Day Cleansing Program" (and we're not belittling it - it's a good program; 1999 edition, p. 105-107):
  • 11 various tools
  • 27 different supplies, food items, and supplement products
  • 21 very active days performing the cleanse
We believe our approach substantially simplifies liver and colon care management.