Natural sequestering agents of toxic radioactive isotopes & heavy metals

Defense Formula A
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Summarized Description: The onslaught of ambient, harmful heavy metals and radionuclides is a leading contributor to the epidemic rise of "diseases of civilization," many of which were unheard of prior to the twentieth century. These health threats now stand on par with the disease-bearing contributions of GMO foods and toxic agricultural inputs; flourine in everything from municipal water, to dental products, and even salt; toxic chemicals from chemtrails spraying (geoengineering), mercury-laden vaccinations, etc.
Fortunately, there are a variety of naturally occurring compounds which act as natural sequestering agents and detoxifiers --- of which two in this formula have been sold separately by Alpha Omega Labs in the past : shilajit (humic / fulvic acid blend) and bentonite clay.
Defense Formula A is the first time that Alpha Omega Labs has ever provided the public with a comprehensive formula in the attempt to cover the broadest range of disease-causing toxicants.
If Alpha Omega Labs didn't exist, we would still have made this formula for ourselves, if only because of the frightening way that radionuclides are proliferating in the troposphere, where we all live, producing horrific, toxic effects precisely as Walter Russell prediced they would nearly 50 years ago [ Atomic Suicide (1958) ].
We don't just sell this product. We take it ourselves --- daily.

With a 10% alcohol content for extended preservation, this product has a minimum shelf-life of 5 years from the date of purchase.

Established Properties of Its Components
"American Shilijit" (or "shilajit" -- a blend of 10-12% fulvic acid [lower molecular weight humic acids] and 60-65% humic acid) corresponds to Indian "shilajit," which has long been respected for its medical, health properties, as we discussed on our original shilajit product page. In fact, the International Journal of Current Pharmaceutical Review and Research published a review article in 2010 referring to shilajit as an ancient panacea. (1) The variety of shilajit that we use corresponds to what, in India, is referred to as "lauha shilajit," said to be the "most effective according to the therapeutic point of view" (2)
Shilijit or "shilajit" -- comprises a complex array of humates, which are crucial components of the carbon cycle and other physiological processes -- (yet, paradoxically, orthodoxists staunchly proclaim that there are no studies to support "any benefits to human health"). (3) Humates are required for healthy microbial activity, but are not broken down it. They are chemically reactive yet refractory to microbial activity. (4)
The shilajit in this product is included for its heavy metal sequestration properties.

Calcium Bentonite Clay has been used for centuries to treat hundreds of medicinal conditions, and its use by indigenous peoples is diverse through many different cultures. Its inclusion in this formula is for the purpose of sequestering and removing toxins, in particular, radionuclides. As one observer notes: "The nuclear catastrophe raging through Japan’s nuclear power complex is generating an intense fear of radioactive fallout potentially reaching North America. Clay will do more than any other substance (natural or pharmaceutical) to remove radioactive isotopes from our bodies and to assist our bodies in returning to a state of good health. Most of the clean-up at Chernobyl was accomplished with Bentonite Clay." (5)
Protecting the body from radiation is one of bentonite clay's most noted properties. (6)
Alpha Omega Labs has experimented extensively with healing clays, including bentonite clay, over its 25 year history. (The picture at left shows clay blends that were offered by our company prior to the FDA's destruction of our U.S. lab in 2003.) Although NaturalNews was the first alternative news organization of which we are aware that recommended using calcium bentonite clay to protect against the worldwide effects of Fukushima, we had long been aware of its detoxification and sequestering properties.
Zeolite Blend (crystalline) -- The detoxifying effects of zeolite have been known since ancient times, more recently, its ability to remove radiation from the body has been documented.
Cilantro -- Another potent detoxifier, cilantro plays an important role in toxic metal removal.
Lugol's Iodine -- (potassium iodide, iodine crystal) -- We were among the first to begin discussing the dangers of "halogen displacement" on the internet, which has been documented since the 50's. More recently, Dr. Mark Sircus has raised the alert as to the importance of eliminating lower weight halogens (i.e. primarily chlorine, flourine, and their compounds) through iodine supplementation. More important still, are the effects that Lugol's has on radioactive Iodine-131, thus protecting the thyroid from damage.
Goldenberry Juice (extract) / Grain Alcohol (5%) Base -- This base serves to add flavor and natural preservation (shelf-life) to the overall formula.


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To U.S. Users: This product have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

In 2000, we introduced a line of clay products, called Enchanted Ruins (now among our historicals). As an aside, we made mention of the Otomac indians who live along the Orinoco River in Venezuela who live on clay (earth) for two to three months out of the year, due to a loss of access to their regular food sources.
Most of the articles on the internet that deal with geophagy (or "earth-eating") -- (Wikipedia being a case-in-point) -- take a pejorative slant, despite the fact that we have yet to understand the mechanisms by which the body extracts minerals and expels toxins using various grades of homogenous, natural earth compounds.
In my travels through the Amazon, I have been amazed at the ways in which various clay compounds are regarded with a certain reverence by different indigenous groups. Now that we know various earth compounds have the ability to extract heavy metals and radionuclides from the body, I wonder if an impartial re-examination of human nutrition needs might compel us to consider earth a separate "food group." After all, if we learned anything at all about "biological transmutation" from Professor C. Louis Kervran it is that the entire, monumental evidence of transmutation has been swept under the rug by the orthodox community . . . if for no other reason than its inclusion would nullify the validity of large chunks of unsubstantiated nonsense that forms the academic cornerstone of nutrition, physiology, organic chemistry, and a dozen other biological disciplines.
The relevance of this observation to the current product page is that three "earth compounds" make up the backbone of Defense Formula A: shilajit, calcium bentonite clay, and zeolite. With the effects of nuclear radiation affecting the viability of life on earth, perhaps we should consider the regular inclusion of "earth compounds" as a necessary component of extending our survival.

How Much
Is Enough?
The "on label" dosage for this supplement is one-half teaspoon (2.5 ml.), two times a day -- (the same as with our Amazon Tonic III formula). Admittedly, this would be a "low dosage." We ourselves take one teaspoon, twice a day, or double this amount. Through working with the product, you will discover which works best for you.
Fortunately, within the range, it is impossible to "overdose." So . . . experiment.

What Else
Can I Take?
A variety of foods are been shown support natural detoxification pathways. Additionally, there are certain lifestyle choices that will help keep you detoxified:
  • Soluble, dietary fibers (our preferences including grain brans and psyllium husk) (7).
  • Diets high in sulfur-containing foods, including alliums (onions, garlic, and chives) -- since toxic metals have affinity for sulfur-containing peptides. (8)
  • Avoid any and all salt water, ocean fish -- particularly from the Pacific.
  • Don't smoke . . . and now, it's for a different reason: tobacco products are loaded with radioactive fertilizer contaminants.
  • Educate yourself about GMO (genetically modified organism) food, because these ubiquitous crops tend to be heavily treated with herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, and other soil amendments that are unnatural to the body and burden its already overworked detoxification pathways.
  • Drink plenty of pure water. Research the unique benefits of drinking crystaline water.