Kent Estes' Amazing Recovery

Kent Estes When Kent Estes contacted our offices in November, 1999, he was in the middle of having to make a difficult decision. His doctors had told him, in no uncertain terms, that his recently diagnosed cancer wasn't just serious - but that his life was endangered if he didn't have surgery to remove the affected parts. Of course, the removal of the parts in question - tongue, and parts of his palate, would be permanent and irreversible disfigurement.
This is a difficult decision that faces many cancer patients at the Stage 4 level. As with most cancers in their advanced stages, time if of the essence. Not making the right decision can be a matter of life and death.
As with all our customers, we were quick to point out to Kent what we could and could not do. We're herbalists and practicing phytopharmacologists. We're not doctors. We don't diagnosis anything. We simply offer information and products that have a long, successful history - some steeped in long ethnobotanical traditions of healing. If he decided to ignore his doctors and choose an alternative path, the decision must be his and his alone. Below we reproduce excerpts of from over 70 emails between Kent Estes and Alpha Omega Labs founder, Greg Caton (then using the pseudonym, James Carr), along with a score of photographs taken during treatment that tell the story of a remarkable recovery involving three short months, vigorous application of Alpha Omega products (less than $300 worth), and the assistance of his own dentist (for analgesic care) to bring about a remarkable recovery.
It should be noted that this was the first case of its kind of which we are aware. Escharotic preparations are normally not recommended for use inside the mouth, principally because of pain management issues. Kent Estes' story, however, shows what can be done when the cancer patient is determined to success, determined to act aggressively and without pause, and determined to sustain a positive outlook through the course of treatment.
This is his story.

Kent Estes - 11/16/99

I recently purchased your product and after a long todo about
getting cetcaine topical anesthetic - applied your product last night.
Wow - glad I had the cetacaine.

The results were much more swelling than I had experienced with the
plain blood root product - to the point that I could barely swallow.
I basically allowed the saliva to drool out for several hours and
finally could not endure anymore so I wiped it off and went to sleep.
The next morning (this morning) my tongue almost filled the entire mouth
cavity, was stiff and sore and had a huge white to yellow cast around
the sore (an inch of white color around the Sore).  I washed my mouth
out with H202 & went to work wondering if I dared to try this again.
(My first thought was to apply it 3x day - NOT! - I'm not sure if the
swelling would increase on an already swollen tongue - but it didn't
seem safe to me!)

Well its after 5 pm now and the swelling has reduced almost to normal, so I will try it again tonight.

Should I be concerned with the swelling or not - and should I apply this more than once per day?

James Carr - Alpha Omega Labs - 11/17/99 Please, please listen to what I'm about to tell you. For most users Cansema is an "apply once, then leave it alone" product. Your case is unique in that it involves the tongue, where the effect of the salve will be compromised by the diluting effects of saliva. A second application, because of this, is often warranted. But in your case it appears that the escharization process has already commenced. At this point, I would leave the Cansema alone and let the current cycle complete itself, which will take about 3 weeks. Yes, you're going to have this big scab, which contains, among other things, a lot of dead cancer tissue. It will follow the path of eschars (scabs) you see on our web site ( Once you reach the heal over stage, you are free to reapply and get whatever you may have missed this round. I can tell you that there is nothing in your letter that suggests that things aren't going the way they are supposed to. You have a lot of swelling, but if you have a significant cancer growth in your tongue, you will get a LOT of swelling (edema) after applying Cansema. This isn't a joy ride. We make that clear on our site. But it gets the job done. And for the vast majority of our customers, this is what they appreciate about the product. Please keep me closely posted as to your progress. I will advise you until the entire process is complete.
Kent Estes - 11/18/99 Didn't receive your reply until now so the 2nd application happened last nite. The pain was still quite intense, but the swelling was nowhere near the severity of the first nite. Today, almost the entire sore was white except for a small red/pink center. The rim of white material extending out about a half inch from the center sore started peeling \ sheeting off throughout the day leaving only the soar in it's whitened condition. As I'm very interested in putting this thing out of it misery and out of my life, I'm tempted to try a 3rd application tonight to ensure its' death. Your thoughts? Also if I "leave it alone" what type of foods \ supplements should be used during this time? I'm currently alternating Veggie Juice fasts & cleansing.... Mostly carrot juice this week. & lots of supplements - too numerous to list.
Kent Estes - Treatment, Day 2 Treatment Day 2: The picture at left is one of 7 photos that were emailed with the note below on 11/18/99. All the photos in group are JPG's under 10k, so they load pretty quickly. Pic 2, Pic 3, Pic 4, Pic 5, Pic 6, Pic 7.

Kent Estes - 11/18/99  (second email that day)

This will be officially day 2 pictures - sorry - I missed day one pictures that
definitely showed the pink cinter with a wide white band around it.
One picture you will notice shows blood from where I was pulling my tongue with
my fingers to keep it out far enough for the picture ... the stress apparently caused
it to rip - never before this!

I have a pre - treatment photo that I'll try to scan tommorrow and send you.

And a third email later that day:

Did not apply Cansema at night 3.  By day 4 most of the White material surrounding
the sore had sloughed off and only a small amount remainsover the soar at 6:30 pm
as we speak - I'm in the middle of [a work project] and as soon as  I'm done
will photo the area again and email you ---

The following pictures were taken last night at about 9:30 pm. I don't know what you might be looking for - thus the multiple shots... these pictures can be enhanced - lightened or darkened to bring out the view better.
Kent Estes - Treatment, Day 3 Treatment Day 4 - 6. The picture at left is a reduction of Pic 1 in this series. Note: These are larger photos that have not been reduced. Size of file is indicated. Pic 1 (180k), Pic 2 (57k), Pic 3 (383k), Pic 4 (390k). Day 5: Pic 1 (91k), Pic 2 (65k), Pic 3 (54k). Day 6: Pic 1 (86k), Pic 2 (75k), Pic 3 (93k).

Kent Estes - 11/19/99 - (email with photos)

Day 4 the "eschar" is tender but not tingling.  The area is pink and the
underneath that used to be a hard ridge is now soft.

I don't see any "color change" happening here.

It seems to have reverted back to the pink color and not progressing 
towards removal.

Not to be impatient here but I don't want to wait too long and have to
start all over again.

I'm leaning towards another application of Cansema..
Seems as if the aqueous solution sloughs off the outer material at a more
rapid rate than if it were left alone in air...

Penny for your thoughts... 

James Carr - 11/20/99 I've read all your comments over the last 2 days, and, given the unique nature of your application, another application might be a good idea. I can tell you, without question, that it cannot possibly hurt (besides a certain level of discomfort that you are already familiar with). The real variable here that confuses the issue is, again, the diluting effects of saliva. You cannot possibly be getting the full impact that someone would get by applying the product on their face, arm, leg, torso, etc. Given this characteristic, and the fact that you are not getting an enclosing escharotic, I'd give it another shot. However, I should note that the issue comprising the tongue is different from the epithelial tisue that comprises the outer skin. So we should not expect that eschar formation and the usual decavitation that follows are a necessity... because in the larger picture, all we're really looking for here is the complete removal and/or death of the cancer cells themselves. If we can just accomplish that, nothing else matters.
Kent Estes - 11/21/99
I agree wtih all those statements, although I don't understand the difference in the tissues ... I do agree that perhaps this will work from the outside-in, ... and may not do the same cavitation that exterior tumors would leave because of the aqueous nature and enzymatic actions ... Most importantly - the death of the cancer itself is the important item whether it happens layer by layer or whatever way it chooses to detach itself. I'm wondering - and perhaps you can straighten me out - if the cansema is applied to the tumor - even inside the mouth - it should penetrate throughout the tumor - so maybe - because of the aquaeous state and short duration, its not quite getting enough punch to knock it out, but it is enough on the surface to kill the outer cels and slough them off ... If there was a way to inject the cansema just below the outer "skin layer" - that might keep it in contact for a long enough time frame without saliva ilution or degradation to actually do the job? Is this a feasable and safe approach? .... I'll start another application tomorrow nite. All for now - Kent
James Carr = 11/22/99 Well... it's important to note that Cansema Salve does have transdermal properties. How this attribute plays out in your case is uncharted territory for us. But as it is, I don't see any harm in having used multiple applications to arrive at the same desired result... We're both learning something from this new application for Cansema. The particulate size of herbal materials within Cansema would not allow for injection in its current form; however, by necrosing cancer cells on the surface, as you now are, and reapplying to what then because a deeper layer will accomplish some of the effects of using this approach. When you get to a point where you can apply the product and feel nothing on your tongue, it's time to go back to your physician for testing. If you are like most of our customers, you'll end up getting negative tests and a clean bill of health.
Kent Estes - 11/22/00 I've noticed the mucous starting to gather at each of the ends of the eschar. Had a NAET allergy treatment today and the practicioner found me to be allergically reactive to the blood root, so I'll wait the 25 hour period before reapplying the salve ... or maybe wait til after thanksgiving ... :)
James Carr - 11/22/99 I think what we are seeing is distinct escharization as it applies to the tongue. The latest pictures show more differentiation from the surrounding, healthy tissue, and isolation. This is exactly what happens on the skin. The difference is that the eschar DRIED OUT on the skin prior to decavitation. That isn't something that's going to happen in your mouth. So I would expect the process to be different on this one score alone. Another unusual development: in all the years we've been working with patients and herbal users, we've never encountered a claim of allergic reaction to bloodroot. Bloodroot contains some 60 or so alkaloids, of which the most active is sanguinaria, largely considered the most medicinal part of the plant. The other alkaloids are found in varying amounts throughout the plant kingdom. My initial reaction is that I question whether sanguinaria induces any physiological responses that can be confused with allergic reaction. Ask your practitioner if (1) he has ever encountered a bloodroot allergy before, and if so, how many? (2) Not being familiar with the protocol used in NAET allergy treatments, what response drew him to claim you were allergic to it? I would be very interested to know the response.
Kent Estes - 11/23/99 NAET is a kinesiology based system of treatment and detection. I applied the salve tonite and am experiencing great pain currently. Took some pix before & will take some in the morning. Will send pix tomorrow ... Pictures of Day 7: Pic 1 (96k), Pic 2 (85k).
Kent Estes - Treatment, Days 7 - 9 Treatment Day 7 - 9. The picture at left is a reduction of Pic 1 in this series. Note: These are larger photos that have not been reduced. Size of file is indicated. Pic 1 (47k), Pic 2 (85k). Day 9: Pic 1 (156k), Pic 2 (149k), Pic 3 (126k).

James Carr - 11/24/99 Will look forward to viewing those pictures. Is the pain you're experiencing localized to the site of the current eschar? How are you doing NOW?
James Carr - 11/29/99 The latest shot has the appearance of a "heal-over" in progress following a light decavitation. How are you feeling? I'm wanting to know some of the subjectives at this point. Again, many thanks for the continuing photographs.
Kent Estes - 11/23/99 Currently the bottom ridge is softer and split in two sections. After an application, it takes about 3 days to slough off, depending on what I eat. Among other supplements, I'm taking about 4 cansema caps 3x day. The Eschar is tender if rubbed against the teeth - not bad - but not normal - Some rigidity when rolling, curling or extreme bending of the tongue..
Kent Estes - 12/01/99 This is as of 9am this morning: Pic (269k).
Kent Estes - 12/10/99 The attached picture is from Tuesday - 4 days after the last application of Cansema. I have a video, and finally the tools to email em now, of the application and the 3 following days. That will come some time like Monday. The eschar is certainly differently looking and several folks have remarked that it looks smaller. I do not want to offer my own on that as I know I am biased! Will try the next shot with a Ruler. The nutritionist I am working with from Dr. [name deleted] office wants a TA-4 Tumor Marker test done for evaluation purposes. He has also recommended a Nutritional plan that I am following and a couple of items to use between Cansema Applications: Rosemary oil applied to the eschar to retard growth & a mixture of DMSO, Ascorbic Acid & Shark Cartilage. I'll need to get a prescription ordered through Dr. Carrow for good quality DMSO and I was wondering if the DMSO would enhance the affects of the CANSEMA? I had my Root canalled tooth removed a week ago Thursday and the stitches removed yesterday & made plans to remove all Amalgams next Saturday. The Dentist remarked that because my Bone was so Dense ­ the Dentist who installed this Root Canal did not fill to the Apex so there has been a continual abcess since that time between the tip and the composite fill. The extraction took 5.5 hours as the tooth would not “pop” out from the bone ­ each root had to be split off and cut out o the bone. I feel fine and have no noticeable disability other than dragging the right side of my tongue over the right jaw ­ NOW THAT HURTS! So I don’t do that often. There is some reluctance to apply the Cansema if all is not right … the pain for the 3 hours of initial application is enough to make me consider the time of night ­ next days activities ­ whether I’m too tired or not etc…. I had some of the pain reliever left over from the Dentist visit and thought that taking two of these would suffice ­ NOT EVEN! That was disappointing!!! So I plan to apply tonite ­ will email some video next week!
James Carr - 12/11/99 The only real value of DMSO with respect to Cansema is as a transdermal carrier: an aid to phytochemical penetration. DMSO has awful organoleptic characteristics: you can almost always smell the breath of a person who's been on it... so I am working with emu oil and MSM (a chemical cousin to DMSO) to accomplish the same end... [Answering previous comments about continued pain management protocols:] Pain management should always be a consideration when using escharotics ... I am also quite interested in how your marker tests come out. Thanks for keeping me informed.
Kent Estes - 12/13/99 I personally would think that the MSM would be a better product also - but I am confused ... are you indicating that MSM is already in the CANSEMA product or that there could be benefits to using MSM in conjuction with the Cansema? I don't have access to an EMU around here so I won't be able to squeeze any oil out of one! (a little country humor)
James Carr - 12/14/99 What I'm saying is that we have prepared a version of Cansema with emu oil and MSM already in it. It's more expensive to produce, so we're just using it in cases where increased transdermal penetration is needed or requisite to get the job done. I mentioned this to you, because this might be helpful in your case if, after the healover, we haven't gotten rid of ALL of your cancer. It isn't enough to get most or "nearly all" of the cancer growth -- you want to remove it all.
Kent Estes - 12/20/99 Well, thought I'd update you before this busy xmas season gets into full steam. I have several pictures to upload to you, gotta get the time to set all that up! The last application made some differences that I can feel. I now have a tender, more sensitve tongue. Foods now affect it. (whereas before I was oblivious to any real dfference in acidity, etc) I feel pain at times even without any food items in the mouth. Apparently during the sloughing off phase a small piece of skin pulled off before separating from the tumor, I understand that it would take a few days for the tiny spec to heal over and for the most part I'm sure it is healed, however the entire "Eschar" is tender now and very sensitive to foods. Saturday, all my mercury fillings were removed and the Dentist stated that the Eschar definitely looked smaller than from 3 weeks earlier. He also noted that the tumor flesh was different, looking more like Tongue tissue in texture and pliability than the Tumor he had seen 3 weeks earlier. I will apply Cansema one more time prior to Christmas. Will get busy on those foto uploads too.
Kent Estes - 01/06/00 Monday (last night) the good Dentist deadened the jaw and tongue area for me so that the CANSEMA application would not be as painful. And I must say that the pain level was drastically reduced although the referral pain to the ear was still there and at probably 80% level at bursts. There was also the “knowing” of pain in the under side of the throat Perhaps I should wait a bit longer next time before applying the Cansema. I took the 3 hour shot vs the 6 hour shot and so did not want to tari too long for fear of the material wearing off. So as soon as I could feel nothing from touching the eschar I applied it, got a towel from the receptionist and jumped into my car to head off to ZAR’s stopping only to fill the gas tank.... Without as much pain involved I was able to notice that the Cansema smelled awful ­ definitely not something you’d want to ingest!!! Got to Zars and settled into the Hottub with a set of headphones listening to some New Age brain jam piece for about an hour ­ which proved to be the end of the numbness and pain. ­ May want to try the longer shot and wait until all is completely numb next time. Had an colonic this Tuesday morning , the 1st opportunity after the Amalgam removal. Dawn remarked that the material was very toxic ­ almost radioactive in looks., also, had I been to her just after the removal it would most definitely have prevented the headache and maybe the illness. I prepayed 5 sessions to make sure that I made the effort to get there and have the rest done... Found that the Kodak Digital camera was great for everything but taking macros... Also the good Dentist was able to make a measurement for me yesterday with an instrument called a Boley’s guage. Measuring laterally along the sides of the tissue and from top to botttom along the side: 14.8 X 11.5 MM. This will be very helpful in monitoring the reduction (or if you’re a pessimist ­ the growth) of the “eschar”.
James Carr - 01/07/00 A couple of quick thoughts... The session with the colon hydrotherapist is quite telling. My wife is a colon hydrotherapist and has worked with many hundreds of patients. Because of the strong correlation between heavy impacting and degenerative disease (including cancer), not to mention Dr. Bernard Jensen's 70-plus years of work in this area (he's in his 90's now) and his confirmation of same, it is her belief that colon putrefacation is behind the development of mutagenic and carcinogenic substances that is strongly encourage or create disease. The esteemed Dr. Kellogg (from which the cereal company gets its name) taught that 90% of disease came from "mismanagement of the colon." In light of what we know today, this may be an exaggeration, but perhaps not by much. So it's good that you're working on improvement in this area.
Kent Estes - 01/11/00 It started raining just before rush hour today so it took me a little longer to get to the Dentist. Arrived about 6:30 pm and took the measurements right away ­ 12.8mm X 11.3mm ­ A REDUCTION OF 2MM!!!!!- This time I opted for the 6 hour shot (100,000 units). The Dentist had explained to me that the Tongue getting numb was a side effect ­ not needed for teeth work ­ and that depending on the angle of the needle in proximity to the nerve- the tongue may or may not get numb. So ­ we missed with the first shot, the face very numb but not the tongue - so now we have to try with the 3 hour (less adrenalin 50,000) and it worked ­ but I noticed it was different in feeling ­ the tongue didn’t seem to be totally numb like it was the prior time ­ and I secretly wonder if the tongue is adaptive and perhaps learned how to work around the numbing agent ­ Feeling that I applied the material too soon last time, I gave this plenty of time to numb out. As soon as I knew it was getting numb I headed out to the car - took two pain relievers - and mailed a couple letters at the post office. On the way ­ about half way there ­ it seemed as if the tongue was getting less numb ! (That concerned me!) Maybe it adapted somehow and was now able to negotiate the mouth much more adeptly than before. Any way as soon as I got back in the car from the Post Office I applied the Cansema (before I lost my nerve) and and got my drool rag ready. The pain Intensity wasn’t very much except again the referral pain to the Ear was quite intense which was interesting as the entire outside of the ear was numb ­ the pain is deep inside the ear ­ pressing inside with the finger revealed a totally numb ear so I couldn’t alleviate that pain by applying pressure. It went in short bursts so it wasn’t a major problem. The worst part was driving back home while trying to keep saliva from washing off the Cansema. I try to keep my tongue extended and to the left side to keep the inner mouth and teeth from wiping off the material. Keeping the head cocked down and slightly side ways, while driving, to drain the saliva from the mouth so as, again, not to wet the affected area.. This makes for rather interesting driving and I’m sure was a peculiar sighting for any one who caught a glimpse of me rolling down the road! While in the office the Dentist mentioned that perhaps he can facilitate a way for me to keep a bandage of material on the eschar while keeping suction on for saliva and give me maybe 4 ­ 6 hours of time rather than the hour or two I’m getting at this rate. This may prove to be another valuable idea from the good Doctor. I am blessed! It’s now 10:45 ­ roughly 3 hours after application and the numbness is letting up. The pain is mute - sort of a dull sting/burn ­ but very light ­ just uncomfortable ­ will sleep good tonight.
James Carr - 01/11/00 I always tell Cansema users that as long as they are getting steady tumor reduction, they are on the right path. I appreciate the frequent updates and look forward to seeing this thing permanently removed.
Kent Estes - 01/13/00 The following picture was taken in the end of July, by Dr. Choi, a Dentist I was recommended to for his biological dentistry approach. I was having some problems with bleeding of the gums and suspected an old root canal as the source of the problem. Dr. Choi did a thorough exam, including the sore on my Tongue and recommended that I see an ENT specialist in Jacksonville, FL immediately! After measuring the electrical properties of the fillings and several other tests, he also confirmed my suspicion of the root canal - although he didn’t come right out and say it ­ he did recommend removal of the root canal and a tooth in the roof of my mouth for the benefit of unblocking the energy flow associated with my sinuses. I have had sinus problems since early childhood.
Kent Estes - 01/14/00 A Good Shot! Reported to the Dentist for a new treatment method today. The Good Dentist believed that by shooting a little bit higher, a better numbing for the tongue could be attained. He was right! This was one of the most painless applications (to the tongue) to date. I felt some knowing of pain in the deep throat area on the right just below the glands but the most pain was felt in the referral pain to the ear again. And worse this time, as I forgot to take analgesic or pain reliever of any kind ­ won’t forget next time! He also provided me with cotton packing and a suction device to keep the saliva from washing off the Cansema . So this was the first time the Cansema was applied and allowed to stay for about one and a half hours without any saliva interference. After this the material was semi-hardened on and did not “wash-off” after the suction was removed, so the material stayed on for at least another 2 hours. This could even have been longer as no Cansema (or very little) came off in the Saliva drool. The Good Dentist mentioned he will research a drug that he vaguely remembers can be administered that stops the saliva flow for approximately 3 hours, which would be nother great addition to this adventure. And finally ­ saved the best for last- The measurements he took this time are even far better than the prior session. 9.8mm X 8.1mm!!! This represents almost a half a centimeter in reduction since the first measurement.
James Carr - 01/14/00 It really all comes down to this: if it's reduced every time you go back, it will in the coming weeks be completely wiped out. This would be consistent with what other users experience outside the GI tract.... We knew that things would be complicated because you had to administer the product to the tongue, and it's taken longer than either of us expected, but it looks like the results are really coming through now. Besides taking care of your own problem, I will now have a way, a proven protocol, to recommend to others who have your type of cancer.
Kent Estes - 01/20/00 Colonic of 1/15/00 The Colon Hydrotherapist described this session as still toxic but clearing and typical of a 4th visit. The material started yellow and cleared completely followed by peristaltic action that repeated the yellow to clear scenario several times ending in a clear volume that contained white globules of good intestinal flora. Using the warm and cold technique we were able to identify 1 parasite. Based on this treatment she indicates that I may not need ten treatments on weekly intervals ­ that perhaps we may be able to go to bi-weekly maintenance.... Smaller is Better! 1/18/00 Got to my favorite Dentist's office about 6 o’clock today and thought I had it all together. Had a couple of prescriptions from injuries in the past and identified them with the assistant as an opiate that would need all 3 of the remaining tablets to nullify the pain at the rate prescribed on the bottle. Took ‘em and discarded the empty container not thinking I’d need that information anymore. Settled down in the chair and got the numbing agent administered then got measured ­ UNBELIEVABLE ­ 6.3 X 7.1mm. Their comments ranged from incredulous to unbelievably amazing. The color shape and size were all better ­ changed ­ and smaller. He asked about any pain or feelings of improvement. I had to explain (not again to him ­ but to all from the past - who are interested and wanted to know) that there really was no noticeable pain to begin with other than that of a small mouth sore (much less painful than a canker sore) that mostly hurt if you scraped it across the teeth. That is until the biopsy ­ I HAD NO IDEA -!!!! Really, it may have been a good thing that I didn’t know what a biopsy entailed or I probably would not have had it done! The *@&$& Doctor that performed that procedure cut through the tongue and sore top to bottom (I thought they were just gonna scrape some of the material off the top) But NO ­ this guy cuts a hunk 3 x 5 x 7 mm out of the side of my tongue, then sewed it up. Now that hurt. - A lot. … And for weeks. Made bending the tongue difficult. So I don’t know if the sore (tumor, eschar ­ whatever) hurt or if the twinges of occasional pain I felt were actually from that damn biopsy! Now having said this and having experienced some further reduction of mobility in the tongue in the past, (a very terrible thing) I can now say that I have virtually all mobility restored and can reach the deep outside crevasses that we all unconsciously probe and clean throughout the day. Pain is occasioned from salty or extremely acidic foods ­ not all ­ or from an occasional scrape across the teeth. Any way as I’m settling in for the treatment I realize that I had brought the new digital camera with me but left it in the Van. Ran out to the Van with the drop cloth around the neck and retrieved the camera. After a few quick lessons to the assistant we got two good pictures (attached). Then in comes the Doc and says, “How's the numbing.” Great, that one shot was perfect, the tongue was number than I had ever experienced before ­So he starts packing me with gauze and places the suction in the mouth and says where’s the Cansema. Oh crap! Ran back out to the car, ­ drop cloth around my neck and my tongue now as completely numb as can be ­ search the entire Van from top to bottom dumping out every drawer, glove box and my overnite bag. No Cansema ­ did the search again just in case the pain killers were affecting my search. Went back and apologized profusely and started my journey back, to the homefront kicking myself all the way for taking the last of my pain medication and praying that the Cansema was in the house and not lost after the weekend campout with the kids. Prayers were answered. Taking tips from the Dentist ­ I rolled some gauze and packed it under the tongue on both sides and between the cheek and gums. That did keep my tongue dry for about an hour, and furthermore ­ the medication taken blocked all referral pain to the ear from the Cansema application. In fact the only pain I experienced was like a mild stinging or light burn on the tongue. Fantastic! Now if I can just contact the Dentists’ office before the cleaning crew throws out the trash!!!
James Carr - 01/20/00 Yes, it is miraculous... and as soon as the cancer gets to the point where it's no longer measurable, we should put your story together in one cohesive whole. It's really remarkable when you consider that orthodox medicine doesn't HAVE an option for neoplasms such as this -- short of doing the "cut everything in sight" surgical procedures.
Kent Estes - 01/20/00 Earlier in our conversations you indicated that you had a preparation of the Cansema and Emu. Wonder if I can talk you out of some. I have several reasons for the request. 1) Although the eschar is cavitating, I'm concerned about the product penetration ... ie I don't want new growth covering over the Tumor - leaving some behind - or underneath. 2) I'm interested in speeding up the process as much as possible. 3) You made an offer (early on, granted)to reimburse for picture costs - would rather have the cure! Thanks for all your support...
Kent Estes - 01/24/00 "Incredible." That was the word the Dentist uttered while examining the Tongue. Trying to measure it was a bit confusing, says the Dentist, as the visible external wall of the Tumor is not visible. There is a hole with some discoloration on the inside. We took measurements of 7.45 X 6.8 millimeters. We took pictures of the Measurement to show its exact where we believed we should be measuring from. Will send those pictures separately tomorrow. Was able to get a prescription of Vicodan-ES. Excellent, no - pain throb to the ear - only a slight pain like a burning sensation. - uncomfortable, but quite tolerable. The Dentist has found that by shooting higher in the joint with Lidocaine, the tongue is numbed fuller and quicker. I took 2 of those Vicodan-ES just before arrival at his office, then found out that one would have been sufficient! Took the pictures after the shot to allow for the numbing period to fully set in - I got his Pretec digital camera up and working and Darn if it didn't take a better macro picture of the tongue than my Olympus! (Won't be able to get that picture uploaded til Thursday.) Kept suction on for a bout a half an hour to allow it to dry, and made it home. Meanwhile earlier this am at the Colon Hydrotherapists office - she stated that the 3rd and 4th were better than the 5th visit today. Today she described as thick toxic. And stated that she knew what to expect from radiation or chemo - patients ... and what to expect from a rather normal person just getting back to good health - but she didn't know what to expect about this treatment - whether the treatment was causing the toxicity - or what. Well, I can understand her reaction - nothing to compare it to - me personally I'm taking it positive - That I just aided the body in getting rid of some toxins quicker than it was doing it. Plan on seeing my Medical Doctor this Thursday to get a Tumor Marker Test, Parasite test, Session with him and a session with the Nutritionist, a metabolic infusion and end up at the Dentists office for one more treatment this week. A busy day! Will send pix tomorrow. By the way the white that usually surrounds the medicated area is not as wide so far (11 pm).
James Carr - 01/24/00 I think your hydrotherapy is coming along nicely, but it's important to make this point... and I believe I'm qualified, since (an associate) and I work with both modalities: escharotic therapy (Cansema) and colon hydrotherapy. Cansema NEVER introduces a toxic state into the body. It deals with the toxic, cancerous condition that is already there. The toxic materials that the hydrotherapist is identifying is absolutely mutagenic and carcinogenic. Whether it acted as a causative agent in your current cancer, no one can say... but it never helps. It can only hurt. [Responding to penetration issues:] ... that's why we recommend taking the [Cansema] capsules to attack the growth systemically. If the problem is more than "skin deep" then a systemic approach is adviseable, if not a necessity. Given that we haven't worked with tongue cancers before, I didn't have enough data to know if you needed to do this. But I really don't mind sending you the Emu Oil version. I only question whether or not it will work significantly better than our regular Black Salve without systemic support.
Kent Estes - 01/25/00 I agree that the hydrotherapy is coming along nicely as well as the tumor reduction. I do need a little more understanding in the nature of the Cansema. I obviously don't know what the toxic substances are that were coming out last session - I can only surmise - but I wouldn't be surprised to learn that some of the Toxic matter may be a bi-prduct of the tumor tissue breakdown being carried off by the body. Or am I totally on the wrong track here of what the toxic material represents? What I think I am reading from you is that none of the Cansema product is directly responsible for the toxic matter from the hydro sessions? But is the secondary effect of this (tumor breakdown) part of the Toxic matter, or are you saying that neither should have an effect on the colon toxicity? As opposed to say radiation or chemo in which one could be assured that most or all of that is from the treatment itself. (Which in the case of Cansema, I would personally be ok with the product being part of the Toxic matter being exuded from the body in relation to the good it was providing!) If I'm reading your statement correct, then you're indicating that the toxic material is not coming from either (Cansema or tumor breakdown), meaning that something else totally is causing the toxic matter. Like perhaps another pocket of the mercury, farm chemicals, etc...
Kent Estes - 01/25/00 Sorry to put you on the spot with this, I'm elated on one hand and concerned on the other! I'm almost embarassed that I wrote that request to you, please understand that I am almost conscious thought streaming these emails to you - meaning that whatever mood or fear that I am experiencing comes straight to you with no filters! I certainly do not want to appear ungrateful to you - I am most assuredly very grateful for you and your wife - your product and the time you have spent with me throughout this ordeal. Again, my fears probably had a hold of me at the time of the this original email, I'm much more stable now, but I know that question is always down there somewhere wondering ... The material that I bought from you could probably be used for 5 - 10 more tumors, - quite sufficient, plenty left! (i.e. a pencil eraser size of the msm/emu would be more than sufficient). The hole in my tongue was treated last night and by this morning the only "whiteness" was on the hole itself and some under the tongue - We may be near the end although several points are worth mentioning: [Carr's reply, 1/26/00:] Better to get a jar with everything mixed in, so that you know you're taking the right percentages of base materials. 1) I was rudely awoken about 5:30 am (this morning) by two very sharp jolting pains from the tongue area.(not experienced that before) [Carr's reply, 1/26/00:] We get these kinds of comments from time to time. I don't know the cause, unless the necrosis itself is occasionally acting on local nerve cells.... but the good news is that in all cases we've seen, these periodic "sharp pains" disappear. Going away as mysteriously as they appeared in the first place. 2) I felt the entire area around the hole that the Dentist had proclaimed was void of his MARKERS for measuring and though you could not see them there are several hard lumps from what used to be the ridge on the bottom side of the Tongue and tumor. [Carr's reply, 1/26/00:] The operative term here: void of his markers. When you get to this point, the cancer is gone. And this is what you set out to do in the first place. 3) The swelling to the tongue was nowhere near the usual reaction to this last application. [Carr:] .. which makes sense. 4) I took pictures before this application and the morning after (this morning) however I was a little to woozy to upload them last night, so we'll handle that tonite & get pix to you tomorrow. Systemically, I've been taking many supplements including your Cansema Capsules - I ran out approximately 4 weeks ago, and wasn't sure if it was doing anything or whether I should re-order it or not? [Carr:] Would probably be good to go with one last bottle as a general "mop up" -- just to make sure you have any straggler cancer cells covered. After that, there is no further need for you to continue taking the product. It isn't a preventative... In fact I'm not sure where I'm at right now - Should I take another bottle of the Cansema Caps and or any other of your products right now? or should we wait and see. [Carr:] Again, I'd go with one last bottle. After that, you can pick up red clover blossoms and taheebo from one of your local health food stores. The tea you make from these contains "hydroquinones" that are mildly cancerolytic. They don't cure anything. But they act to inhibit carcinogenetic reactions. The other thing you can do is get psyllium husk (same thing you find in Metamucil or Colon Cleanse) and consciously be aware of maintaining good colon health. As far as the rest of my plan goes, I'm somewhat convinced that the Mercury Amalgams that were in my mouth for over 30 years was the responsible factor for poisoning my pancreas (which appears to be the only marginal organ in my body) and as such I want to start detoxing the pancreas and then start a regimen of rebuilding and strengthening that system. - That part I'm pretty sure about- I am clueless about where I am with the "Squamous Cell Carcinoma" on my tongue other than the visible portion seems to be shrinking and there is a hole on the side of my tongue! [Carr:] This hole will end up "closing in" ... but it will probably take several weeks, if not months. True, we haven't worked with tongue cancers before, BUT it's still composed of epithelial tissue and the "closing in" phenomenon is what we see happen everywhere else on the body. I have no reason to think, at this time, that it will not occur on the tongue as well. There are small pains from there and some signs that suggest to me that it's not over yet - So I'm open to your thoughts - as always. [Carr:] If your doctor isn't picking up markers on the tongue, it's OVER in that area, anyways. The only way you would know FOR SURE about the rest of your body is if blood work is done to cover markers indicating more broadly if you have cancer anywhere else. Some hematologists use more than one marker for this purpose. Ask your doctor about this. That way you will know for sure.
Kent Estes - 01/26/00 I misled you with the term MARKER in reference to the DENTIST looking for the Tumor tissue edges he had previously used to measure the dimensional size with the BOLEY guage. The Doctor(s) never obtained a Tumor Marker test as they probably should have. I am planning on having that done tomorrow to try and get a reading on the tumor.
James Carr - 01/26/00 [Addressing previous question on colon hydrotherapy:] What I'm saying is that it is far more probable that the "toxic" materials well preceeded the cancer tumor. Cancers are initiated and promoted by cytotoxins -- substances that are mutagenic and/or carcinogenic. In dealing with hundreds of colon hydrotherapy patients, we were amazed at the volume and noxious characteristics of impacted fecal materials that most adults had. Materials that had probable resided in the colon for many years. The purpose of the colon, from the cecum to the end of the descending colon, is to dry out materials and prepare them for exit. Many people think you draw nutrients from the colon, but the fact is that the vast majorty of nutrients are extracted in the small intestines, not the large. The problem, especially with the large proliferation of chemicals that we have introduced into our environment, is that, over time, the colon accumulates them and their concentrates are increased over time with impacting. Since people consume less roughage now then ever before, impacting on the walls of the colon is very common, and it is here that these chemicals combine with bacteria to produce a cornucopia of derivative cancer-producing substances. So, based on my experience, I am more likely to believe that these pre-existing toxins helped nurture any cancer you may have, and not the other way around.
Kent Estes - 02/02/00 Picture at this stage. Spent most of this Thursday at the Doctors clinic. Had my blood drawn for the TA-4 Tumor marker test (after we found a lab that performed that service). Met with Dr Carrow to review the DMPS challenge results and found the Mercury levels to be at more than twice the highest maximum levels ­ (28 ppm ). He recommended that I review this with the nutritionist. Dr. Carrow then looked at the hole in my tongue with some amazement, but still cautioned that should it revive, enlarge or start to move that I should immediately have it cut out. Aided the staff there with some computer help while waiting for the TA-4 information and printed out the emails for my nutritionist. The nutritionist was very pleased with the tumor reduction but warned that wholistically speaking ­ even if this tumor is gone ­ the underlying cause is still present and will probably take another year to clear up and more importantly, the most pressing issue will be to clean up the Mercury which he estimates at about 5 ­ 6 months. He gave me a new program to follow for just the Mercury and recommended another DMPS test in about 2 weeks. Had a half bag drip (that I ran a bit too fast) with 6 grams of Laetrile that I injected into the solution. This elevated my blood pressure a little. Will slow it down next round. Left the Doctor's office about 6:00 pm and pressed on to the Dentist for another Cansema application. Another poorly orchestrated event on my part. Left the Cansema in the bathroom again. I didn’t have it with me at the Dentists office. Spent most of the time there working out some computer issues for the Dentist while I was waiting for the shot to take affect. Again, the dentist reminds me, that the shot is designed to numb the teeth not the tongue ­ the tongue being a side affect- not an exact science. The good Dentist shot high and the first one numbed my teeth and roof of mouth, not the tongue. The Dentist is challenged at measuring this HOLE! He wanted to maintain a specific beginning and end to the measure, but all the former edges are gone. Taking his best shot hw finds the following information: 8.2 X 5.5mm. I return to working on correcting the computer problem while waiting for the numbing to set in. Its getting late and still no numbing or solution to the computer! We tried the 2nd shot. I can feel some tingling in the tip of the tongue as it usually does just before going completely numb and so I figure all is well - it is going numb. So we lock up about 10pm and each head for home, me headed to the house to apply the Cansema and wait out the time needed to set the material before I go to bed. Did I mention that the tingling started, and on the way home I noticed that it didn’t really get much number- oh well- was hoping that by the time I got home that it would be numb. Hadn’t eaten since lunch, so I swung into McDs for a fish sandwich to eat while I was waiting for the numbness to set in, knowing that I wouldn’t be eating after the application and while on the way home. While eating I took one of the pain pills (Vicoden ES) and when I got home it still was not numb totally yet so I took another pain pill and started a load of clothes in the washer while I waited for it to get numb. Hmmm, still not totally numb, but I figured that with the two pain killers, it oughta do alright. Did I mention that I do those shots cause it really freakin hurts? Hmmm the pain killer stopped any referral pain to the ear, but the tongue was definitely not numb. Lots more saliva flows when you can feel all the pain. Earlier the Dentist had remarked about two spots one in front of the lesion and one to the rear of the tongue that he wasn’t sure about. I told hime that Shands had confirmed that I had “Geographic tongue”, but wanting to make sure that no tumor was forming, I applied the product to the hole and the two spots. - And two hair pulling hours later, one could determine that the spots were not reacting to the Cansema, but the hole still was, and painfully! Will definitely pay more attention to the numbing factor next round.
Kent Estes - 02/03/00 January 31, 2000 Explained to the Dentist that the tongue never quite got numb last time. So he took the one shot and put half high and the other half low (in the jaw joint) ­ perfect! And I had already taken one pain pill on the way there and another just as I got to his office. Prepared this time ­ pain pills, Cansema and clips to hold up the towel. While numbing up we took the measurements. Again, the Dentist is baffled about the measuring and takes his best shot (chuckle ... punny) 5.8 X 2.8mm. He says it definitely looks much different than last week and wanted to see this week's picture beside last weeks picture. He sees epidural (tongue, tissue and taste buds) on the skin from the back end of the eschar trying to grow over the hole. The skin surrounding the hole still has a milky look to it and I don’t know if that is a substance put out by the tumor or whether it is Tcell activated flesh cleaning up the tumor. When I was first diagnosed with this squamous cell carcinoma, the Jacksonville doctor stated that the whitish or milky looking flesh was typical outflow from the tumor. However this material looks different from that. More like the beginning of new flesh healing over. I smeared the Cansema all over the milky area surrounding the hole and filled the hole with the Cansema. The Dentist hooked up suction and guaze an allowed me to stay there until he finished his last patient ­ which turned out to be about an hour ­ plenty of time for it to set up. His observations were that the material didn't really stick to that milky portion and not much reaction there. The portion in the hole stayed and had reacted properly . We discussed that he would be gone on vacation till next week and also that he felt like maybe giving it a little break to see how it was going seemed right to him. He didn’t want to stop short, but also didn’t want to continue needlessly. I shared with him that we had the TA-4 test done for that exact reason ­ I didn’t know (and still don’t know) whether there is cancer still there or not. If the TA-4 test does not give a good enough indication we might try the AMAS test next. Meanwhile we agreed to wait until next Thursday for another application. Seeing as I could not get their digital camera set up for their trip, I gave him mine to use till he got back (after first downloading the picture). I won’t be using it til he gets back anyway! Well it’s 1:45am ­ about 6 hours after the application and the Cansema has left maybe a quarter to a half inch ring around the Eschar ­ but a very light, almost transluscent white layer. And then in the hole it is a thick almost yellow layer. Time for bed!
James Carr - 02/03/00 I read all three of your letters this morning and the thing that is of most concern to me is the very high levels of mercury. This must, one way or another, be addressed as soon as possible. This week we are posting information on "kombucha," which is a tea culture that is popular in Asian and parts of Russia. Among many other things, it is very much a sequestering agent. It binds heavy metals, which are then processed out through the renal and hepatic systems. Today is Thursday and we should have this information up on by Saturday. Nonetheless, you should be looking at other, more immediate ways of getting this under control.
Kent Estes - 02/03/00 Am currently using the Sun Chlorella and Celantro as well as some other items I will inform you of later. I've been drinking green tea with cats claw and kombucha ...
Kent Estes - 02/15/00 [Written 2/10/00] Thursday was a full day. Arranged for a Metabolic Infusion from the clinic, picked up some of the new supplements recommended by Mike & Alice (my nutritionists) and helped Paul with some PC problems while waiting for the infusion to finish. Me and the boys decided that we’re gonna have to get something to do while hanging around waiting for our bags to empty. They were there for Chelation therapy ­ about a 3 hour ordeal ­ the metabolic is more like 2 hours. Still enough time for cards, checkers, chess ­ something ­ did have to rule out volleyball! The Metabolic is a large amount of Vitamin C and other components designed to give the body a large jump. The amounts are tens of times higher than one could take orally. And there is documentation on Vitamin C’s cancer fighting abilities. Will scan the ingredients and include later... Got set up with cotton rolls in the mouth and suction to keep the area dry. The Dentist noted that he can still see a difference from the last visit, and noted some concern / curiosity about the white mucous matter surrounding the hole. To make certain that we were not missing the boat on this, we decided to apply the CANSEMA to all of the area in question surrounding the hole as well as the new growth that we assumed was normal tissue. After settling in and some pain started hitting me I remembered the Dentists words about how Vitamin C diminishes Pain Killers and Anesthetics greatly. Too late! Can’t speak with a mouthful of cotton and suction. I will remember to double the pain reliever next round if I do a metabolic! The Dentist had a full evening of patients so I got about 2 maybe 2.5 hours of dry application time. During this time, I was not able to keep my mouth open all the time nor the tongue totally to the side, so with the larger scale application of Cansema, time & medication … some of the cansema got on the roof of my mouth ­ back behind the hard palate on the soft membrane and on the cheeks. This application was more like the first application ­ before this application I told the Dentists that maybe 2 ­ 3 more applications should do it! Wow, The tongue really swelled up quite a bit and although the Cansema reacted mostly in the “hole” the outside perimeter including the white mucous layer was forming the white echar all over. By the next morning I could really feel it and was getting scared from the reaction that maybe I had cancer all over there! The soft tissue in the back had raised points and was rough and white and the tender spot above the right jaw where the bone joint ends into the soft tissue was scarred over. By that afternoon it was settling down and the next morning all those affected areas were normal. The Tongue that morning definitely had me concerned. It was white all over and around the hole. Even the “New Skin” potion of what we thought was new tongue was white. The hole had a yellowish property to it. And there were 4 points of blood right each about a centimeter apart along the edge of the white line - way out into the tongue ­ probably 2 centimeters from the hole. The following morning all the peripheral white outer areas were gone and only the portion right around the hole was there. Even the new tongue tissue had shed the white coating. I confess I was a bit disheartened as I was thinking that this was finally coming to an end. Does Cansema need a two week off period to do a better job on the Cancer? The other treatments had been closer together and were starting to be less of an event. Not that I enjoy the “bigger event” but what significance, if any, is this? Do I continue to strive for frequent applications, or should I give it time in between? Is the swelling worse after 2 weeks because the body has no memory of the Cansema? Meaning then that there is some memory or retention of the Cansema so the body is not in as much shock to the material with more frequent applications? Hmmm, many questions, no answers and still the question remains, how many more applications? Maybe the results of the AMAS on Feb 22, 2000 will shed some light on this.
Kent Estes - 02/15/00 Received the mail order of Cansema Capsules, Cansema Tonic and Kombucha tea. Decided to go to two capsules 3 times a day, and to work up to it slowly. Took the Kombucha that night and just before bed time decided to take a swig of the Cansema tonic ­ swish it around the mouth and swallow. Wow ­ I didn’t realize that the cansema tonic was every bit as powerful as the salve. Or that maybe I should have considered taking analgesic before swishing! Or even better - ­believing the directions that recommend mixing the cansema with 8 oz of juice. I rinsed my mouth many times ­ no relief - Bracing myself for a possible long night ­ I brushed my teeth ­ raking the brush over the hole to dislodge any cansema particles that may have been lingering. Went to bed concerned about the pain and with a slightly ill stomach. Was able to get my mind off it with the help of a friend. Good rescue. The next day went without painful incident. However a tremendous amount of noxious gas was being experienced. I purposefully left off the Cansema Tonic from there on due to pain considerations and thinking it was perhaps the cause of the gas. Nope, it’s the Kombucha. Very nasty and constant gut rumbling. Will this pass (excuse the pun). Or is this the normal response? I wanna get rid of the mercury, but I don’t wanna wilt all the flowers! What rate of intake should I use for the Cansema capsules? How should I use the Tonic? By the way here are the additional supplements recommended by my nutritionist from Jan 27, 2000: New Supplement recommendation in addition to Regular Supplements to remove mercury: 1. CAAB - To be done 2. Multi-Minerals 1 - 3x day 3. Vitamin C 1 - 3x day 4. MSM 1 - 3x day 5. Garlic 1 - 2x day 6. ProGreens as directed on bottle 7. Drainer as directed on bottle (Homeopathic) 8. Dental Amalg as directed on bottle (Homeopathic) 9. Chlorella 4 - 3x day 10. Cilantro 10 drops 4x day on empty stomach 11. Galium Heel 12. DMPS after 6 weeks 13. Colonic following DMPS Challenge 14. DMSA
Kent Estes - 02/16/00 Talked to DAWN at the Florida Institute of Health (Dr. [name deleted] Office) and she mentioned that the AMAS results had come back and the test showed minimal or Borderline traces of Cancer. (This was from memory as she had filed it yesterday - I won't get official results until next thursday.)
Kent Estes - 02/17/00 Thanks for the congrats ... Should we still be applying cansema? I have 1 ridge or lump left under the hole and the new tissue to the left is hard and tender. (There earlier was a solid ridge that then broke up into about 3 - 4 hard spots.) Have plans to treat again tonite, will photo and point out those areas of concern. [Carr:] If you feel there is any other "clean up" area -- cancer cells you might have missed then, yes, I'd hit it one more time. Also, the new tissue has a split that the Dentist found last treatment- will try to photo that too. Do you have an opinion or thought on more treatments? [Carr:] Whenever we feel there remnant cells that might have been missed we make the same recommendation. It would be different if there were toxicity or even cost issues... but it costs so little, you use so little product, and the inconvenience is so great down the line if you DON'T get them now.... So I'd make another run at it.
Kent Estes - 02/21/00 Written: Thursday 2/17/00 Another half day ­ at Dr. Carrows, did another Metabolic drip and I added 2 vials of Laetrile. I got the results from the AMAS test: S-TAG 222 F-TAG 101 NET TAG 121 The Official Overall Results reads “Borderline confirmatory repeat test recommended.” Mike says it’s good but not to rest until all the numbers are less than 135. So we’ll keep on with the diet, supplements and Cansema treatments and probably retest in 2 ­ 3 months. Meanwhile, still focusing on Mercury removal. We’ll run another DMPS (mercury challenge) next Thursday to check those levels again. Went on to the Dentist and discovered that there is a slit not only in the new tongue flesh at the rear, but as well as all the way across and into the front new skin! Apparently its been there all along and is part of the hole left by the tumor. We found it while using the air attachment to dry the site for a camera picture. (See Length.jpg)Also found, by the same blowing method, that the depth is much deeper than it looks. We took pictures with the air on to try and capture the opening. (see depth.jpg) The slit measures 11.8mm across the length of the tongue, which is about the length of the first measurement we took of the Cancer . We couldn’t determine a good point to measure for the width of the hole. Its probably about 3mm on the inside. Probably more than twice that if you include the white mucous. We were afraid to try to measure the depth of the the slit for fear of damaging any flesh inside. We guessed between 3-6 mm??? Since I had the Metabolic ­ I remembered to double up on the Vicodin ES ­ took four of them this time ­ no pain! The Dentist was concerned about the Cansema getting inside the slit ­ but I wanted it in there ­ we compromised and decided to cover all questionable topical areas and load the cansema just on the inside of the slit. (Please comment as to whether you see any harm in packing the Cansema inside the slit.) The pain level was almost unnoticeable however I was concerned that the shot would wear off before the Cansema fully set up. It was close ­ I was starting to feel the tongue just as the pain was subsiding - real close but tolerable. The swelling was substantial and the white band very wide. I’ve taken a picture of this stage as well because I’m confused as to the meaning of this. (See enclosed, couldn't get 1 good one so I'm sending you the two best.) My understanding is that Cansema only activates on Cancerous material ­ so I take that to mean that there is still cancer material present that is causing this. Would like your input on this. Mike asked me to call another client of his, Dennis, with the same type of tongue cancer. The man is in the same age bracket - non-smoker and been into health alternatives for some time (Sounds familiar!) ­ I shared my experiences and I think he’ll probably be contacting you also. Will be reviewing the results from the stool samples this thursday with Dr. Carrow and Mike, the nutritionist.
Kent Estes - 02/22/00 [This letter follows discussion of results:] I am proud of your product and the results I have had. I have hesitated in reply, only in that it looks "legalish" and I always get jittery about that. I am not opposed to having pictures and even my name associated with your product and Website... I have thoughts about publishing a little book on these experiences... 2/25/00 :: ... You may use my pictures and name. Your product allowed me continue my life without the disfigurement that the Doctors would have chosen to do to me. I owe you that much in just the support you gave me.
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