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Lab Notes : H3O & Wounds
"On April 25th, 1998, I suffered a puncher wound just below my left knee. This wound went to the bone. After two weeks of using everything I had at home, it was infected and I ended up in the ER. They gave me antibiotics and pain pills. A week after that, it was still red, swollen, and very much still infected. I got some of your H3O from my Dad (who had just become familiar with the product) and after only ten minutes of using the product, my leg started to drain black thick smelly fluid. I did this three more times that night, and by the next morning, the swelling had gone down enough to where I could bend my knee with only a little discomfort. After three days, I am on my way to being as good as new...."

No doubt the mechanics for this reported phenomenon will be uncovered as we explore its other medical uses. See the cuts and burns page.

Notable Comments

"I was in a logging accident in July, 1979. I had a crushed right ankle which required 6.5 hours of surgery. It was an 8" incision, they removed many bone fragments and used 3 long screws to save it.
"Ten years ago I got several open sores on the top of the ankle bone along the incision. The open sore started at 1/4" and went into an open ulceration. Eventually multiple ulcerations developed (a total of 3) that went clear to the bone. I had to have dressings changed frequently. It was infected with a staph infection. At times the bandages would become soaked with blood and pus in a few hours.
"I went to a specialist (in Northern California) and he was unable to heal it. I went to U.C. Davis with a very bad infection as there were deep ulcerations that turned into blood poisoning and they were unable to control it. I also went to Stanford Medical Center and they were not able to stop the infection. Last year on the first of July, the sores opened again and I had to have a protection cast applied.
"As in previous years, some slight healing would occur and then there would be none for several weeks.
"I began to apply ARS twice a day for seven days. There was a noticeable improvement after three days! The ulcers closed up and scabbed over. In a couple weeks they were healed over complete."