SBHC Heart Food Drops
SBHC Heart Food Drops
Code 120 --- AO Heart Drops (4 fl. oz.) -- Discontinued
Code 121 --- AO Heart Drops with Sangre de Drago
60 ml. (2 fl. oz. -- 80 doses) --- $11.95 --- Order

Canadian Authorities took makers
of Heart Drops to court for claiming
they discovered the CURE for heart disease
and strokes . . . and lost! -- Here's the story . . .

Flag - British Columbia
Our interest in "Heart Drops" began in a likely place: the domain (net-wise and otherwise) of Strauss Heart Drops - an herbal legend in British Columbia.
Master Herbalists Jim and Peter Strauss have been a thorn in the side of Canadian health authorities for years. Most active herbalists in North America are familiar with the escapades of the Strauss herbal family. The medical authorities have been trying to crucify them for years -- or at least wipe out their multi-million dollar operation, built largely around their one core product. They have repeatedly failed, (including a highly publicized trial where they failed to convict the Strauss's for practicing medicine without a license). They have failed for basically one reason: many thousands of people worldwide claim that the heart drops work. Even the rap sheet on heart drops provided by none other than the Canadian Quackery Watch sounds comically whinny, as if written by a prodigious 5-year old.

Strauss advertising health claims Anyone who knows Alpha Omega Labs knows that our work with respectable practitioners inhibits any appetite for hyperbole we might be tempted to develop. Sufficient to say, however, that the ingredients in the "heart drops" are not proprietary, and the formula contains nutrients that have been well-founded as "heart-healthy" in numerous scientific journals.
That the formula is "heart-healthy" is well-founded.
In fact, there are several respected herbalists in the U.S. who privately make their own brew - some of them with testimonials as equally respectable as those of the Strauss'. We are now being supplied by the Swedish Bitters Herb Company, who produces one such formula."

A word about concentration: Heart Food Drops are considerably more concentrated than similar products, including the Strauss formula (although we do stick to the widely accepted protocol of 15 drops x 3 times daily). If you need to dilute, use the graduated dropper that comes with the bottle to draw equal amounts of product and water. This will make it easier to take the product if you find it too strong.

We sell the product as a circulatory support product only . . .

AO Heart Drops with Sangre de Drago - 60 ml.
(Introduced November, 2013)

INGREDIENTS (Code 120 -- discontinued): Aged garlic oil, cayenne, bilberry, hawthorn berry, olive leaf extract, white willow bark, bioenergized in an aqueous alcohol base. DIRECTIONS: Shake well before using and for maximum shelf-life, refrigerate when not in use. Put 15 drops (0.18 fl. oz.) under the tongue and hold for one minute before swallowing. Repeat three times daily for best results.
INGREDIENTS (Code 121): Aged garlic oil, cayenne, sangre de drago (croton lechleri L.), in an aqueous alcohol base. DIRECTIONS: The same protocol should be used as in the old AO Heart Drop formula above. (See enlargement of label).

To U.S. Users: Neither the contents of this page, nor the product itself, have been evaluated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate or prevent any disease.

January 23, 2003

Subject: Ear poppingly good drops

"I received the AO Heart Drops Wednesday afternoon, and began dosage immediately. Wednesday evening my left ear kind of popped, and had a warm, wet sensation as though it were draining. Thursday morning the same thing happened to my right ear. I am looking at this as very good, (better out than in)! Am eagerly awaiting other benefits. It does seem impossible to hold it in the mouth for one minute, though!

We realize this ... but the sublingual part of the recommendation does get active components in the blood, avoiding the "first pass" phenomenon with the liver. Just do the best you can with this part of the process.

(privacy release not issued)
Received via email: 1/23/03

September 2, 2003

Subject: "Facts are facts"

Just a note about your AO Heart Drops. I ordered some bottles for my friends and myself last week. I read the testimonials on the Strauss web site, looked over your web site and felt you were the folks I needed to be buying from. Of course I want to clear my arteries before someone tells me I need a bypass or anything like that, but I did note among the Strauss testimonials that some were getting help with enlarged prostrate glands. I am 58 years old and the artery cleansing was my primary goal, but I have had a wonderful surprise since beginning the AO Heart Drops. Over the past few years I have noticed the force of my urination steadily decreasing and over the last few months I have been getting a little concerned about it because, even with no pain involved, it was taking quite a while to urinate. Two days after, not two weeks or two months I have experienced a radical improvement in urination. There is absolutely nothing else to attribute this improvement to other than your Heart Drops.

Charles T. Smith
Received via email: 9/2/03

P.S. --- If you want to print this testimonial with my name go right ahead. I would tell anyone else what I am telling you. Facts are facts.

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