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Blood pressure is the tension exerted by blood against the arterial walls. It reaches its highest values in the left ventricle during systole, and decreases in the arterial system as the distance from the heart increases, and is lower in capillaries than in arteries. While the systolic arterial blood pressure rises during activity and lowers during sleep, the normal, relaxed, healthy adult could have pressure of 100-140 mm Hg. Abnormal or high blood pressure is a systolic pressure persistently above 140 or diastolic pressure persistently above 90. When either the systolic pressure is 160+ or the diastolic pressure is 115+, the elevation is considered severe. Such factors as age, body build, previous blood pressure, and the state of mental and physical health should be considered when making a determination.

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lood pressure varies with age, sex, altitude, muscular development, and states of mental and physical stress and fatigue. Women generally have lower blood pressure than men, low in childhood, and higher in elderly. It can also be affected by diet, hormones, and blood loss due to menstruation or severe injury. Blood pressure is measured in terms of how much the arteries contract and dilate.
High blood pressure can remain symptomless for 10-20 years, possibly damaging the brain, kidneys, and eyes without the patient being aware. Cutting back on salt intake may be helpful in many people with high blood pressure, as well as lowering body weight by eating fewer calories, drinking less alcohol, quitting cigarette smoking, and watching the diet.
Hawthorne Berry is the best known alternative medicine for high blood pressure, as it relaxes and dilates artery walls. It generally takes several weeks or months to work, so it is best used in the early stages of high blood pressure. Reishi Mushrooms have been studied for many years, and published studies show that it not only lowers blood pressure, but it reduces bad LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. This reduces the likelihood of blood platelets to accumulate, thereby making the blood less likely to clot. Garlic is also known to lower blood pressure, as is Dandelion, by increasing urine flow with its diuretic effect.
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