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You Tube Our preferred video provider is now Brighteon, although we still maintain some videos on YouTube. A complete list of all the videos we have posted can be found on our Alpha Omega Labs Video Postings page. We continue to solicit the public for video contributions and inputs, so that a new group of stories are available that help the public understand the legitimacy of effective natural products..

(Primarily for new visitors / those unfamiliar with our work, philosophy, products, etc.)
  • Welcome _ (AO Labs' purpose / philosophy / focus of our work)
  • FAQ _ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • Suppression of Cancerolytic Herbs _ (Why some of the most amazing herbal discoveries over the last 150 years have been systematically suppressed, and the large body of evidence that supports the claim. Contains references to our patron saint, Dr. Jonathan Hartwell.)
  • Impossible Dream _ (Why The Cancer Industry Is Committed To Not Finding a Cure, and If They Do Run Across One, Suppressing It!)
  • Supplement vs. "Treatment": A Primer in Product Claims (So is there any difference between a supplement, an adjunct, a treatment, or a cure? There IS, but our response may surprise you.)
  • Search Engine _ (Search engine to our entire site; just enter keyword - examines all HTML (text) files - contains tips on results page)
  • Video Gallery _ (Our first video gallery page, containing early interviews of the company. It has been superseded by our Alpha Omega Labs Video Postings page.)
  • Privacy Policy _ (What measures we take to ensure the privacy of our customers)

(How to contact us, includes specialized pages for user communications / your comments)
  • Email _ (General purpose / say anything you want, or you can write to us directly at
  • How to Find Us

Meditopia® / Testimonials / and Misc.
  • Meditopia® (Written by AO Labs' Founder, Greg Caton, contains a history of Alpha Omega Labs -- plus an extensive history on the discovery, patent filings, and shameful suppression of this highly effective healing modality . . . many suppressed formulas and healing techniques provided . . . and the road we must take, as a species, to keep legitimate, effective healing techniques alive, in a world of Elitists intent on using 'orthodox medicine' as a medium for financially enslaving the general public . . . [trademark filing] )
  • Testimonial / Anecdotal Submissions _ (Where users give us their testimonials or anecdotal comments in connection with the use of Alpha Omega products; contains "permissions" settings, so use this page if for testimonial purposes)
  • Testimonials _ (Most of the testimonials we get concern Cansema® -- or one of our other topicals, because these are what we are best known for . . . but our testimonials contain comments on many other products, as well. Our testimonials, include hundreds of pictorials and testmony, cover from the early 1990's to the present.)

  • The Ashwin and our mailout log - (Contains the back issues of "The Ashwin" (2001-2017) and back issues of our mailouts, many of which articles of interest to our customers.)

  • Chat Room (This was a Chat Room we used to cover issues with customers for many years. It was inoperable from Sept., 2003 until May 9, 2009, when it was used again briefly. A new video chat program with customers is being planned now for 2020.)

The Products
(Below, you'll find descriptions on all labelled products we have ever made for the public, going back to 1990. The list includes products made prior to the infamous FDA raid of September, 2003. To see our current product list, visit our store options page. Neither of our two stores contain customized products we make for the medical community or the products we make in various countries that are only available by prescription. Listings below are alphabetical. Availability: Those product names preceded by an open circle are historic. Those preceded by a solid black dot are currently in stock.) -- [Updated Jan. 13, 2019]

"Ailment" Pages -- (1995 - 2003)
(This section introduces users to the traditional indications or ailments for which our ethnobotanically derived products have been used - including uses for which our current research is focused. Comments made on these pages should not, in the absence of recommendations made by your professional health care practitioner, be taken as advice that any of the products below are intended for use as treatment or cure for any disease. Alpha Omega Labs' products are intended to be used as adjuncts or nutritional support to the drug regimen recommended by your physician.)

Ordering Online / Warranty / Returns
  • Order Form _ (Leads to our Order Form, contains "Status" statement in case there's a problem)
  • Alternative Ordering Instructions _ (If you are using AOL or WebTV as your browser platform, don't like using your credit card online, or are otherwise having problems ordering)
  • Exempt Countries . . . ("We ship to every country on earth, except for . . . " Those countries we will not ship products to and the reasons why . . . )
  • Shipping Instructions _ (Covers our shipping policies and procedures. If you're concerned about the cost of shipping, or curious about how we charge for it, read this page)
  • Warranty _ (Our guarantee to everyone who purchases from Alpha Omega Labs)
  • Refund Request _ (To improve our own customer service performance we request that customers fill out this short form if they decide to return a product. It takes less than five minutes to fill it out and click "Send Message" to send it via our site)