"Few people realize that herbal remedies work much better when the patient's pH is balanced."

Dr. Ralph Weiss, N.D.

"There is little difference between plants and higher animals (including humans) when it comes to pH balance. We know from 30 years of research that the optimal pH of plant tissue fluid is 6.4. A pH imbalance, caused by acidic dietary inputs, will result in diseased states - in both plants and animals."

Bruce Tainio
Tainio Technology (WA, USA)

How Western
Fell Prey to
Mild Acidosis
Cancers thrive in an acidic environment -- not an alkaline one. What's more, cancer isn't the only degenerative disease to share this characteristic.

"Modern civilization has made more changes to the pH of the diet of homo sapiens in the last forty years than it has in the previous forty thousand. . . And it's all acidic. . ."

It's a simple fact, seemingly tangential to any of the most recognized therapies used in the cancer field today. But it isn't. The adjustment of pH from acidic (5.8 and lower) to a more neutral (though slightly acidic) pH of around 6.4, is considered critical by many clinicians. (Note: These values reference the average pH of bodily fluids, like urine and saliva, separate and apart from blood, for which the body employs homeostatis to keep the blood at between pH 7.35 and 7.45). This is the average many alternative cancer care practitioners talk about when discussing the gradual shift to more acidic foods, including an epidemiological state of mild acidosis that has caused an increase in not just cancer, but also MS and diabetes.
The "acid shift" is well-known and documented, as Westerners have moved more towards processed foods, and away from a diet of fresh foods. The fact is, modern civilization has made more changes to the pH of the diet of homo sapiens in the last forty years than it did in the previous forty thousand -- and, in the name of "shelf stability," it is all acidic.

"The explosion in the use of food-grade acidulents was completely predictable: there is not a single preservative that doesn't work more effectively in an acidic substrate."

Processed foods, especially those that contain water in the 15-50% range (called "intermediate moisture" foods by food technologists), all require preservatives. The explosion in the use of food-grade acidulents, including citric, phosphoric, malic, tartaric, and lactic acids, was completely predictable: there is not a single preservative that doesn't work more effectively in an acidic substrate. In fact, there is not one single food-grade preservative approved by a Western food and drug agency that will work better in a neutral or alkaline environment than it will in an acidic one. The most popular antimicrobial preservatives in use, including all sorbates, benzoates, proprionates, parabens, nitrates, and their salts -- all of them -- all require pH ranges that are well below 4.0 to work optimally. This isn't speculation: it's hornbook food science. Acidulents are everywhere: every can of soda pop, every IM snack product, every jar of tomato sauce, every loaf of bread. Two hundred years ago most of these acidulents weren't even chemically identified, let alone put into use. Today they are ubiquitous. They have thoroughly infiltrated the food supply.
None of this is to suggest that most of these preservatives (most of them are fatty acids, so they're acidic, too) or the acidulents used to make them work better and acidify foods, are inherently harmful. Except for nitrates, there is no credible research to show that approved preservatives are harmful. It is not the preservatives themselves that are harmful. It is the acidic metabolic environments that acidulents and preservatives create in the absence of more alkaline food stuffs that do the damage.
Clinicians who understand the importance of pH balance will often have their patients measure the pH of urine and saliva over several days to see if it is imbalanced. The best time to do this is upon arising in the morning -- well before breakfast. Cancer patients are almost never found to have a pH that is not considerably more acidic than the mean. (One doctor has told us that his cancer patients measure an average of about 5.6, and normal, healthy patients measure about 6.4. This is significant when we take into account that the pH scale is logrithmic: 5.0 is 10 times more acidic than 6.0).
In the main article (at right) we discuss how pH ties together several different therapies and could help us explain other disease states that appear to be unique in their frequency starting in the early-to-mid 1900's and continuing to the present.
We have much research yet to do, but a clear picture is beginning to emerge: you cannot strongly acidify the diet of an entire civilization without seeing a dramatic upsurge in acid-related disorders.
And a correlation between both now appears evident -- and, indeed, historic.

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HRx (tm) Hydroxide Concentrate
Hydroxide Concentrate:
An Introduction

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General Use HRx Instructions Testimonials

The companion to our H3O Concentrate, the HRx Hydroxide Concentrate draws from the same proprietary technology, only it carries entirely different applications. Whereas H3O is a super pure, non-corrosive acid, HRx is its alkaline counterpart. The HRx concentrate measures about pH 13.5 -- so it should be violently caustic, and yet it is not. Coming from the same technology as H3O, this is not surprising...
Since so much of Alpha Omega Lab's work has centered around cancer, (accelerated by our work in third world countries where people cannot afford conventional treatment to begin with), this became our starting point.
Early in our work with HRx, it became apparent that it had dramatic potential in overall nutrition, particularly for those suffering from most types of cancer; adult diabetes; and possibly muscular dystrophy. Our suspicions were entirely theoretical.
We were aware, for instance, that many of those who view cancer as a "nutrient deficiency" disorder -- even those who concur with the polymorphic microorganism theories of Antoine Bechamp, Royal Rife, and others; or such etiological theories as "parasitic carcinogenesis" (i.e. Hulda Clarke) -- acknowledge the harmful role of pH imbalance. Genius is not required to acknowledge the obvious: cancers cannot grow or even survive in an alkaline, or even a neutral, pH environment. They require acidity.
In working with the inventors of HRx, we came to understand that if you made ordinary drinking water with it regularly, bringing the "water" to a pH of approximately 9.0, and you drink it, the pH of saliva and urine samples will reflect values in the 6.4 to 7.0 range -- not 5.2 to 5.9. This meant that HRx indisputably brought the entire circulatory system, and therefore the organ tissues through which the blood passes, into less acidic pH ranges. But the next question was not so easy to answer: is there really much significance in making the body less acidic? And does this observation, now confirmed after fifteen years of use, bring any relief to a patient who has a disease that is created because of mild acidosis to begin with? In other words, so what if acidosis brought on the cancer -- will reversing the acidosis benefit the patient now that the cancer process is already in place? And what about the many other maladies that, in whole or in part, are aggrevated, if not created, as a result of a pH imbalanced physiology biased to acidity?
Even at this writing, we do not have enough empirical evidence, let alone well-constructed longitudinal studies, to support conclusive findings, despite some of the miraculous anecdotal comments we have received. What we can rely on is the clinical findings of doctors we have consulted in several countries -- physicians we know and respect. And this is what we know:
The effectiveness (putting aside any toxicological issues for a moment) of the leading alternative cancer treatments in use today, in part, draw their efficacy from the fact that they mildly adjust the pH upward. These include: (1) hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) therapy, (2) ozone therapy, (3) cesium, and (4) coral water or coral powder. Improperly handled, all three can be quite toxic when used internally. We know through experimentation that none of these will bring as quick a change in pH balancing as will HRx. (Enthusiasts of bio-oxidative therapies will be quick to point out, however, that in the case of hydrogen peroxide and ozone, it is the oxygenation and not the pH balancing, that are behind the benefits, since cancers cannot survive in aerobic environments, either.)
With this working knowledge in hand, we now feel confident to recommend the following as a nutritional support adjunct to our internal Cansema products (capsules and Tonic III, as well as a general purpose pH balancing program:

General Use Instructions *

    HRx Concentrate 
 - 8 fl. oz.
  1. Add just one fluid ounce (that's 2 Tablespoons, or about 30 ml.) to each gallon (4 quarts, or 3.785 liters) of distilled or purified water. (You may "pro rate" accordingly).
  2. Use this solution for drinking water; for coffee and tea; and for cooking. Try to consume not less than two 8 fl. oz. (240 ml.) glasses of this diluted solution per day. (A more aggressive protocol would be 32 fl. oz. (1 quart, or roughly 946 ml.) per day.) This concludes all uses: drinking "water," reconstituted beverages, cooking, etc. -- wherever and however you consume it orally. WHEN you take the prepared solution is important, too: in order to allow the digestive acids of the G.I. tract to properly digest your food, it is best to take the solution, or any beverages you make with the hydroxide solution, between meals. You probably want to allow at least 45 minutes between the time you take beverages and your next meal time. If you use the solution in the preparation of meals (i.e. in cooked meals), use it sparingly and in not more than one meal per day.
  3. You may choose to monitor your pH with strips (not included) that you should buy at your local drug store. A good system recommended by some clinicians is to measure the pH of the saliva and urine and divide by two. Take your daily measurement upon getting up in the morning, before breakfast. If you measure at other times of the day, particularly after meals, you will get skewed results.
  4. Keep a log of these daily measurements.
  5. As your pH measurements move higher, closely monitor the results. You are looking to be in the range of 6.6 to 7.0 average. From this point forward, go with a "maintenance program" of "two days on, two days off" with your HRx Solution, or "as needed" to keep you, at the least, above an average pH of 6.2.
  6. That's all there is to it. If you still have questions, just email us.
New for 2016
Beginning January 4, 2016, we will be offering our new and improved version of HRx for $26.95 --- FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!

"Early Hour"

There are numerous web sites that discuss the tremendous health benefits of "hydration therapy." What HRx does is add an entirely new range of benefits to this basic technique, but we'll get to that in a moment. For now, the benefits of "hydration therapy" -- a fancy term for drinking purified water at specific times of the day -- should be reviewed for those who don't know them. At the least, the following benefits can be experienced simply by taking a large glass of water in the morning, upon arising:

(1) Weight Loss -- Drinking chillded water in the morning upon arising raises the metabolism, reportedly as much as 25%. (The body expends calories to bring the water to body temperature). Additionally, water fills the stomach, acting as a mild appetite suppressant.
(2) Removes Toxins --Water is the medium the body uses to flush out toxins. With additional hydration using the techniques in this section, you will eliminate more of the substances that lead to disease states.
(3) Improved Cardiovascular & Lymph Flow --The circulatory pathways of the body are all improved with the regular consumption of purified water with no additional additives. You wouldn't attempt to clean the outside of your body with sodas, coffee, teas, or even juices. So don't expect your "internal environment" to be "clean" if you don't use water . . . the same medium you use to bathe.
(4) Healthier Skin -- Extra hydration helps the cardiovascular system clean the dermal layers. The result is skin that is improved in appearance and texture.
(5) Improved Regularity --You don't have to be constipated to have less than optimal bowel regularity. You can get a sense of this when you perform this "therapy" with consistency. The first bowel movement of the morning is soft, complete, and there is no effort to expel.
(6) Emelioration of Other Conditions --There is almost no serious and/or chronic condition that will not improve with proper hydration, ranging from cancer, diabetes, hepatic and renal diseases, etc.

The timing of "early hour hydration therapy" is important. Some commentators recommend upon arising or after you 'get up'.
In our research, however, after 25 years of investigating this area and running a colon hydrotherapy clinic in Lousiana in the 90's -- (another form of systemic hydration) -- we have come to the conclusion that the best TIME to drink extra water is during the night, after using the bathroom, and/or before getting out of bed. The reason is the pyloric valve (which is the gateway between the stomach and the deodenum) is still periodically open, allowing for a more thorough "water flush."
And this takes us to our final point: a very effective method of getting more complete hydration AND alkalizing the body overall is to prepare "HRx water" at the 1:128 ratio, as per the instructions in the center column, and let THIS be your drinking water.
The benefits begin to be experienced within a day or two, and unlike the Kelmun Protocol and other techniques that incorporate sodium bicarbonate, there are no sodium electrolyte imbalances that result from use. (HRx contains only two mineral ions of note: calcium and potassium).

Use with Colon

Cathryn and I used to run a colon hydrotherapy clinic in the early 90's, while running Alpha Omega Labs -- (this was before we posted Alpha's first website, Altcancer.com, in 1995). Among the techniques we used in our work was introducing alkaline and oxygenated water into the system. This will be the subject of an upcoming article . . .
Case #021402: HRx & Diabetes
Just a quick word to let you know how well HRx has worked for me in controlling my blood sugar. I use Glucaphage to help control (it), but I still have numbers that are in the 180 to 200 range. Within two days of taking HRx, I saw my blood sugar settle into 120 to 130, and it has stayed there consistently since I began taking it three months ago. I can't say whether or not it would work for other diabetic patients this well, but considering its low cost, ease of use, and no toxicity, they have nothing to lose.... Thanks! (Tracy Ballman - USA - 2/14/2002)

Case #030602: HRx & Chronic Heartburn
Good Day! I am a 50 year old male who has suffered most of my adult life from chronic heartburn. I located your website searching for help to treat an absess/tumor on one of my older dogs. I read a lot of what you had to say and ended by purchasing your black salve, H30 and HRx. I used the black salve and H3O to treat my dog. The results were nothing short of remarkable. I know your products have extended her life.
The tumor has completely disappeared and I did not have to subject her to a major surgury at age 13. Back to the heartburn. I was intrigued by your discussions of acidity levels in a person's body. I decided to use the sample bottle of HRx for myself.
Thirty-five days ago I began drinking water with a small amount of HRx mixed in. Within a day or two I stopped having heartburn attacks and I haven't had one since. Adjusting the acidity of my body to a slightly alkali condition has made all the difference. I also have a fatty tumor on my side, outside my ribcage. It has been there for over 15 years and has gradually gotten larger.
After just 35 days your product has reversed that trend and it has, clearly, reduced in size. In closing, I have just made another order of your products. I am sending some to my older brother who also has chronic heartburn. I will let you know if he has similar results. Please keep up the good work. (Rick Bell - rbell@peoplepc.com - 3/6/02)