AO H3O Concentrate TM
(Also sold as Calcium
Sulfate Hydronium Concentrate

Makes 8 Gal. @ pH 2.35
reconstituted w/distilled water)

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Original H3O Intro (2001)
Re-Introduced August 3, 2009
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A Verifiably Truthful History
of the Product Called "H3O"
In February, 2001, I travelled to Grass Valley, California to investigate the medical claims of a group of chemists at a company called HPT Research. Indicating that they had stumbled upon a miraculous compound that would revolutionize the medical field, their claims appeared quite dubious at first glance. After all, none of the principals had any formal training or experience in medicine . . . and the name that they assigned to their product, H3O, was merely chemical shorthand for hydronium. [ 1 ] What could possibly be so special about that?
Further investigation by members of Alpha Omega Labs, then operating out of Lake Charles and Nassau, Bahamas, proved that the reports we were getting from HPT's end users in Northern California -- even though anecdotal -- were genuine and worthy of further investigation. Moreover, HPT Research was able to show that the product had been extensively tested, was non-caustic and non-corrosive, and had already been approved by a variety of U.S. Government agencies for other applications. We introduced HPT's H3O later that month (February, 2001), and created an introductory page discussing what we had found. In our first Ashwin, later that year, October, 2001, we discussed additional properties of H3O which we had uncovered . . . and did the same with issues in November, 2001, December, 2001, January, 2002, and July, 2002.
In shipments of H3O that followed an initial purchase of 500 gallons, Alpha Omega Labs found consistent quality control problems, including one batch which had been contaminated with cadmium from an unknown source. On account of these quality control problems, in 2002, Alpha Omega Labs entered into an agreement with one of the co-inventors and co-patent holders, J. Michael Overton, of Grass Valley, California, to have a plant built to manufacture H3O in larger quantities. A third party was also included in the agreement, Mr. George S. Ackerson, who we were only later to learn was secretly and subversively working for the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA). [ 2 ] Although Alpha Omega Labs subsequently spent a total of over $100,000 for lab equipment, supplies, building costs; legal, technical, and other professional fees; etc., the plant was never completed and we never graduated beyond selling small amounts which had been supplied to us directly by HPT Research. Through its double-agent, George Ackerson, the FDA had succeeded in preventing the plant from ever becoming operational. Even worse, he later worked with FDA agents behind the scenes, to incorporate H3O into the FDA's criminal case -- even though it was later clearly shown in court that the FDA's case against me -- and H3O -- was a complete fraud in itself. (Exhaustive details are provided in Chapter 3 of Meditopia). So fictitious were the claims of the FDA, stating that H3O was nothing but battery acid, that when HazMat specialists with the FDA called HPT to ask them how to dispose of our H3O inventory, Stephen Ray Wurzburger, then HPT's president, responded with, "Well . . . you might consider drinking it." [ 3 ]
To add insult to injury, in subsequent litigation where Alpha Omega Labs was the plaintiff, [ 4 ] it was revealed in a sworn deposition by Overton, inventor in previous patent work leading up to the "invention" of this stabilized H3O (see footnote [ 5 ] to examine background U.S. patent filings) that the subsequent patent work done by himself; his partner, Steve Wurzburger; had allegedly been designed to deceive the public. Critical elements of the manufacturing process had been left out, making any attempt to re-produce the product by following the instructions in the relevant patents filed completely useless.
Around the same time, I flew to Huntsville, Alabama, to meet with alternative physicist, Tom Bearden, at his home. Despite being characterized by the orthodox community as a crackpot -- with no less vitriole than I am -- my experience in the few conversations that I had had with Bearden was that he was an highly creative, original thinker. Knowing that electromagnetic fields played a key role in the manufacture of H3O, I went ahead and asked Bearden for his assistance. (My in-person video interview with Bearden appears on this site -- in 4 parts). Although Bearden wasn't able to give me HPT's secret to manufacturing H3O, he gave me enough clues that with the assistance of chemists in Guayaquil, Ecuador, I was able to figure it out 7 years later. It is equal to, if not superior to, the original embodiment.
Today, Alpha Omega Labs runs its own "H3O laboratory" in Guayaquil, where we manufacture the product ourselves and conduct ongoing research into structured water and the properties of various hydroxyl groupings, having discovered what we believe to be the missing pieces which Overton and Wurzburger, according to Overton himself, excluded from their patent work. Under patent rights also contractually assigned to us by Overton for what amounted to $48,000, we now manufacture this product without violation of intellectual property using our own proprietary process.

Few discoveries that we've unearthed over our 20 year sojourn into the world of suppressed medical findings can compare to the amazing story of H3O (read "History" above). In the space of a product introductory page, it is almost impossible to relate all of our incredible experiences involving the use of this product -- which, again, makes its suppression all the more shameful. Among the more notable:
  • My Own Incurable, Recurring Acute Bronchitis -- I moved to Lake Charles from Los Angeles in November, 1984. Already possessing a genetic pre-disposition to respiratory problems, I found the hot, humid climate of "Bayou Country" to be quite disagreeable to my condition. In 1985 I contracted a nasty case of acute bronchitis that began as minor sinisitis. For the next 16 years, not knowing of an alternative remedy that would effectively treat the problem, I floated from one medical doctor to another -- and graduated from one prescribed antibiotic to another. Each time, the antibiotic prescribed would allay the symptoms . . . but only temporarily.
    Each time the return of the bronchitis would worsen.
    In March, 2002, Cathryn and I had a booth for Lumen Foods at the Natural Foods Expo West convention and trade show in Anaheim. The day before the show we went to set up our booth and I was coughing up so much green phlegm that I knew unless I did something drastic, I was going to have to leave my poor wife to man the booth by herself.
    Knowing that H3O is harmless to animal tissue, I reasoned that since it has a "log kill rate" which exceeds that of Chlorox®, if I sprayed it into my mouth and inhaled the material into my lungs, it should kill the bacteria behind the bronchitis . . . and so . . . I obtained an empty spray bottle, filled it with H3O, pre-diluted with purified water at about a 32:1 ratio, and sprayed it -- over and over, into my open mouth -- timing the spraying to each attempt to inhale as hard as I could.
    It was a crude device . . . but it worked.
    Today it is nearly seven and a half years later and not only has the bronchitis never returned . . . but I have never had another respiratory illness since.
  • An Amazing Wound Healing Tool -- When I was arrested in September, 2001, one of the charges that was the basis for the FDA's raid was the contention that H3O was nothing more than battery acid . . . and that its use by one of our medical doctors (and surgeons), Dr. Charles Smith at Parkview Medical in Dallas, had damaged one of his patients.
    Everything about the FDA's position turned out to be a lie. I knew Dr. Charles Smith well and he found H3O to be the cleanest, fastest, least prone to side-effect, wound accelerant that he had ever used. That's why he used it. Why did a vexatious litigant in Dallas go after Dr. Smith -- and myself -- for its use in the hospital? Because they claimed it was not FDA approved. (As if it would ever be possible -- no matter how many billions you spent on clinical studies, to ever get the FDA to approve something that is a variant of water!)
    This travesty of justice is covered in Chapter 3 of Meditopia -- but it mimics input we received from Alpha Omega Labs' customers over a 30 month period (Feb., 2001 to Sept., 2003) . . . namely, that H3O acted not only to keep wounds clean, but to accelerate the rate of healing.
  • Natural Products Expo East - Washington Convention Center
    Washington, D.C. - October, 2001 -
    We introduced H3O through retail channels at ExpoEast the month after 9/11. Back in those days, people were still worried, staying out of Washington, D.C., if possible, thinking that perhaps the "next shoe was going to drop" any day. Consequently, this show turned out to be the lightest in attendance of over 100 trade shows that we attended over a 20 year period (1987-2007) . . . Nonetheless, a professor from one of the local universities, a Ph.D. in Chemistry, observed one of our demonstrations, where we added into one glass, 250 ml. of H3O (pH. 0.0) with HRx (pH. 14.0). End observable result: the two solutions cancelled each other, producing a solution with a pH of 7 . . . with no exothermic reaction!
    "Impossible," the professor proclaimed, having observed the entire presentation, "what you're demonstrating is impossible -- the combination of a strong acid with a strong alkaline and no exothermic reaction." He then handed me his business card so as to reinforce both his credentials and his admonishing delivery, "Here . . . I'm a professor of chemistry and I can tell you that what you're doing violates the most basic laws of inorganic chemistry. You should be ashamed of yourself for pulling this little hat trick." He then walked away in disgust.
    I mention this story because it illustrates our culture's obsession with established theoretic models and a disdain for observation. This professor of chemistry who treated me like I was an scam artist because I demonstrated something that orthodox science can't explain, wasn't really upset because he thought I was deceiving the public. What really upset him -- even though he would never admit is -- was that he didn't have a model for what he was observing. And what he was observing was in defiance of the model he already had!
    Years before I would begin to author Meditopia, I would remember that moment . . . because it tells you when you have something worthy of exploration. We can't expand or grow if we only cling to experiences we can predict. It was in that moment that I knew that H3O -- and the companion solutions that use the same technology -- were truly special. They cured disease in unexpected ways just as they exhibited so many other properties that were equally unexpected and unexplained.
Ailments Successfully Treated With H3O
And Suggested Areas of Continuing Research
Below, we provide a list for which one or more end users or their practitioners have made medical claims as to benefits received from the use of H3O. We provide this list as a basis for further discussion, exploration, investigation, and discovery. We DO NOT CLAIM that H3O is a cure for these ailments . . . and, in fact, we cannot guarantee beyond a doubt that some of them aren't even fictitious -- although at this point, we have no reason to believe that any of them are. Without the freedom to share findings with the public, health care research can never ascend to anything greater than exploitation. It is in this spirit alone that this information is provided.
Aside from HPT's original documentation, showing that H3O is a stronger antimicrobial (i.e. anti-bacterial, viral, and fungal) than even colloidal silver, we cannot provide a theoretical framework that would explain how H3O works in the majority of these cases. Again . . . the best we can do is provide a foundation for further exploration.
Incidentally, most of the information and links below were posted on our original H3O page (2001). After my arrest, the U.S. media -- at the behest and urging of the FDA -- used this very information as the basis for its disinformation campaign. Essentially, the unspoken implication of their pitch was this: "Anyone who promotes a product as potentially helping in this many areas of health care must automatically be a liar, a cheat, and a fraud. Stay away from them!"
We will leave it to current readers to see if they are -- sight unseen, evidence untested -- so easily deceived by that weak-minded line of reasoning.

Jock Itch
Lice, Head
(incl. conjunctivitis
and pink eye)

Poison Ivy/Oak/Sumac
Sore Throat
Strep Throat
(hemolytic streptococci)
Wound Healing

Directions for Use . . .
The product you are purchasing is a concentrate. The purchase comes as one eight (8) fl. oz. bottle of H3O Concentrate. (pH strips and color chart can be purchased separately through other vendors, although if you use our pH Chart & Usage Guidelines, this is largely unnecessary.)
You never use the H3O concentrate in its concentrated form -- just as you would never drink Lugol's. Before use you ADD DISTILLED or PURIFIED WATER to bring H3O to its desired pH level. Please review the aforementioned Chart before proceeding.
Internal Use: For general consumption to get the benefits of "H+ supplementation," we recommend one fluid ounce (about 30 ml.) to one gallon of distilled water. From this one gallon of distilled water, drink 1 to 2 fl. oz. per day . . . That's it.
External Use: For wounds, cuts, and other topical applications, we recommend using 1 fl. oz. of H3O to a liter (or a quart which is only slightly [0.946 l.] less). With time and experimentation, you will find that H3O has different properties at different dilution rates . . . in other words, it is a "pH driven" concentrate solution.

. . . and Warnings
H3O is non-caustic and non-corrosive to human and animal tissue. At best, it may -- in some persons -- feel "tingly" on the skin surface. Even so, it is water soluble and washes off easily. The product DOES NOT have this same character with most fabrics. If you get H3O on your clothes, you may not notice anything for a day or so . . . but later a hole will appear.
Keep out of reach of children.
Store in a cool, dry place.
If you get solution in your eyes, immediately rinse out with water.

Americans have given up the freedom to take care of themselves in favor of the dubious security of supposed protection from 'quackery,' 'unscientific,' and 'ineffective' medicine.
Strong language? Not at all. A congressional report concludes that only 10 to 20 percent of present-day 'scientific' medical procedures have been shown to be of benefit by controlled clinical trial. One possible interpretation of this congressional document is that 80 to 90 percent of modern scientific medicine has no better scientific proof behind it than snake oil. [Edit.: Only 80-90%?)
Jonathan V. Wright, M.D.
Dr. Wright's Guide to Healing with Nutrition (1984)
Rodale Press -- p. 4
For more, read Chap. 4 of Meditopia

Greg Caton --- Founder
Alpha Omega Labs
Guayaquil, Ecuador


  1. The name of the product -- without proper explanation -- could be deceiving to those who don't take the time to read, for it is not our contention that AO H3O Concentrate is pure hydronium. One prominent patient in the field, which uses a similar process, states that the exact composition of the "H+ rich" end product is, for all intents and purposes, indeterminable, but probably consists of variations of H3O, H5O2, H7O3, H9O4, etc. -- variants of the same hydroxyl combinations found in ordinary water, just in higher concentration. What we know is that the composition of the hydroxyls yields are an aqueous solution with a far higher percentage of H+ . . .
    And since we're on the subject of composition, it should be noted that a laboratory analysis of AO H3O, using HPLC, mass spectometry, or any number of chemical analysis methods will determine that the product is an aqueous solution of approximately 7% sulphuric acid. So the logical question becomes, "Is that all this is?" And what we know from extensive research, done by ourselves and HPT Research (which is now out of business -- the principals having moved on to new company names), is that the sulphuric acid is "denatured" in the manufacturing process. If it were not for the fact that the process denatures the acid, you would not able to safely drink even the diluted versions of this product.
    If "telling the truth" had any meaning in a U.S. Federal Court of Law, the FDA would never have gotten away with making its false statements to the court and the public concerning the true nature of this product.
  2. The details of this sordid affair is told in greater detail in Chapter 3 of Meditopia.
  3. The recounting of Steve Wurzburger's discussions with FDA and DOJ officials were conveyed to Cathryn Caton months after the destruction of our U.S. lab by Mr. Wurzburger himself.
  4. Herbologics, Ltd. vs. J. Michael Overton, George S. Ackerson, et al., 14th District Court, Western Louisiana; 2002.
  5. Background patents by the principals that preceeded the discovery of H3O include: U.S. Patents, #5,575,974, #6,790,352, #5,895,782.
  6. Actually, I flew to Moscow to meet Dr. Volkov . . . but he was not able to get back in time to meet me. And so, I decided to fly to Pulkovo (near St. Petersburg) to meet him at his office there. A representative from the Russian Embassy in Washington, D.C., Sergey Bogaditsa, acted as my translator for the entirety of the trip.
  7. The company, HPT Research, is no longer in business . . . and I suspect that my criminal case was a contributing factor. Nonetheless, because variations of H3O are made in the U.S. now by at least two other companies besides Alpha Omega Labs, approved as they are by other U.S. agencies over which the FDA has no jurisdiction, I suspect that with or without AO's contribution, word of the healing properties of H+ rich solutions would get out such that eventually even the FDA would be powerless to continue to suppress this knowledge.
  8. Mr. R.L. Banks did miraculously while under our care, and then died years later (while I was imprisoned). To be frank, I never heard again from members of his family . . . and I wish I did. Quite ironically, Mr. Banks primarily contact at that time was George Ackerson - a prominent figure in Chapter 3 of Meditopia, who touted its benefits while working on our payroll -- and condemned it while working as a double-agent for the U.S. Food & Drug Administration . . . Hypocrisy, it would appear, knows no bounds when money and opportunity enter the mix.
  9. You used to be able to read Dr. Volkov's theories on his website, http://www.h-longevity.net -- but for unknown reasons, his site is no longer function and is its place, his domain directs you to yet another goofy, promotional "site filler" with unrelated advertisements. Additionally, the page to Suddath's essay comes from http://www.perfectwaters.net/hydrogen+.html. I have streamlined it with his permission. Other comments made in this sidebar come from a telecon dated July 31, 2009 @ 2130 CST.
  10. Ralph Suddath told me that two people entered a blog some time around 2004 and indicated that the Lithuanian, electrolysis device that Volkov recommended had hurt their teeth because of its caustic nature . . . Yeah . . . sure . . . acid water with a pH of tomato paste . . .
    Speaking personally, I used this same Lithuanian device for about a year, experimenting with it -- if for no other reason than getting swept up in Volkov's enthusiasm and wanting to experience everything he was talking about. If anything, my only doubts were that an insufficient quantity of H+ were ingested following the protocol that Volkov laid out. As for H3O, besides the intentionally fraudulent lawsuit filed by Sharon Lee in 2002 -- not to mention that of Sue Gilliatt, who ended up admitting under oath that she never even used H3O . . . she just wanted to include it in her lawsuit. (See Chap 3), we never had complaints about H3O in the three years that we sold it. Moreover, I and all the members of my staff in Lake Charles found a wide range of uses for it -- all with no complaints.
  11. Jonathan V. Wright, M.D., Dr. Wright's Guide to Healing with Nutrition, Rodale Press, 1984. ISBN: 0-87857-485-9; p. 30-41.

To U.S. Users: H3O has not been evaluated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. See instructions.

Reintroduced After 6 Years
of Malignant Suppression

H3O has distinctly different properties at different pH levels. On the H3O pH Chart & Usage Guidelines page, we provide instructions as to what dilution ratios to use for its various functions.

Vladimir Volkov - Book Cover
H3O & Anti-Aging :
My Journey to Square Our Observations of Anti-Aging Benefits With the Theories of
Dr. Vladimir Volkov

In July, 2003 -- just a little more than 2 months before the complete destruction of our U.S. lab by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, I flew to St. Petersburg to meet with Dr. Vladimir Volkov, a highly original (some would say eccentric) medical doctor and biochemical theorist. [ 6 ]
Visa to Moscow - July, 2003 Since February, 2001, we had been selling a product called "H3O" -- which was touted by its California manufacturer as a panacea for a host of ailments. [ 7 ] Although the mechanism of action was not well-explained, we went ahead and designed an introduction page for H3O (the original manufacturer's name for the product, by the way, not ours), where we solicited comments from our own customers and reproduced the many glowing testimonials which the California company had provided to us, free of charge.
Within a relatively short period of time, we began to get feedback from customers, alternative practitioners, even surgeons, on its amazing properties. (The use of our H3O by Dr. Charles Smith, M.D. at Parkview Medical Center in Dallas was included in the FDA's criminal case against me in 2003. Dr. Smith found the product so effective in healing wounds that in certain post-surgical cases, he didn't even use stitches. This aspect of my case is discussed in nauseating detail in Chapter 3 of Meditopia®.)
From March to November, 2001, our office was involved in a serious melanoma case with a Mr. R.L. Banks. Out of that case a series of photographs emerged which we used to create the page, R.L. Banks: A Pictorial Narrative of An Amazing Melanoma Recovery. [ 8 ] Strangely, it was only after working with Mr. Banks for six months did we become aware of something else in the pictures that was unrelated to the removal of the melanoma itself. Bank's grey hair -- a clear sign of his advanced age -- had reverted to the blond color of his youth . . . not all at once and not in clearly defineable increments, but rather in gradual stages throughout the eight months we worked with him.
Was this an anomoly . . . or did it uncover an overlooked -- perhaps even suppressed -- area of medical science related to . . . well . . . how else can be say it? . . . a relationship between hydrogen deficiency and retardation of one or more elements of the aging process?
We didn't have to come up with any theories for what we were observing, because a medical doctor in Russia had already created the theoretic framework for us. In the mind of Dr. Vladimir Volkov, aging is accelerated as a result of a lack of H+ ions. The jist of his thoughts on the subject were presented in an introduction he used to give on his site -- where the English is rough in places . . . Later, the fundamentals were summarized for lay people in an article which friend and fellow researcher, Ralph Suddath, wrote after my imprisonment, entitled Hydrogen+ : The Key to Longevity and Wellness. [ 9 ]
When I confronted Volkov in person about the prominent current thinking as to the value of "alkalizing the body," he scoffed. "It isn't acidification that causes aging and disease," he said, through our interpreter, "it's the accumulation of the wrong kind of acids." The presentation of his ideas gave one the distinct impression that the benefit of sodium bicarbonate and other therapeutic, alkalizing compounds came from the counteraction of the stomachic pH buffer system. In other words, alkalization forces the body to generate stronger, beneficial acids.
After the destruction of AO Labs in the U.S. (Sept., 2003), Suddath continued an ongoing dialogue with Dr. Volkov that extended well into 2004. As more and more people obtained practical benefits from using "acid water," Volkov became increasingly under the limelight. Suddath indicates that Volkov was having to answer an increasing volume of email and personal requests. Not all of the inquiries were positive. Theory is one thing . . . . practical application is quite another. In the attempt to apply his theories, Volkov recommended an electrolysis machine from a Baltic company named Burbuliukas. Machines of this type involve electrolysis of water -- using a basic technique well-established over 220 years ago.
Standard Electrolysis
There are numerous applications for this type of equipment, so the following observations should not be interpreted as a criticism of the manufacturer. What Volkov did, was recommend that people consume small amounts of the "acid water" from this electrolysis machine daily. The operation is hornbook chemistry: when water is electrolyzed in this fashion, the H+ cations accumulate around the anode (positive terminal -- blue in the diagram above) and the OH- anions accumulate around the cathode (negative terminal -- red in the diagram above). After about an hour in the electrolysis machine, the remnant water on the anode side of the paper membrane is "acid water" measuring around pH 2.6 ... and the "alkaline water" can be found on the cathode side -- something Volkov instructed to promptly discard. The process time varied according to the water used. Since pure (or distilled) water is a poor conductor of electrical current, most people used spring water (where minerals in the water assisted the process).
According to Suddath, a few people reported that the water was too caustic -- something that we ourselves did not experience personally using this machine for test purposes. [ 10 ] Nonetheless, we found H3O to be a better solution, more convenient, and a stronger acidulent -- which people with digestion problems found most healthy, similar to the results Dr. Wright saw clinically using hydrochloric acid tablets (see below).
Some time in 2006 or so, Volkov disappeared from the web entirely. His website, which was becoming increasing popular, h-longevity.net, came down and soon even the domain was lost. He stopped returning emails . . . and thereafter . . . nothing. Only the Internet Wayback Machine gives us a clue as to mysterious online appearance and disappearance of Dr. Volkov's work.
Volkov had a companion domain, h-longevity.org, where he set up his International Foundation to share his discoveries with the world. When you run this domain, h-longevity.org through the Wayback Machine -- all links for 2006 and 2007 render white pages. No information . . . No text . . . Nothing.
More recently, Dr. Volkov has resurfaced with at doctorvolkov.ru, which registers February 1, 2008, as its earliest appearance on the Wayback Machine. We're copying the pages before someone takes it down.

Strange though Volkov's theories sound to some, they certainly have a therapeutic basis. It is hornbook biochemistry that as we humans age, our digestive acids become weaker, thus gradually making our ability to absorb nutrients less effective.
Dr. Wright's Guide to Healing with Nutrition
Early in my work in the alternative health care field, I became aware of the work of Dr. Jonathan V. Wright (M.D.), who has taught for some time that too little stomach acid is a common problem. (He used to quote one medical textbook, The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics, which states that 10 - 15% of "the general population" produces too little stomach acid for "digestion to procede normally." For anyone over 60 with any one of a host of degenerative conditions, Wright would "recommend direct measurement of gastric acidity by radiotelemetry using the Heidelberg capsule . . . " ) [ 11 ]
Viewed from another perspective, it is a well-established fact that the modern diet contains a fraction of the ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) that hunter / gatherers of an earlier era consumed. I would propose that we have no idea as to the sheer number of labile acids that we rendered useless in our foods as they work their way from soil to dinner table.
Only with further research will we uncover how much H3O will fill in the void. And only with further research will we discover the extent of Volkov's contribution to our understanding of longevity and the role that H+ plays in optimal nutrition.