Kavakosh Kavakosh
"Nutritional Support for Anxiety, Depression & Epilepsy"

Kavakosh [tm] - (reintroduced 2014)
Code 905 | 100 Capsules x 500 mg. | $ 19.95

This is the same formula as the original Kavakosh -- sold by Alpha Omega Labs between 2001 and 2003 (see original introduction below), which remained a "historical" for the next ten and a half years. It has now been reintroduced (June 2014) in a new format (100 Vegetarian Capsules x 500 mg.) with a recommended dosage of two capsules, two times a day.
Ingredients: Kava kava, blue cohosh, combined with a vitamin B-complex formulation.
For more information, read the original articles (introduction) below.

Availability of original version (sold 2001-2003)
For use in the treatment of epilepsy and mild depression

Kavakosh - For Epilepsy & Depression:
Code 905 | 120 Capsules x 750 mg. | $ 24.95

Kavakosh was formulated by an associate herbalist of Alpha Omega Labs who lives in the States. The simple events leading up to the development of this formula are detailed on a separate page, entitled Anastazea's Story. The active herbal ingredients in Kavakosh are well-known to treat depression and a variety of epileptic conditions. Anastazea's contribution, from our research, was to provide a more effective balance between kava-kava, blue cohosh - both well-known medicinal herbs widely used by practicing herbalists - and her own Vitamin B complex. However, in the interests of disclosure, know that if you didn't have access to Kavakosh, about 65% of its benefit could be derived by taking kava and blue cohosh separately, and in equal proportions - about 1,500 mg. per day each.

Ingredients: Kava kava, blue cohosh, combined with a vitamin B-complex formulation.

Warnings & Contraindications

This formula is best taken on a full meal. There are, at this time, no known contraindications if this product is taken as recommended, used in conjunction with conventionally prescribed anti-depression or antiepileptic medications.

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