Diseased Tissue Detection System
AO Panther Cream
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[ Introduced: Sept. 15, 2020 ]

or 30 years both end users as well as practitioners have used our Cansema® salves to detect skin cancers. We didn't provide this as an instruction. Interestingly, customers figured it out for themselves. This is because Cansema® reacts to skin cancers (basal and squamous cell carcinomas, melanoma, even keratosis), while leaving normal tissue alone.
There is one notable drawback to this approach,, however. If you have a skin cancer that is well developed and of significant size -- (this varies from case to case) -- then the process is no longer diagnostic. It's therapeutic -- and the pain response can be greater than expected.
For this reason, we've created Panther Cream, a "less intense" smooth cream that you apply and leave on for 10 minutes. If you do NOT have skin cancer in the area to which you've applied the product, nothing happens. No pain or inflammatory response. No irritation. Nothing. You simply wash off Panther Cream with soap and water, and you're finished.
If, however, you DO have skin cancer, regardless of type, you'll know by the presence of a very mild but unmistakeable "sting" -- nothing that would require pain medication, but sufficient to let you know that there's the presence of a malignancy.
Please follow the instructions in the right column.
Description: This product is a light, pure white, smooth homogenous cream with the pleasant smell of rosemary combined with other oils.
Ingredient: Coconut oil, olive oil, sodium hydroxide, glycerine, zinc chloride, propylene glycol, lanolin, texapon, rosemary and other natural essential medicinal oils.

Panther Cream
AO Labs' Panther Cream (85 g.).

Warning: This product is designed for topical use only. Do not apply to cuts, scraps, or other open wounds, sunburns, skin with eczema, psoriasis, or skin that is otherwise damaged from other causes.
Instructions: Wash the spot or area to which you wish to apply Panther Creme with bath soap and water. Dry thoroughly. Apply a thin layer of Panther Creme and wait for 10 minutes, or until you feel a slight stinging sensation -- whichever comes first. If there is any malignancy in the underlying skin, you will experience this sensation. At this point, wash Panther Creme off with bath soap and water.
At this point, you may wish to write to us at support@herbhealers.com to discuss treatment options.