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H3O Concentrate - 8 fl. oz. T here are two product lines, both listed under "pH Adjusting Products" in our catalog, which require pH testing capability: H3O (which produces an acidic health care product),and HRx, its alkaline companion, which has entire different functional features. Both introductory pages for these products (links just provided) give basic instruction on the use of pH indicator strips.
HRx Concentrate - 8 fl. oz. Below we list four different pH indicator strip sets. All four are made by EM Science, an associate company of Merck KGaA in Darmstadt, Germany. They are priced at $19.95 per set in our web store. If you can find them for less in your own locale, buy them there. That's fine, too, just get them if you need them.
A couple of minor caveats are in order. (1) Accuracy. These test strips are fine for the purposes for which we expound on our web site. They have an accuracy of 0.2 to 0.5, and if you use simple "visual interpolation" you can normally get down to plus or minus 0.1 pH. This is not, however, the same as representing that test strips even begin to compete with professional pH testing equipment used in industry. It does not. Your better pH testing equipment is accurate to .01 or even .001 pH. Test strips do not even remotely compare to this. Nonetheless, for your purposes, such minute precision is an irrelevancy. Simple use them per the protocols we provide. (2) Color Reproduction. The magnified pH color charts below will probably give you a less than accurate replication of the real color of the color chart(s) you receive. This only makes sense. Every computer monitor yields slightly different results in its display of color pictures. So don't hold us to perfect color matching.
Below, we provide you with closeup pictures of the color charts that accompany each pH indicator test set, along with a thorough description. Note that each picture, when clicked, gives you an enlargement of the actual product in its jewel case. Also, note that the product is shown in miniature in the upper right hand corner of each picture, as well. Lastly, you might also find that the catalog numbers assigned by the manufacturer (EM Science) just happen to match our own. This was done to reduce confusion in handling the product: for our employees as well as our customers.
As always, email us if you have any questions.

Code 9590 -- ColorpHast® pH indicator strips
Non-bleeding, pH 0-14, 100 strips to a set ($19.95)

Usage: Of the four sets, this is the only one that is not "narrow range." It covers the entire pH scale from 0.0 to 14.0, but it is the least accurate. Even with visual interpolation, you aren't going to get any more accurate than plus or minus 0.3 or so. However, this set is probably the easiest to use. Instead of one color for each pH position, you get four. This allows you to visually pin down the pH much quicker. For either the H3O or HRx products, this set would cover all functions. The trade off, however, is obvious. It is, by far, the least accurate.

Code 9580 -- ColorpHast® pH indicator strips
Non-bleeding, pH 0-2.5, 100 strips to a set ($19.95)
Code 9580
Usage: This product is introduced in the H3O section, and is used to measure the pH of your H3O finished solutions. This is important because various characteristics of H3O are driven by pH. For instance, some of the recommended uses are in the 1.6 range; others, 2.0. You will want to keep this pH set handy when you are preparing solutions more precisely in the high acid range.

Code 9582 -- ColorpHast® pH indicator strips
Non-bleeding, pH 4.0-7.0, "Narrow range," 100 strips to a set ($19.95)

Usage: This slightly to medium acidic pH test set should be used by those using the HRx solution. When dipped into the testing medium (i.e. in this instance, saliva or urine), it will yield, using visual interpolation, a reading approximately accurate to 0.1 pH.

Code 9583 -- ColorpHast® pH indicator strips
Non-bleeding, pH 6.5-10.0, "Narrow range," 100 strips to a set ($19.95)

Usage: This set covers slightly acidic to medium alkaline. We recommend it for use with HRx solutions so you can adjust your solution to the recommended pH of your finished hydroxide solution: 9.0 pH.

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