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Sinusitis, the inflammation of a sinus, particularly a paranasal sinus, may be caused by various agents such as viruses, bacteria, or allergy. Some people are predisposed to sinusitis because of inadequate drainage resulting from polyps or deviated septum; general debility; or dental abscess in maxillary bone.
Acute suppurative sinusitis is the purulent inflammation with symptoms of fever, chills, headache, and sinus pain.
Chronic hyperplastic sinusitis is caused by polyps present in the sinuses and nose.

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inusitis and chronic sinus infection affect 30 million Americans. Symptoms often include headache, especially when leaning over or lying down, yellow-green nasal discharge, bad breath, diminished sense of smell, and impaired concentration. Occasionally it may be accompanied by cough. There are plenty of over-the-counter drugs available to "cure" this condition, however, most come with a plethora of side effects such as insomnia, jitters, palpitations, nervousness, and increases in heart rate and blood pressure. Many are also habit-forming. Alternatively, there are also many natural herbs that are extremely helpful. The most popular and well-known is Echinacea, which is known for its ability to strengthen the immune system, thereby helping to fight the infection. Astragalus is another immune strengthener, doing its work more gradually, though nonethless effectively, as Echinacea. It is especially helpful to those who suffer frequent bouts of sinus infection and who are unable to shake them for long periods of time. Garlic is ideal for fighting bacteria which is one cause of sinusitis, and to prevent and alleviate the pain of headaches or migraines that may accompany sinusitis, Feverfew and Ginger are excellent. Ginger has a tendency to make those who take it feel warm, which is good for chills that may accompany sinusitis, but if the infection is accompanied by fever, Feverfew may be a better choice.
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