Protect Yourself from the Damaging Effects of Cellphone EM Emissions
With a Proven Product Backed by Seven Clinical Studies: Techno AO

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Techno AO - Cellphone Protector
Techno AO

Few of the Modern Man's inventions - regardless of the convenience for which we sing their praises - can compare to cellphones for their mutagenic and carcinogenic effects -- regardless of the 'full-court press' you may have picked from the media, attempting to marginalize their negative long-term effects.
The protestations of powerful cell phone companies aside, the research convicting cellular and related wireless devices as health hazards is quite convincing. Lest AO viewers think we are dyed-in-the-wool Luddites, or otherwise anti-technology, let us state for the record that we ourselves are cell users. There isn't a single person on the AO staff who doesn't own or use a cellular, pager, or similar wireless device. They've become a 'de facto standard' in modern business communications. That does nothing to alter our view of their danger.
General Ham Radio License Manual One of the more amusing facts concerning cell phone health hazard is the extent to which the U.S. Federal Communications Commission ("FCC") in the States has fought to defend the safety of cell phone EM (electromagnetic) radio emissions (remember, they've collect billions of dollars in fees auctioning off the frequency rights), while at the same time pushing to educate workers in other areas as to their harmful effects. Even citizens in the States who take exams to obtain an amateur ham radio license must now study complex tables establishing the latest MPE (maximum permissible exposure) limits -- all derived from Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) data. What is particularly disturbing is that the latest standard (IEEE/ANSI C95.1-1992, plus data from the NCRP, or National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements) is itself in flux. The standards set down by the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) has been revised downwards -- twice! And we suspect that if politics didn't play a hand in the process, the last set of exposure limits (which went into effect in 1991), would be revised downwards again.

This writer is an experienced radio operator with over 20 years of experience, and I can tell you that even in the presence a 2000 watt linear amplifier operating in the HF range of 7,000 KHz for an hour, the effects are marginal compared to the perceivable, physiological results of 30 minutes of VHF range cell phone usage. This writer has never had a headache from using a radio transmitter - even when in relatively close proximity to unidirectional Yagi antenna. My experience with cell phones, on the other hand, has yielded many experiences of headaches; a warm, "fever-like," irradiated feeling on the side of my face; and a perceivable immunosuppressive effect.
The Techno AO device has had extensive testing -- seven completed clinicals -- which demonstrate its protective efficacy. (View Techno AO video) for more information).
The TechnoAO Electromagnetic Bioprotection Antenna is the first in what will become a growing line of devices carried by AO Labs which protect consumers from the radiating sources of EM pollution.
"Science is but a perversion of itself unless it has, as its ultimate goal,
the betterment of humanity." ----- Nikola Tesla (1919)

Holes in Heaven
A MUST-SEE VIDEO! ---- The effects of the recent explosion in wireless communications is but one piece of the larger "EM pollution" picture. In the acclaimed documentary, Holes in Heaven (*.wmv video file format), HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project), a U.S. governmental program conducted in Alaska, is examined in depth. Relative to Techno AO, HAARP, as we see it, is a metaphor for humanity's failure to understand the relationship between our earth, the EM frequencies that are natural to this living planet, and those of the millions of ecosystems that make up its biological inhabitants. For those of you who don't have time to preview or buy the video, we invite you to read our synopsis (DOC file format: 4.2 Meg) -- also available in condensed version (35k, no pictures).

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