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Code 1350 - Cansema Suppositories - 2,000 mg. x 8 units - $49.95
Code 1360 - Chelatox Suppositories - 2,000 mg. x 8 units - $69.95
Code 1370 - Neem Oil Suppositories - 2,000 mg. x 8 units - $ 8.95
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To Users in the U.S. & Canada: .. None of our suppositories, nor any of the information provided herein, have been evaluated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

The word "suppository" means "placed under," (Fr. "suppositoire") and normally refers to any medicinal that is applied to an orifice other than the mouth. Most suppositories are designed for either rectal or vaginal insertion, depending on the product and its application. The benefits of suppository administration of pharmacological, nutraceutical, and micronutrient compounds over other delivery methods has been well-established.
All orally administered products -- tablet, capsule, free powder, or liquid -- encounter the "first pass" effect. That is, all drugs, or compounds that act like drugs, when administered orally are absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract into the portal venous circulation and pass through the liver (first pass) where the process of drug metabolism begins. Suppositories, like intravenous (IV), intramuscular (IM), and other transdermal methods of administration, bypass the "first pass" effect and go directly into the bloodstream without first encountering liver metabolism. This allows for rapid access to systemic circulation (Stoelting, 1999). It also means NO NEEDLES -- and none of the potential complications or discomfort that come with needle injection.
Clean Colon - 5 Lbs. Prior to using suppositories, it is most helpful to perform an enema -- or otherwise evacuate the rectal area. (This helps in the first of the four pharmacokinetic processes: absorption, distribution, metabolism, elimination (Hollenberg & Brody, 1998). Note that an alternate method of evacuation is the use of 3 Tsp., or 45 ml., of psyllium - see Clean Colon, which results in larger stool movements that more fully evacuate, at one time, the rectal and sigmoid areas.)
Groen kettle system for mixing pharmaceutical grade components in preparation for suppository forming Although popular in Europe, the use of suppositories, despite their inherent advantages, is much more muted in the Americas -- probably on account of cultural influences.

Current Suppository Products

Crespi ejection head - suppository machine #3 Our initial introduction of AO Natural Suppositories, all produced in our own manufacturing facilities, incorporates three items, all summarized in the right column: (1) Cansema Suppositories, (2) Chelatox Suppositories, and (3) Neem Oil Suppositories.
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Crespi suppository manufacturing equipment at Alpha Omega Labs' facility

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Cansema Suppositories
Cansema Suppositories

This is the suppository version of Cansema Black Topical Salve. The idea for the product came from a medical doctor in Chicago (USA), who has used a diluted version of the salve to treat colorectal cancers in friends, family, and colleagues -- an application, he indicates, that works quite successfully. We do not recommend the use of this product without the care and oversight of a physician ... In the presence of substantial cancer growth, this product, like its topical cousin, can produce a substantial pain response. Additional information on this product, including detailed directions and ingredient declaration can be found on its own product page.

Chelatox Suppositories
Cansema Suppositories

This is a cost effective solution to Medicardium, which we will continue to carry. EDTA chelation therapy is approved, even in the U.S., as a therapeutic approach to removing heavy metals, primarily lead. Its more recent and novel use: the removal of arterial plague, primarily to prevent or treat ischemia -- the biggest cause of heart disease and death in the West -- is not approved and should not be promoted as such. (Virtually all our U.S. practitioners already know this, some end users may not). Additional information on this product, including detailed directions and ingredient declaration can be found on its own product page.

Neem Tree Oil Suppositories
Neem Tree Oil Suppositories

We are providing this product primarily as a clinical research product for our affiliated practitioners. It is, therefore, priced accordingly. The use of neem tree oil (Azadirachta indica) in vaginal form as a prophylactic has been used for thousands of years in India (at least since the sixth century, B.C.). Our concern, of course, is that although sufficient toxicological data has been amassed to demonstrate its safety, there is insufficient data to ascertain the true extent of its ability to not only prevent pregnancy, but also STD's, as has been alleged, including bacterial (i.e. gonorrhea, syphillis, etc.) and viral (i.e. HIV, hepatitis, etc.) sources of transmission. There are, however, tests that confirm its vermifugal properties - especially against nematodes. Only the passage of time and the construction of well-designed and executed clinical tests will provide additional certainty as to its effectiveness. Additional information on this product, including detailed directions and ingredient declaration can be found on its own product page.

Left to right: Chelatox, Cansema, and Neem Oil Suppositories.